Asaba N40b Airport Test-Flights Scam: How Uduaghan Is Fooling Deltans With An Uncompleted Project

The uncompleted main terminal
By Armour Udemude

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan and his surrogates once again are taking their re-election propaganda and sycophancy to a very dangerous level. The Uduaghan campaign propaganda has resulted to the use of smoke and mirrors, the objective is to deceive Deltans.

Ironically, it is this same evil stratagem that has continued to derail Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, obviously, he has lost focus from advancing the wheels of development in the state.

On Thursday, March, 24th, 2011, an aircraft landed on the yet to be completed N40 billion Asaba International Airport, all in a bid to confuse unsuspecting Deltans who are at loss with its progression.  Before this deceptive event which was described  “remarkable” by Governor Uduaghan and his loyalists, an impeccable government house source confided in this writer that the governor had  concluded all necessary financial arrangement with an aircraft company to land on the controversial airport in order to deceive Deltans and attract sympathy during the upcoming April polls. 

My source also alleged that the pilot of the aircraft which is owned by Overland Aviation Ltd, Captain Edward Boyo, and Managing Director of the company had confided in him what transpired before the company could agree to use its aircraft to land on the airport.

In all ramifications, the “kangaroo and arrangee” landing of the aircraft no doubt means that the airport is fully ready for business as this was packaged as a test-run. On facebook, one of Uduaghan’s aides, Mr. Sunny Areh said couldn’t hide the plot, “Before I left for Lagos today there was wild jubilation in Asaba but I cautioned that it was the first test-run, a harbinger of the real thing that will happen in no distant time. That it was a successful test-run could make some of us to be effusive, as I am now, if you understand what I mean.”, Areh is no stranger to this form of propaganda, he was James Ibori’s special assistant for media for several years until the former governor disappeared from the Nigerian political landscape recently.

It should be noted, however, that on a recent political rally at Ubiarukru, governor Uduaghan told Deltans, that the airport was yet to be completed and the completion of  an airport usually takes up to seven –eight years and promised to complete the airport if re-elected. So, this kamikazee test run flights were just desperate bid to attract votes from the people of Delta State.  The governor arranged the landing of an aircraft on the most controversial airport in Nigeria, just because he knows he has failed Deltans in his four years of a largely corrupt and inhumane administration.

Also, during the Ubiaruku rally, Dr. Uduaghan told the people not to waste their votes by supporting other parties because he cliamed they have no “record to show” for doing anything. He also dwelt on the criticism of his government, insisting that all those who compare his administration with others forget that he has been in power for only four years and not eight years. He mentioned particularly the Asaba International Airport.
Governor Uduaghan has made everyone believe that his government had the midas touch and that he was the best thing that has ever happened to Delta State but in actual truth, he has failed the people of this great state, repeatedly. Uduaghan has been on the corridors of power for 12 years in a row, first serving in various capacities as former governor Ibori strongman.
This writer who was at the airport to witness the phony landings of aircrafts  discovered that the airport is no way near completion as been sold to the world by the governor and his cohorts.

The second day of Uduaghan’s test-run of the airport saw the hiring of crowds of women and youths who besieged the airport with their usual dancing regalia and drums but some of the rented women and youths  at the airport expressed shock and surprise, according to them what Governor Uduaghan is showcasing to Deltans is far different from what is on ground.

One of the women who simply gave her name as ‘Madam Nkem’ and another youth named Benjamin told this reporter that all what Uduaghan is doing is just political gimmick which at the end will have a negative impact on the growth of Delta State.

