Boko Haram: Ineptitude, Double Standard Fuel Crises

By: Desert Herald

If the event of last week in the hitherto peaceful Borno State is anything to go by despite reports that 'security' expenses are now running into billions of naira, coupled with the deployment of security personnel, precisely armed soldiers that have acted with brutality and impunity, which resulted in the killings of innocent civilians whose offences were either for growing a full beard or dressing in a way that symbolizes their faith.

The mass exodus of mostly young men and women, who were largely victims of brutality by the security agents from the state, has resulted in the virtual relocation of the seemingly confused Governor Kashim Shettima to Abuja and the glaring failure of the Joint Task Force (JTF) to work on security reports in their operations. There is also the sudden disappearance of the Shehu of Borno, Alhaji Abubakar Garbai Ibn Elkanemi, to Kaduna, who sources say, did this for the fear of his life and the loss of confidence by citizens of the state on government's ability or otherwise to find the best way of addressing the Boko Haram insurgency,

The federal government considering the seeming confusion and dilemma in Maiduguri Government House and the series of professional blunders so far made including the infamous utterances of the Chief of Army Staff which brings more harm than good to an already fragile security situation in the state must go back to the drawing board and if possible make reasonable compromises for the sake of solidifying the nation's national security which has arguably suffered the greatest threat since the Nigerian Civil War.

For the first time in the history of Nigeria, the security forces have engaged in a blind and focus less 'war' against a faceless extremist group that is willing to sacrifice live in the cause they believe in. If the experience and virtual defeat, of the world's self-acclaimed super power, United States, and in other places like Vietnam and most recently Afghanistan is anything to go by, the initial belief of a country such as the US to fight such wars has woefully failed and has now resulted in secretly talking with the Taliban leaders to find a peaceful solution to the stalemate.

This is after over ten years of invasion and war with staggering expenditures running into trillions of dollars. President Goodluck Jonathan, in some experts’ opinion, should ignore any contrary, selfish and politically motivated security advice and utilize current conventional security approaches to such issues.

In this regard, those that are privy to the activities of the State Security Service (SSS) offered their professional approach to the crises, but regretted that action. This was seen as the best option in finding a solution to crises of insurgency. But it is being frustrated and undermined by the army and the police with virtually no positive results to show except for human casualties, misery and the increased squalor on already helpless citizens of Borno State.

Desert Herald findings revealed that so far, more than one million people have left the state capital; most of them using the back of trailers and tippers as the only alternative vehicles to convey them to Damaturu, Potiskum and other safer places. The Borno refugees, which pundits believe were created by the alleged indiscriminate killings by the army can be seen without shelter in Damaturu and Potiskum. This situation, as gathered by this reporter, has prompted Governor Ibrahim Gaidam to call for an emergency Security Council meeting. Sources at the Damaturu Government House told this reporter that the Council, even though no cabinet was in place nearly two months after Gaidam was sworn in, may approve emergency relief and discuss how best to settle the Borno refugees scattered across the state.

Apparently disturbed by the JTF's impunity and disregard to the rule of law which resulted in several deaths last week, prominent citizens of Borno State under the aegis of the Borno Elders Forum have called on Pres. Jonathan to order the immediate withdrawal of soldiers from the streets of Maiduguri. They told the president that military intervention and the use of maximum force against civilians instead of their real target have failed to stop the Boko Haram insurgency.

The Borno Elders Forum further lamented how the military subjects civilians to untold hardships which have resulted in the mass exodus of people from Maiduguri.
The statement by the Elders Forum which pundits and critics of the ANPP regime in Borno said was more or less a declaration of loss of confidence on Governor Shettima who has been fighting three 'wars' at a time; battling to save his exalted seat from emergency rule, the impending threat that is coming from the Election Petition Tribunal as well as managing the Boko Haram insurgency which nearly consumes his life penultimate week when he went for the third day prayer for late Alhaji Ali Kokoro in Maiduguri.

