Why Oguta Constituency Election Was Inconclusive-INEC

By Kayode Robert Idowu

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has received reports showing that the election conducted in Oguta constituency of Imo State last Saturday, June 29, 2013, witnessed incidents of violence and unruly conduct by partisans, necessitating the cancellation of the election in eight (8) polling units. This cancellation made the election inconclusive.

Field reports showed that even though security agents mobilised appreciably for the exercise, there were cases of violence as well as ballots and result sheets snatching by thugs, as a result of which the election was cancelled in the following polling units:

(i)            PU 001 in Ward 05 (Ndeloukwu/Umuowerre) – with 768 registered voters.
(ii)          PU 007 in Ward 03 (Izombe) – 939 registered voters.
(iii)         PU 009 in Ward 09 (Oru) – 708 registered voters.
(iv)         PU 010 (Ward 09) – 657 registered voters.
(v)          PU 011 (Ward 09) – 407 registered voters.
(vi)         PU 012 (Ward 09) – 408 registered voters.
(vii)       PU 013 (Ward 09) – 667 registered voters.
(viii)      PU 003 in Ward 02 (Egwe/Egbuoma) – 212 registered voters.
The total population of registered voters in the polling units affected was over 4,000; whereas the difference between the leading candidate and the next in the collated results was 2,011 votes. The procedure is that where the number of registered voters involved in a cancelled election exceeds the difference in the votes of the two leading candidates in collated results, the election will be declared inconclusive. It bears pointing out that the present outcome of Oguta constituency election is similar to what happened with the 2011 governorship election in Imo State, which was eventually resolved.
The Commission finds it worrisome that politicians and hooligans brazenly flouted the restriction order on movement during the election. Reports showed that officials of the Imo State Government and some members of the National Assembly across party lines moved around freely despite the restriction order – some of them with security escorts! Worse, some of these politicians aren’t even from Oguta constituency where the election held.
INEC must here again confess its disappointment that the culture of thuggery, intolerance and unruly conduct continues to bedevil the electoral process in this country.
The Commission is already making necessary arrangements to conduct election in the outstanding polling units. However, it needs reassurance that there will be adequate security to insulate the process against disruption or interference by thugs, officials and partisans. The Commission hereby calls on the Police to do everything possible to guarantee a secure environment in the areas where the election was cancelled, so that the process can be brought to an early conclusion.


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manual and automatic

But automatically to ensure that every day have enough activity to guarantee enough power. There is no who good who bad, clip in /on manual and automatic two ways.

Is it true that APGA was on

Is it true that APGA was on course to winning the election before? Please no iwuruwuru again. Call the vote for the winners

Solve election wahala in Imo Another state with nucleus from Imo

It is very easy to discern what has been at the nucleus of election imbroglios in Imo state: though people in the state are all Igbos, the constituent political blocks in Imo state have a lot differences between them. A new state as asked for decades by groups in the state, with a part of Imo as nucleus shall solve the election imbroglios.


The process is that where the variety of authorized voters engaged in a terminated selection surpasses the distinction in the ballots of the two major applicants in collated outcomes, the selection will be announced inconclusive

from a mighty students essays


The difference clearly shows that the yet to be registered APC has won already coz all the over 4000 registered voters can not turn out for elections again APGA must have a good portion of the voters that will go to vote.

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