One of the staff handling the airport project said everybody was  surprised and shocked when they woke up one morning to see aircrafts landing on the runway of the airport that is not near completion adding that apart from the runway which is half ready   nothing else is completed or operational.
According to the staff, the tower, tarmac, fire service office, airport communication equipments and navigational aids and other departments are not ready, not to talk of commencement of commercial business at the airport. He went on to state that billions of naira have gone into the project yet nothing on the ground matches  the billions spent.
“Mark my word if Uduaghan leave office today, the contractor, ULO, handling the airport project must be arrested because there are so many things he needs to explain to Deltans and law enforcement agents. We work here and we know all the kind of dirty things happening concerning this airport which they have turned to a drain pipe.”
In fact, during landing of a six passengers aircraft on the second day of the so-called test-run of the airport, the aircraft developed a fault which delay Governor Uduaghan from joining the aircraft to Warri to welcome Mr. President who was visiting the oil city for a meeting with the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

When this writer approached the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, Mr. Sunny Ogefere, at the airport for comment he refused to comment but after much pressure, he said to me, “as you can see the tower, tarmac, fire service office are not ready and what we are doing is just to test-run the runway and in no distance time the airport shall be ready.”

Commenting on the hurriedly arranged aircraft landing at the Asaba airport, a facebook user, Jude Kakpovbia posted a status update on his facebook page stating,  “The first Aircraft has landed at the Asaba International Airport today - finally. The pilot of the aircraft which is owned by Overland Aviation Ltd, Captain Gilbert Sampa said the landing was smooth. Thank God for journey mercies. My question is - Why today? We only have a week to the elections. Well, I know as much as all Deltans do that this is strictly a Political strategy that Airport is far from being ready for any International flight. Whatever you guys want to prove to justify your looting please go ahead. We are watching.”

All the positive titles has been exhausted on Uduaghan by sycophants and his hirelings, they have called him,  “The Golden Governor; The Action Governor; The People’s Governor; Development Personified, First class Medical Doctor, etc.”,  but yet nothing to show to at least convince Deltans that indeed the corrupt and inept governor much vilified by health workers such as doctors, nurses and casual workers has done anything worthy for the state except celebrating an uncompleted airport project.

As expected Dr. Uduaghan is afraid of goinhg for another election in April, that’s why he  hurriedly  approached the Federal High Court for tenure elongation so that there will be no elections in the state. But there is no hiding place following the recent ruling of the federal high court Asaba,    Uduaghan must now go to the field and test his popularity .

I have recently  conducted a straw poll across the state which revealed that Dr. Uduaghan is not needed by the people of delta State and if at the end of the day, he is returned to the government house in the upcoming election either by crook or hook, God in his infinite mercy will still prevail and humiliate him from office adding that no matter how long it will take God will do it for the people of Delta state.

In a nutshell, Governor Uduaghan must among other questions answer the following queries.
(a) Where has he kept all the budgets and his often supplementary budgets monies? It is on record that his government has frequently sent supplementary budgets to the state House of Assembly when even the need did not arise,
(b) Where are the projects for which he claims he has expended the tax payers monies? As I talk Delta State has no single functional factory.


Recently questioning Governor Uduaghan on the revenue and expenditure of the state from 29th, May 2007 – 31st October, 2010, a deltan, Stephen Dieseruvwe, questioned on facebook that “The amounts spent on major projects which need some clarifications are: 1. Asaba - Ughelli Dualisation - N16.2billion (What percentage of the road has been completed) ?
2. State Independent Power Project - N15.75billion (when is the completion period)?
3. Osubi Airport - N1.33billion (How much work was done)?
 4. International Event Centre - N3.4billion (What is the revenue stream for this centre)? 5. Mass Transit - N2.8billion (Was this to buy cars and buses) ?
6. Oghara Hospital - N7.4billion (what was this for)
7. Warri Industrial Park - N799million (Where is the site? and what work done has been done).
Deltans need answers.”

Speaking of the evil associated with the kind of politics and politicking been played by Governor Uduaghan, his cohorts and some politicians, the Bible says: “Justice? You high and mighty politicians don’t even know the meaning of the word! Fairness? Which of you has any left? Not one! All your dealings are crooked: You give “Justice” in exchange for bribes. These men are born sinners, lying from their earliest words! They are poisonous as deadly snakes, cobras that close their ears to the most expert of charmers? O God, break off their fangs. Tear out the teeth of these young lions, Lord.

