Chinese Expats Treat Nigerian Employees As Punching Bags

A Nigerian policeman holds an umbrella over a Chinese expat
Maaji Meriga
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Chinese kick Nigerian workers on the testicles when they are not submissive.

If you are a Nigerian working for the Chinese, you are at risk of losing your private parts, says Maaji Meriga, after he practically lost the use of his manhood while working to construct railway tracks in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, for the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), a major overseas interest of the Chinese government.

The 62-year-old casual worker and bread winner of a family of 6 children was left potentially impotent when the company’s transport manager, Marcho Chin, popularly called ‘old soldier’, allegedly kicked him on his testicles and punched him on the ear to prove who is boss.

It all began a month into his job as a water tanker driver on January 29, 2011 at about 11:00am when Old Soldier asked Mr. Meriga to fill his tank and water the road leading to the CCECC yard, around Karamajiji Village near the Abuja airport. Mr. Meriga said while en route and spraying the ground, another Chinese in charge of drainages stopped him close to the yard and asked he fill two drums with water. He obliged, turned off the main spray machine, opened the side tap and began filling the drums when Old Soldier came and queried him.

“He said I am wasting resources, that I want to spoil the tanker. I told him that I can’t spoil it. He just went and opened the spray machine,” said Mr. Meriga. “I told him that it is his brother that asked me to fill the drums. I bent down to switch off the spray machine when he then kicked me from behind on my scrotum and testes. I immediately fell down. As I got up and asked him ‘master why?’ he then blew me on the ear before entering his jeep and drove to the yard.

Mr. Meriga immediately reported the case to the company’s personnel manager, Mr. Austin, but was ordered out of the premises, without any medical attention given to him.

“I reported at Karamajiji Police Station. I naked myself before the Police and showed them what happened to me. They saw my thing was swelling. I told them I am dying, I need,” Mr. Meriga said. “One officer followed me to the company but Mr. Austin told the Policeman he will not allow the white man go to station unless order comes from above.”

But several days later the order never came. By this time, Mr. Meriga’s left testicle had become swollen to the extent he was admitted for five days at the Garaku General Hospital in Nasarawa State. He was in need of urgent surgery as “examination of the testis showed grossly enlarged left hemi scrotum with marked tenderness of contiguous testis”. One medical record stated that an impression of inflammation was “made secondary to direct blow resulting from a beating”.

Regardless, the Chinese company had made it clear the Nigeria Police couldn’t do them anything; after all Mr.  Meriga wouldn’t be the first to receive a ‘Chinese kick to the balls’ and nothing would come out of it.

A year earlier, on February 5, 2010, another of the company’s water tanker drivers, Michael Francis, a casual staff for over a year, had on resumption of duty that morning told Old Soldier the pump of the tanker to be used to wet the ground was faulty. He was asked to manage it.

But later that day, the assistant transport manager, Mr. Lie, better known as ‘Bedebede’, wanted to reduce his daily wage as the ground he had been allotted was not properly wet. His refusal allegedly earned him a kick to the groin. He fainted on the spot and was subsequently hospitalised for over a week at Access Hospital located along Police Barracks Road, Gwagwa, Abuja.

“He held my shirt, slapped and kicked me in the penis when I refused to give my wages card for him to cut some hours from the work I had done that day,” said the 29-year-old. “The pay is N600 a day and we can work from 7am to 5pm. I refused since it wasn’t my fault, because they can cut your money by half, then how much do I have left?”

The company had tried denying having any Chinese staff bearing that name but conceded when Mr. Francis produced a picture of himself and Bedebede taken together on December 16, 2009 at the CCECC yard. But again, the company’s Nigerian personnel manager, Mr. Austin, was involved in sweeping the case under the carpet. Mr. Francis resigned from the company on February 16, 2010 as he couldn’t resume work immediately after he was discharged, as the company had mandated. He was not compensated.

In pains, distraught, and in urgent need of money for his operation, Mr. Meriga in February 2011 took his plight to the Brekete Family Show, a human rights radio magazine talk show, run by Ahmad Isah, who brought him and Mr. Francis on live radio to tell their stories.

“Nigerians are being brutalised by foreigners in our own country. In their country, this can never happen. We reported to the Human Rights Commission, Police, Ministry of Justice, everywhere. What has anyone done to the foreigners or the company? Nothing!” Mr. Isah lamented. “If you see how swollen his testicles were. He couldn’t do anything, he couldn’t wear pant, even to stand was a problem. I had to spend over N350,000 of my own personal money to pay for Meriga’s surgery and hospital bills at the National Hospital, just to save his life. The company did nothing for him. It is pathetic!”