The elders said since the coming of the new government the crises in Maiduguri has been deteriorating. They also confirmed the claims of many citizens that “soldiers have been burning down cars, killing innocent passersby, looting private properties, harassing innocent passersby and even raping young girls. Military intervention is not the solution. The presence of thousands of weapon-brandishing soldiers on the streets of Maiduguri has turned the situation into a nightmare, the worst Maiduguri has ever seen. Hundreds of youth have been shot and killed by soldiers for no known reason other than they are young people. Many communities have been sacked and people in their thousands are fleeing Maiduguri and the level of human suffering in Maiduguri has reached its peak and Borno is faced with horrific and horrendous humanitarian crises.”

In view of what they described as the embarrassing and unprofessional handling of the insurgency by the military, the elders comprising of imminent statesmen called for the “immediate withdrawal of all soldiers from the streets of Maiduguri. Government should as a matter of urgency provide relief materials to all the victims and immediately rescue the people fleeing the state. The government should engage the sect members in honest and positive dialogue since they have already presented their demands”.

Commenting on the reckless manner  with which high profile government officials are handling the matter, which is believed to contribute in fuelling the crises precisely the latest made by the Chief of Army Staff, the elders cautioned that “Government agencies and senior government officials should desist from making inflammatory remarks over the current situation.”

But in a defying and obviously misleading statement, which pundits averred may aggravate the crises, JTF's Public Relations Officer, Colonel Victor Ebbaleme, described the claims by the elders and the victims of the military brutality as baseless and uncalled for. He blamed members of Boko Haram for planting explosives at residential areas which they claimed damage houses and vehicles of law abiding civilians and not their men as alleged.

Even though security for lives and properties since the coming of the JTF had worsen and so far remained a mirage, Colonel Ebbaleme want to inform the helpless citizens that are devastated by both the Boko Haram activities and the army that “they are assured of security and (they) should go about their normal businesses as those leaving town are motorcycle owners in search of means of livelihood as a result of the ban (on motorcycle operations) by the Borno State government,” the statement said.

Such statements, according to pundits, are false and misleading as it is considering how young girls, married women and young men in their thousands are leaving the state capital by whatever means to escape the brutality of the soldiers goes to show how government policies on how to tackle the uprising is inconsistent and inept, while others even say there is so much double standard in it.

The statement against the presence of the army in Maiduguri and their activities was signed by Shettima Ali Monguno, Alhaji Garba Abba Satomi, Alhaji Bukar Bolori, Alhaji Usman Gaji Galtimari, Alhaji Kyari Sandabe, Brigadier General Abba Kyari (rtd), Air vice Marshal Al-amin Daggash (rtd) and Shettima Ali Kidaji and the Chief Imam of Idaini, Babagana Asil. Others that also endorsed the statement include Ambassador Ahmed Yusufari, AIG Zanna Laminu Mamadi, AIG Muktar Alkali, Alhaji Tijjani Bolori, Alhaji Bulama Mali Gubio, Alhaji Umar Abba Shuwa, Alhaji Ibrahim El-Zubairu, Mallam Ibrahim Mustapha and Alhaji Gambo Gubio.

In their own assessment of the lingering crises in Borno, which seems to go along the line of SSS, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) under its Chairman Board of Trustees, Lt. General Jeremiah Useni, who led a 19-man ACF delegation to Mr. Jonathan and VP Namadi Sambo, said Boko Haram is a product of political thuggery and cautioned security agents against the use of force to quell the crises. He advised that emphasis should be on intelligence gathering. He said selfish politicians created Boko Haram in a bid to foster their political ambitions and appealed to the government to use dialogue as a way of resolving the crises. “Like in war, the soldiers must be working on information on the Boko Haram. Innocent ones would definitely be killed in the process of trying to dislodge the Boko Haram members from their base. We (ACF) abhor the use of violence in whatever form. We believe there are due processes through which we can voice our complaints. So, why should we kill to satisfy our grievances?” he cautioned.