Let them disappear like water into thirsty ground. Make their weapons useless in their hands. Let them be as snails that dissolve into slime, and as those who die at birth, who never see the sun. God will sweep away both old and young. He will destroy them more quickly than a cooking pot can feel the blazing fire of thorns beneath it. The godly shall rejoice in the triumph of right; they shall walk the blood-stained fields of slaughtered wicked men. Then at last everyone will know that good is rewarded, and that there is a God who judges justly here on earth” (Psalms 58:1-11’ TLB).

It is an acknowledged fact that the present government in Delta state led by His Excellency Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan has failed to meet the aspirations of Delta people.

It is a notorious fact that rather than meet the aspirations of the people, the PDP led government of Emmanuel Uduaghan is busy wasting the resources of the state shamelessly and deceiving the innocent people.

Now, the good people of Delta state have taken a definite stand against the Uduaghan led government.

This was made possible when patriotic citizens, masses and leaders in the state have agreed to rescue the people of the state from the valley of under-development, mis-management of leadership, devaluation of leadership and maladministration of Dr. Uduaghan.

Is it not a big shame that Governor Uduaghan who claimed to have provided employment for Delta state masses with the taxing of Deltans by purchasing employment forms in Banks and as I talk to you all the money collected from Deltans to purchase forms for employment at the yet to be completed airport have gone down the drain because no single employment has been given to the suffering and innocent job seekers. As at this feature no terminal work has near completion at the airport before the desperate governor commenced test flight on the airport just to attract sympathy votes for himself during the elections.

This article was written By Prince Amour Udemude, a journalist based In Asaba, Delta State (Princeamour2004@Yahoo.Com Or 08182020504)

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Uduaghan is a misnormal of

Uduaghan is a misnormal of nature, wen it corrects itself which is very soon, u will see Uduaghan again wit his wretched beetle looking for hospital work, ofcos this will be after serving his jail terms and forfeiting his loots, but this time no DSC to hire the failed medical practitioner, then his wife roli will start to go from pillar to post again beggin for food and house rent,like before, it will be like this whole phase didnt happen, everything will go back to how it was destined to happen, the man was never destined for anything great, was not in his destiny at all, u will say i said so, pleasssssssssssse mark my words today!OCTOPUS.

U are a bastard, this is from

U are a bastard, this is from the depth of my heart, fool.

Plan Landed

At Least they have a place called Airport, they landed something called a plane. They have uncompleted building at the venue which looks like an Air terminal.
What do we have in ABIA?

urgly thief

u go die open yanch for decieving deltans and u no go win uduagan,shame on u oh oh oh

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We are all one way or the

We are all one way or the other contributing to the problem that revolve arount through our thought conciously or subconciously. We are the advocatus of our diaboli.

A.c n


Point of correction!!

His and phone number are on the article. Read properly before making your comments..

useless statement

why cant we see the truth and say it.what has the so governo done since the four years he has already spent on that seat.uduagha is the worst governor in the country,there is nothing tangible he can pick out that he has done for the people.that is bad and he is out there agitating for another chance for him to come back and complete his looting.may God pay him back with his coin.amen

I saw the Airport project

I saw the Airport project last friday when I visited Asaba.

If it has gulped 40b already, then it may take uduaghan another 40 billion to complete it.It will take PDp govt another 40 years to complete the Ughelli asaba dualization works. Of course the 4 uduaghan polytechnics were developed on television only.

the only completed projects are private eateries and hotels owned by uduaghan and his clan.


Those in Asaba could u pls verify the truth.If the Gov. did that indeed why the Airport is yet to near completion, that is too bad of him.
Am tired of some senseless militant mentality comments here.