Mr. Meriga petitioned the Commissioner of Police of the FCT Police Command on February 22, 2011, in a case of criminal force and assault. Eight months later, the Police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, says investigations are still on.

“The DPO Lugbe handling the case told me the matter has not being charged to court because the complainant went for medical treatment and has not returned for the police to conclude their investigation and charge the person to court,” Mr. Moshood said.

But contrary to Mr. Moshood’s claims, the Police in an unprecedented record time of six days had concluded the case in favour of the Chinese eight months ago, through Chief Superintendent of Police Olufemi Abaniwonda, the Divisional Police Officer of Lugbe Division.

CSP Abaniwonda declared in his report dated February 28 that as a “matter of fact, there is no case to be arraigned in court because no witness to facilitate the prosecution”. But Mr. Meriga had provided several witnesses whom the DPO dismissed as “hostile witnesses” collaborating “to see how they can make false claim on the Chineseman”. He then wrote that Mr. Meriga be warned to “desist in parading himself within the company”.

CSP Abaniwonda further compromised his authority. He had received a letter from the Chinese company on February 28 requesting for his report on the case. Despite being a criminal case with police reports only to be given to courts of law, the DPO in a few hours quickly dispatched a signed copy of the 3-page Police report directly to CCECC’s Managing Director at Plot 215 Cadastral Zone, KM 10, Umaru Yar’Adua Way, Airport Road, Abuja. To please the Chinese, he wrote Mr. Meriga was never kicked in the groin.

The DPO by his actions effectively denied Mr. Meriga his right to seek justice for the assault he acknowledged occurred when he wrote that Old Soldier “slapped the complainant on the face as the complainant alleged”. The content of the Police report further suggests Old Soldier was never interviewed on the incident, as he was never identified by his real name, only described as a suspect named “Mr. Old Soldier”.

A lawyer, Nsikan Robinson, had also voluntarily taken up the case then. His best effort was to write CCECC on February 22, 2011 giving the company seven days to repatriate Old Soldier and Bedebede, pay N10 million compensation to each of his clients, and for the company to bear their medical expenses. Eight months on he says lack of funds and not fear has hindered him from instituting legal action against the company.

Very little has indeed being done in the eight months since Messrs. Meriga and Francis also petitioned the Executive Secretary, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on February 16, 2011 and the Director General, Legal Aid Council of Nigeria on June 24, 2011.

Only once since July did Mr. Francis say a lady called him from the Legal Aid Council, a government agency which gives free legal aid, promising to call again to give him an appointment. The most the NHRC, which has constitutional powers to prosecute cases of Human Rights abuse, have done is exchange of letters with the Chinese company.

“We demanded a full response from the alleged company. The company’s lawyer wrote back referring us to the police report which rather blamed Meriga than the company,” said Lambert Oparah, the Human Rights Commission spokesperson, who said the commission has being pushing to settle the case by dialogue with all parties.

Phone calls, text and email messages to the Chinese Embassy in Nigeria, including Mr. Wang, the embassy’s representative in Lagos State, went unanswered. But the Chinese company through their solicitors, Paul Attayi and Co, categorically dismissed Messrs. Meriga and Francis stories as “gold digging exercises” and told the Human Rights Commission that they should go to court to seek redress.

“Our clients are prepared and determined to frustrate this exercise. Our client is prepared to defend itself against such frivolous and vexation claims with fanatical determination,” said Mr. Attayi while stating that the company “recognises and protects” the rights of all employees as contained in their employment letters.

But employees of the company who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal say their working conditions are greatly abused and the worst in the construction industry. Most workers say they don’t have employment letters and have remained casual labourers for months, some years, thus being denied such benefits as health insurance and pensions.

“If you say you can use a machine or you can drive, they test you. If you pass they give you a form you fill there and return to them before you start work. They don’t give you a copy,” said one labourer. “In 40 people, maybe five are staff, the rest are casual. They keep promising they will staff us. A lot of us are getting injured but because we are not staff, company will not take care of you. Our Nigerians in company management are not helping us. What can we do? To find work is difficult. We just have to accept.”

When Mr. Austin, the company’s personnel manager was contacted on Messrs. Meriga and Francis case, he feigned ignorance of them stating: “I don’t know very well. Actually we have many cases on ground but I can’t recall now. Are they our workers?” On the illegality of the company engaging people on casual labour for extended periods, he quickly said, “that’s where my statement stops”.