But beyond what the ACF and others alike see on the surface regarding the Boko Haram imbroglio, pundits say the ACF leaders should have preached to Mr. Jonathan on good governance and the need to always do justice to the legitimate yearnings of the people and above all be sincere in fighting corruption, which they believe was the genesis of the armed struggle in Nigeria today. They lamented and advised that unless government is sincere and committed to using the resources of the country to the benefit of the common man, restiveness and all kinds of crime will remain in the system. They also called on the immediate prosecution of all those at the heart of the Boko Haram insurgency, particularly the former governor of the state, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff.

It is no longer news that former governor Sheriff was briefly detained and interrogated in Abuja last week by the SSS over his generally perceived culpability in the Boko Haram emergence and their eventually armed struggle. As the governor of Borno State, Sheriff was widely seen to have instigated the Boko Haram uprising when he ordered his infamous Operation Flush to shot at members of the sect who are on their way to the graveyard to bury one of their own for refusing to put helmets and later directed the extrajudicial killing of the sect leader, late Muhammad Yusuf, his former commissioner Boji Foi, Yusuf's father in-law and several others.

Desert Herald learnt from an insider that the SSS has blamed Sheriff for instigating the crises and his passport was seized by the SSS and therefore banning him from travelling outside the country until after a full investigation about his alleged culpability is completed. The SSS, according to an insider, is probably convinced that the Boko Haram demands and reconciliation with government cannot be done successfully to the satisfaction of the sect members without prosecuting Ali Modu Sheriff and his alleged collaborators in the killings spree.

Note- This story has been  previously published in the Desert Herald newspaper.

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For the writer and his likes. Look ! "Islam is a religion of Peace" Do not trick GEJ Govt to wihtdraw soldiers from B/H trouble areas whereas you are one of thier sponsors. A civilian surpose not to be in the areas of B/H shooting but thier fellow militants that expect to hail them that they fire down a police. Govt asked them to come out for discussion, did they? you want Govt to fold thier hand so that you occupy the rest country. You fool. Now it is very clear that people of Niigerians less Boko Haram state voted GEJ. tks

Merry Chukwu


Nigerian Christians have been enduring and tolerating a lot of shit from the inhuman and insensitive Northern jihadists. This has been the case from the pogrom of the Igbos, the civil war slaughter to modern day massacre of Christians (see links below).

We are like OIL and WATER. History proves that we cannot mix. The only solution is either SECESSION or EXCISION. They should secede and have their SHARIA compliant country or be EXCISED

Muslim inhumanity to man 1 - Roasted church congregation

Muslim inhumanity to man 2



Is a lie

U dont know what you are sayin because it is a big lie that al illiterate yoruba were boko haram.

dialogue? complete rubish for now, with who?

The FG can not dailogue with a faceless sect, There is no problem here other than Boko Haram refusing to show up in public which I am afraid they don't have the guts to. What this generally means is there might never be a dialogue in this case, even if there should be a dialogue, who will we as the Nigerians dialogue with? thin air? Moreover what ever this Boko Haram sect are currently doing is un Nigerian. These must be hoodlums that Nothern Politicians imported to the country for one purpose or another, either to be counted in Census, to vote on their behalf or fight on their behalf. Now we have the saying live by the sword and die by the sword, now you Borno Politicians are running away from your own creation and have caused hardship and death to innocent souls. This is a lesson to Northern Nigerian Politicians and Leaders.