It is good that you did not put ur name in that write up. This showed that you are among those Uduaghan's cabal that are deceiving the people of Delta State. Good things don't hide. If u know you were supporting the right thing u would have boldly put ur name on that article. Whether u like it or not, the end will soon come for Uduaghan and his cabal

Is up to u

Bravo Gov. Uduaghan

Gov. Uduaghan pls kp the focus in providing first class infrastructure like the airport to ur people and Nigeria,those who critisize the project i predict will one day eat their words and benefit from the fruit of ur vision.It has happened elsewhere.ASABA INT'L AIRPORT FOR REAL!

Ibori did all that he did,

Ibori did all that he did, where is he now?


Gentlemen and ladies
Jonathan Goodluck did not destroy Nigeria, he is one man that up to date that has no enemy among the presidential aspirants , people are asking questions both on debate ABOUT Nijia , but he is hiding the answer all in the name of one Nigeria, infact I felt very angry that till now he has not confront the moster call DE ALL Corruptible north, that still maintain BORN TO RULE attitude after 38 years of wastage, 38years of in-depth corruptions, 38years of killing both the economy and personnel’s of southern Nigeria. and then the south media elites are leading the north with so much hate and propaganda to ask an 8months Jonathan, how will you restore 1800 industries destroyed by 38years of north and Muslim misrule , how will you restore and recover NEPA, OIL money , oil well ,Niger Delta destroy and stolen by IBB, Abacha, Dajuma and co, PTF that never exist again after Buhaire+ $2.8Billion unaccountability, the over 1billion Euros donated by European Union to EFCC under rebadu and EFCC unaccountability , Refineries that was Turn around from better to worst by IBB+ $12Billion siphoned aboard , bastardization of our foreign policy under yardua and Turai that forcefully relocate Asorock to Saudi Arabia , Our Reserve Duped –out over $25Billion, Nigerian Foreign Reserve was disvirgin by Sadui Arabian crooks who collected all our money and sold a dummy skeleton robot operated by blue-chips called Yaradua sent to Nigeria in a frozen casket, the north manipulated and shot down the Airport to receive a frozen casket , Abacha and Family steal so much over $15Billion that there was no where in Switzerland to keep money, recently Mrs Abacha told Nigerians that no matter what the government of OBJ recover from them , that they can never be as poor as DANGOTE is currently the African Richest man you use your teeth and count your tongue on how much Abacha the GOdfather of Buhari stole form Nigeria , $10Billion left in National Reserve was stolen by another fulani man , Genaral Abusalami Abubabakr leaving only $3Billion meaning he did stolen $7Billion all this questions are lumped together for the incumbent president who never knew when such thing happened to answer, Nigerian are asking Jonathan where is the oil money and foreign reserve when they know very well it was emptied and stolen by the northern cabals and yaradua family . what CBN was quoting as left by Yaradua I was just a paper work to cover this shame.

Brethren plz let buahri and rebadu if they are sincere should write a statements/ blue [prints stating how they are going to probe IBB,Abuslami and themselves if possible ask all the northern thief’s to return stolen wealth of Nigerian masses. they stole so much money without doing any work, but these fulani men noted for much corruption can never probe themselves rather the will rush to the south to jailed hardworking southern just ask Buhair and Rebadu did with power in their hands records are there to show , Buhari, and rebadu has gone to visit the all Corruptible Tablian of MInna -IBB to show their solidarity that they are in support of him looting Nigeria dry just as they themselves looted us , Buhari is with Abacha family to reclaim ownership of Nigeria-Niger Delta Oil , spending our stolen Wealth by Abachas on Election Campaign with d promising to Abachas that he return money all recovered by OBJ which they Abcaha Family stolen .