I would like to APPEAL to those sending hate blogs to please cease their fire immediately. It doesn't help the matter at hand in any way. COM'ON FELLAS

The somalia Example

The nigerian extremist/terrorist Boko Haram is synonymous to Al-Shabaab in somalia, they do not want western education for the people, they want to rule the people according to the "islamic" teaching.
look at who they have turned somalia into, a famine country where thousands are dying of hunger everyday, denying the delivery of humanitarian aid people.
that is what the Boko Haram will turn Nigeria to if King Jona, st Reuben and the incompetent cabinate do not wake up to their responsibilities.
Year in year out, the president, Governors have security votes that are not accounted for, yet extremist operate with impunity within our midst.
What is King Jona smoking that his eyes are always red? maybe, benin holy water.
King Jona! wakeup and do the job Nigerians hire you to do


Don,t ever go against Muslim mind your fucking mouse useless what is Christianity human or what

Let us believe in ourselves

Please n pls! lets us believe in ourselves without misgiving especially on the score of odas who are enemies of progress!
Believe me or not life is a teacher,d more u live the u more u learn! dis is an episode sufficient 4 reflection

Why are people like you so

Why are people like you so senseless? if Boko Haram were to succeed in their agenda, do you think you would be able to type in English? do you think that is possible that sharia be imposed on the Whole of Nigeria? why don't you wake up and be realistic?why can't we all co-exist peacefully? must we always talk about superiority and self alone? inasmuch as i don't condone the violence there, i do not support the Boko Haram ideology.The traditional Islam you knew before is changing gradually.wake up and see the change.

Devil's incarnate

You failing Barstard,you are a shame to your fellow Islam faith and an unfortunate creation for humanity....see how shallow your mind is.GO ROT IN HELL ASSHOLE EXTREMIST!!!!!

Uban ka ne, ure d most useles

Uban ka ne, ure d most useles n heartles idiot i'v ever heard of. U shal rot in hell, u son of a bitch

Uban ka ne

Kai dan shegiya u son of a beach.did u 4 get wat useless christain did in jos of nig.wat could u call them stupid

ppl like u r the cause for

ppl like u r the cause for concern, with ur bigotism u wl 4ever remained underachieved. Cow dung.. Wawa

carry on


All nigerian muslims are boko

All nigerian muslims are boko horam, especially illiterate yorub
a muslims they are the problem with nigeria!

I like dat

I like dat

Boko Haram and Borno Elders are one and the same

collateral damage is the inadvertent casualties and destruction in civilian areas caused by military operations and the JTF's job in Borno is a full blown military operation.

The problem is not the army but the suppose elders of Borno who can not talk to or control the people under their domain.

The plan by a few core northerners to cause unrest to gain attention has backfired, the southerners are already fedup with the constant noise and boosting of the muslim north, the oppression of the christian northerner is now an issue the muslim north should take very seriously.

Boko Haram is a creation of a few powerful muslim northerners to drum support from the north on their supposed struggle against the non muslim Nigerians. The muslims in the north all know who these bloody idiots are but refuse to open up to it, the only solution is for the JTF to bring order back into the whole of the north and they should be supported by all well meaning Nigerians

stop the hate!

I shudder most times when I read comments on SR. The message of hate from west to east from north to south. No wonder we don't have good leadership, they come from the same pool of hating followers. We need to close the man made gaps that divide us. We need to stop the hate and start to care. We need to see our common humanity and our common destiny. We need to show love that our children may love also and build a trully great nation.Stop the hate!

Boko Haram

Division among Boko Haram will lead to their end very soon. It appears that the extremists in the sect going about killing people are actually from Chad, Niger, Maiduguri and Jere local Government. Are they not fools to allow outsiders cause so much sorrows and damage to the country because they claim to practice the same religion. Now followers of the late Yusuf are saying Yusuf never like violence and they are tired of these killings. Medicines after death, an outsider will never feel anything for your people because it is not their country. What were they thinking when extremists from Chad and Niger took over the sect? Now it is very observed that anytime there is religious crisis the North import machineries from other countries to come and kill their people. Amnesty is not a programme meant for all such of stupid crimes.