Now IBB is with Rebadu with our stolen wealth spending also to make sure Jonatahn a son of the south does not have a place to restore sanity in Nigeria and it is only a bastard in the South that will tell me that my Religion does not matter after my understanding that for 38 years that this northern/fulani people is more than corrupt and religious fanatics, killing Christians anytime they want , it is only Sambo that deserves Nigeria vote for peace after 2015 if not them let Jonathan began the liquidation of the country called Nigeria , if possible split it into many group. to avoid this country be put in the hands of fundamentalist and OIC agents of Muslim -muslim /ACN ticket, it is a deceit for any right thinking human being to ever say that Muslim Mulsim ticket is the best and will work in Nigeria in a country where the northern fanatics had kill over 3Million Christians and are still killing Christians till date, then somebody will tell me that it doesn't matter when I lost all my Senior Brothers due to northern Religious uprising.
please, please stop this sentiments , stop this nonsense against Jonathan/ Sambo , they are the answer for Nigerian Unity. Can you ask yourself why ACN don't see any think good to chose from over 90 Million Christians a Vice president,Does it mean that if Nigeria Divided today that Christians can not rule them selves? Or is it this attitude of Muslims calling Christians Intifadas , meaning worthless unserious and useless people, this is what they mean if not why not chose from over 90million Christians?? this is another slavery and may it never have a place in Nigeria . or else this country will divide.

finally Gentlemen, stop this hate, Jonathan did not destroy Nigeria, but his is fighting to save Nigeria from those who has held Nigeria in Bondage for 38 years , 38 years of same Muslim misrule and destruction of Nigeria, we from south should not follow the north to destroy an innocent man , think what will happen if this presidency goes to the north who believe in BORN TO RULE , they will make sure it never come back to the south this is why I think OBJ is a GOD sent to manhandle the north, until they beg, yes we can vote ACN in Lagos , but vote Jonathan for Presidency he will change Nigeria, Buhari, Rebadu, ELrufia , Abacha, IBB, Danjuma with clueless$500Million , ciroma, Rulwain Abusalami and many others in the north has private jets the reap from where the did not sow , their children cruise everywhere , every day for shopping around trhe Globe , does Goodluck Jonathan has a jet on his name, does sons and daughter of the southern Nigeria has private jets ???, now don’t be a zombie, don’t think you are better than you forefathers and who suffered death in the hands of north, don't be a hero thinking of one Nigeria, because Nigeria is a keg of gun powered it can explode any time, and if it happens which side will you be? Go with the mallams to the Desert or what? , Hey you wise man and wise woman, you Educated man and woman before you say yeah read this link , it is real , it is truth from the horses mouth and what the person edging to rule you said and think about you , don't get carried away , just start thinking.

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.b4 you caste that vote , it will be a mistake if you don’t vote Jonathan in , GoodluckNigeria does not want to harm any body if not the northern thieves who had collectively looted and destroy Nigeria for 38 years will by now be on the run or relocate to another country, till 2019

I weep for the waddling giant

It's so painful to note that corruption has become Nigerian. Those that are saddled with the responsibility to tackle this scourge are even the most corrupt!In which sane society would a leader decieve his subjects and the anti graft agency will look the other way? It's very frustrating seeing all this corruption and deceit pepetrated by those that call themselves our leaders. Only our votes would have help us but they will still not allow our vote to count. Don't believe Jega will deliver a credible result. Delta re-run was a litmus test for Jega and his INEC but he thwarted it! it's obvious that Gov; Uduaghan didn't win any election on January re-run. But Jega declared him a winner.


Sahara Reporters has lost the respect of a large segment of well thinking people. Hopefully when the dust dies down from the elections they would return to proper journalism

Turn by turn

This time na spanish jail he go end no be london like ibori.

Where the government office

Where the government office that is in charge of given a go-ahead for flight commencement? The pilot and the airline should be sanctioned and fined and the governor should be voted out and tried for commissioning an incomplete project

Bros I hail o

Bros I hail o

truth will soon come out in Delta

Deltans will soon know who is the one telling the truth about the Asaba Airport Project!

paul obanua

pls this is not about the big joke called paul obanua.we are discussing serious delta issues and not about senseless paid advert.

Uduaghan pls stop

Uduaghan u have not finished deceiving yourself u want to deceive deltans pls stop.PDP IS NONESENSE DPP IS BETTER OGBORU WILL DISGRACE U.BOLOLO HEAD

Re-Election Don Come Again?

Ome Eyetemi u are just been carried away by tribal sentiment cooked by ibori via uduaghan who are d architect of dubousity,thuggery,corruption,etc in delta state transferred to uduaghan and personal interest,u better stop posting to saharahreporters cos people of ur type are still sucking their mothers breast who have not understand wat is happening in d state,somebody like u who believe uduaghan won d re-run is absurd u better be busy on how to be aware of fact other than to cover up for ur tribal gov.who no single project has been made in ur own land(itsekiri towns) even abigborodo he came from eyetemi u are a disgrace to humanity and lovers of truth and u will go down with them shameless ogboru out of this issue pls.



As a well grounded political researcher, strategist and business magnate, Paul Obanua represents the complete leader that can implement and sustain the long awaited positive change in Delta State. Delta State being a rich cultural, social and resource filled entity deserves a leader with an articulate sense of direction. The state ranks top in terms of subvention from the Federal Government as well as internally generated revenues. Also, nature has been very fair to the state given its even distribution of natural resources up from the northern areas and down to the coastal parts of the state. The people of Delta state though diverse in terms of culture, have always lived in peace save for the patches of fracas recorded in distance past and which we are all sure was politically motivated. Delta state is a mini-Nigeria with more than four major ethnic conglomerations and also blessed with the nation’s major natural resources. Also, the people of Delta state are exceptionally enlightened and educated making the state one of the few that can boast of intellectuals breaking records both in Nigeria and Diaspora. 

The slow pace of development in the state since the inception of democracy in Nigeria (1999) remains an issue which demands immediate attention. Concerned citizens with positive minds are beginning to agitate for an active change in the repressive manner the state is being ran. A certain fact which has been accepted amongst the populace is that our past leaders have failed to thoroughly articulate the strategic needs of the state and hence failed to position the state for progressive development. Deltans are now agitating for change. This agitation by concerned and positive minded citizens of the state has led to the emergence of Paul Obanua, a complete embodiment of strategy and change as the one to lead the state to its much deserved glory.

Paul’s past and present achievements projects him as a change orientated person who is capable of articulating the needs of Delta state and also implementing strategies that will yield positive growth. As a project manager (Member PMI), Paul has been involved in various think-tank nationally and internationally which means that he is very versatile in terms of strategizing and implementation. A major drawback of past administrations has been full implementation of established policies. We can be rest assured that Paul Obanua will not only craft out the strategies but will also see to the full implementation (effectively and efficiently) of such policies.
With confirmed interests in telecommunication and marketing, Paul will be able to project the unique selling points of the state to the world at large. Delta state has never experienced active marketing in terms of promoting comparative advantages to the world. Paul’s adaptation to new media approach corroborates his ability to promote the cultural and social diversities of the state and hence opening new horizons for the tourism sector in the state. 

Furthermore, Paul represents the youth of Delta state. He has been involved in youth orientation and mobilization when he served with a former commissioner of youth, sports and culture. He knows what the youths need and how to give it to them. The current branding of Delta youths as militants can only go for as long as we do not have somebody who identifies their needs and resolve it collaboratively. Paul is a youth of the 21st century and for such able to carry other youths along in his tenure. 

Going through the strong points of Paul’s campaign, one cannot but attest to the fact that he has a sense of direction. Firstly on the issue of education, Delta state as projected earlier has a teaming band of intellectuals both within and in Diaspora. This means that the people of Delta state are academically inclined and every youth understands the importance of education. To help ensure that every child has the right to education, Paul has gone beyond the basic education stage which is mostly focused upon by past leaders to offer free education at all levels of study within the state. As a strategist, Paul has successfully removed the ‘white elephant’ nature that comes with such a promise by drawing a line between Deltans studying within the state and those studying outside. Any Deltan studying within the state gets education for free while those outside the state get a bursary to support their finances. In addition to this, adopting the western world’s approach to sustaining the quality of education via its ‘Train the Trainer’ (Quarterly Teacher Retraining Programme) is a big plus. Hence we can say that with Paul in place, the youth can boast of access to quality education.