Re: it is unfortunate dat U̶̲̥̅̊ don't

I ve lived over 2decades in the south and i don't see anywhere where U̶̲̥̅̊ ve been banned or prevented from worshiping whoever or whatever U̶̲̥̅̊ believe in. So why make wrong comments dat is most easily verified. Should d govt continue to condone nonesense and rubbish in d name of peace. Wen people go mad i what they need is an antipsychotic and wen U̶̲̥̅̊ need to do that fast ask what Electroconvulsive therapy does? Speak d truth always my brother. Shalom

Is unfortunate dat u don't

Is unfortunate dat u don't knw ur own religion nt to talk abt others,d few of us dat hapen to b in d south knows how u blindly prevent us frm practising our religion let alone to build our places of worship, if we choice nt to talk it does nt mean we don't hav any thing to say bt we do it 4 d sake of peacea


did i hear dat de elders in borno want de trops to leave, where were de elders wen boko pple were terrorising i guess dey re members! Why is gudluck wasting tyme?

state of the nation

I do think "there is state of emergency"?




The writer of this article is deliberately been economical with the truth. Where were these so-called BORNO ELDERS when B-H were killing people with reckless abandon???

I think G-J should be very careful with these mallams cos' they said it when they lost the election that THEY WILL MAKE THE NATION UNGOVERNABLE FOR HIM. Personally i think they have already started carrying out those treats considering their actions so far.


Of Religion, Immorality & Crime

Despite the preponderance of religion in Nigeria it has not improved the moral standing by any measure. On both sides, whether North or South it has committed atrocities in the name of God/Allah. Though both Islam and Christianity advocate peace neither has brought peace to the nation.

Therefore we have to question the relevance of religion. Till that time, all christians should be deported to Israel and Muslims to Palestine. There they can hate and kill each other as much as they want.

That way the rest of us can worship at okija shrine in peace and perform human sacrifices as much as we want.

@Idris - Christians from the North (1)

@Idris wrote:
"Please try and behave well and not like a common Nigerian christian southerner. A CHRISTIAN FROM THE NORTH WILL NEVER BE AS SENTIMENTAL AS YOU ARE ! A christian from the North will never be as sentimental as you are."

Indeed ? How then do "Muslims from the North" reward "Christians from the North" for not being sentimental.

- Roast them in their churches and homes (see Links Below) In Jos Plateau, Bauchi, Kano, Borno, Jigawa, Kaduna, ... .
- Seize church property and refuse the right to reconstruct (in Sharia states)
- destroy their property, businesses and families, .
- Impose Sharia on them
- Inflict all kinds of wickedness and barbarism on them. ...

@Idris - Christians from the North (2)

@Idris - Christians from the North (2)

Roasted Christians in front of their church

CAUTION: DISGUSTING PICTURES!!! - Non-sentimental Northern Christians
Muslim inhumanity to man

Islam is the most violent and virulent form of fundamentalism, in that all those who do not accept this brand of fanaticism have to be slaughtered and subjugated


If they were to get the better of you, they would behave to you as enemies, and stretch forth
their hands and their tongues against you for evil: and they desire that ye should reject the

Allah has warned us against your likes, You are open enemies though you portray yourselves as friends so i'm not surprised at your outrageous outbursts, stemming from your hatred for Islam. You are happy at our misfortunes but your joy shall be cut short in due time so be prepared.
Continue your schemings, we know that you are just using the opportunity presented by boko haram to launch your Islamophobic tendencies, your main goal is to see Islam perish, an unrealistic dream at that. Remember, Allah is better at scheming than you are. You shall soon receive your dues in full measure if you do not desist, so be warned, we are not fooled by your deceptions.

Show love

Crises and trying times are not the sole preserve of Borno or its people whence, I implore us all to empathize with them and put them in our prayers. Fanning the embers of fire by making imflamatory statements or outright condemnations will not solve the problem. We are all Nigerians and it is our collective responsibility to be our brothers keepers.  If Borno is going through stormy weather today, it is our responsibility to show maturity and care, so as to give them the strength to overcome.  In our time of need, we expect people to extend to us love and support to overcome such times, Borno people and by extension the north can not be different.

I appeal to us all not to be carried away by the happenings of today and turn our backs where compassion is required.  May God see us through these nasty moments.

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