Another big offer from Paul is the access to health through the health insurance scheme. This is the current trend in the UK (NHIS) and has successfully served them for centuries. Health as a public service should be guaranteed via a scheme to the people. This scheme if implemented effectively will not only ensure that people have access to, but also quality health care facilities. The scheme is favored since it is actively sustained by participants. 

In his manifesto, Paul has uniquely identified himself as a man with vision. Given the location of Delta state (Proximity to the commercial hub of Africa), the idea of actively opening up major means of transportation (Road, Rails and Waterways) shows a vision to tap into the comparative advantages of Delta state. This vision will not only facilitate movement of people/ goods within the state but also through the state to the commercial hub. Supporting the above vision with the idea of a business resort in Warri and Asaba is a step further to ensuring that all possible multiplier effect generated by the above advantage (Proximity to the commercial hub of Africa and effective transportation network) are fully tapped into. With the above in place, it is 100% certain that youth employment and empowerment will also be stepped up. The connectivity of Paul’s major agenda (each leading to the other) should strike us in awe and corroborate the fact that he has done his home work.

Also, a state that cannot sustain itself agriculturally will definitely have a net negative balance of payment status. Delta state is richly blessed by God with aquatic resources, fertile land, good topography and rich vegetation. All we need to be agriculturally sustainable is to have a scheme that empowers farmers by providing access to funding and relevant competencies. Adopting an approach that encourages farmers to focus on their competencies via co-operatives supported with access to funding (subsidies and soft loans) will ensure that our farmers are producing at full capacity utilization.

It will sound very elusive for somebody to offer an ‘out of the blues’ solution to the energy needs of the state. However, Paul has successfully streamlined his energy plans to reflect an achievable solution given the reality on ground in Nigeria. A major obstacle to energy generation in Nigeria remains the legislations guiding generation and distribution. However, a step in the right direction is the Federal Government’s restructuring of the energy sector with a positive bias to private sector participation. Paul Obanua has shown a great understanding by aligning his proposal to the Federal Government energy policy thrust. This is planning in reality. 

Finally, having the best policy with the worse ‘People’ will amount to null. By identifying the importance of people in any entity (private or public) Paul has proved himself an enlightened fellow. In advanced countries, the emphasis has always been on the people working the systems. Performance is currently being measured by service delivery indices. To achieve any organizational/ institutional goal, the people must be properly orientated towards such goals. The idea of capacity building training for civil servants will not only ensure that they perform optimally, but also operate with a goal congruency attitude. Synergistically, this will enhance the achievement of Paul Obanua’s "DREAM DELTA STATE".

An analysis of Paul’s manifesto shows a well grounded research into the needs of the State capped with solutions which are based on the comparative advantage of the state as well as on reality. In essence, Paul has an achievable plan for the development of Delta state. If you ask me, I will say ‘No usual political gimmicks’. As a business administrator we are assured of ‘Service per Excellence’.

The time has come for the youths to take up their future in their hands since our older generations seem to have failed us. In order to achieve a Delta state that is commensurate to its capabilities, we need to vote right, defend our vote and avoid violence. 

This is a clarion call to all positive minded Deltans (Both at home and in Diaspora) to support effective change as offered by PAUL OBANUA NGOZI ILOBA.



mr elmango ur comment is

mr elmango ur comment is granted 5stars. can see the brightness in u

Uduaghan has said it all

In an interview with popular Warri comedian "I Go Die", Uduaghan said whenever he is on radio or televsion Deltans immediately switch off their sets. That they don't want to hear him. He said he didn't know what he has done to Deltans both men and women. Only the governor declared that he is unpopular with the people. If the man could make these statements himself what else do we want to hear? When I declare publicly taht I am unpopular, I thus declare I am not worthy to rule the state anymore.

this forum has become

this forum has become irrelevant. so much junk and unverified reports.

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