A successful surgery was performed on Mr. Meriga’s testicle on July 7. He is still on medication but says he doesn’t take for granted anytime he has an erection. Some months back, his manhood was dysfunctional. His case is one of justice delayed is justice denied as he is losing faith in Nigeria defending the rights of its citizens at home and abroad.

“I don’t think Nigerians can go to China and behave like that and go free. I want Nigeria to follow the law and give me justice,” Mr. Meriga says.


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2) Then the only group that


Then the only group that could be his friend would come around seeing he has a lot of cash to throw around. He would be introduced to drugs and he has to go along if he wants to belong. His loneliness and the false comradeship of these scums of the developed society will so ensnare him that he had no option. He will then return to u a rogue, an addict in short a loser! Then you will start lamenting. Nature has a way of extracting back from you what you took wrongly from it.

Nigerian police'll do

Nigerian police'll do ANYTHING(and in this case NOTHING) for money.

3 Quotes - and i am out!


In response to Mr King, I quote Alexander Pope:

"A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again." ---- Alexander Pope

And finally on the Chinese story:

"When an elephant is in trouble even a frog will kick him." --- Hindu Proverb

Yearning for Value

Don’t be quick in passing blame, neither the police officer nor the poor Meriga is at fault. It's the so called tyrants ruling us as a nation. It is responsibility of the government to protect the citizenry. The police officer would have even considered himself lucky working for the chinko abi? And you agree with me that Meriga also needs to feed is family. If they are not engaged our advice will be that they find something doing, no be so? That company has chairman board of directors that only wants to make more money at the expense of the value and integrity of his co-Nigeria

enough is enough

I have participated in treating some patients from CCECC in area 11 abuja. the workers are sincerely being molested, most of the cases we get trauma associated. One of the patients i treated claimed to be hit by a metalic measuring tape at the scrotum. he was brought in in severe painful diestress.
I think its time these people are cautioned. enough is enough.

use your thinking faculty

Hey, don't think I'm writing this to justify Andrew King, but I want you to use your brain wisely, whether syntax or semantic of his use of abbreviation is write or wrong is not of concern here, can't you think. Nigerians are being maltreated, even in their own country by some foreign idiots, yet all you saw is the use of 'expat'. I'll suggest you should have a rethink.

wat kinda dodoyo r u Mr.

wat kinda dodoyo r u Mr. Andrew ,wiv the seriousness of the write up all u were able to pick out was the writer's supposedly bad English which u were even wrong about.

The Chinese amongst us

What an unfortunate incident. This is the price we are paying when our rudderless leadership in Africa sold us into Chinese slavery. Back in their country workers have no right and work under unsafe conditions we call 'sweat shops' to produce so-called cheap products. Almost every month miners are trapped and die in their mines. Since Leopards can't change their spots they carry same attitudes abroad. Because they are ever so corrupt they easily find cronnies amongst equally corrupt govt officials and police structures. My suggestion mobilize and fight for your rights in your fatherland. These Chinese are not as strong or brave as you may think. Chikena


CUASE be uppon nigeria leaders, start from nigeria president,labour minister,NIGERIA POLICE
please nigeria anybody who see chinese and german should make sure he killed of them to stop all this evil act.
for nigeria police, there is cuases upon since the history of nigeria, they know next to nothing all, that is why they die any how, see a police officer holding umbrella on common chinese man,who no body knows in china, bcos our leaders have no ideal and value of human being. cause be upon any nigeria leaders that hard this news and did not take any legal action.

Mr. King, What did you mean

Mr. King,

What did you mean when you wrote "I want to actually know.."?

Houston, Texas

9jai wahala.

Sometime I ask myself time and time again is country call Nigeria existing in a vacuum. With the present dispensation were leaders of the world are held accountable for every life of it citizen ..but our ruler not leader because leader lead by example. Are competing on who take the highest loot. Listern Mr man stop going around looking for who will solve your problem...Take the chinese man to corner maim him up .or cut is dick and ear. I am really tired of this block head .

How More Pathetic Can A Nation Be.

Never a heart-warming story coming out of that country. So, where are the Area Boys, OPCs, Egbesu boys, Mend and their Northern Equivalents? This is one area where communal efforts will surely help, rather than the self-destructive actvities being directed at each other. Teach a stupid chinese a lesson and the rest will fall in line. No Nigerians would have gone to China and beats chinese there. He will be lucky if he leaves that country in an upright position.

This is part ofthe mess Obasanjo brought to us. The victims of this horrible assault should quit whinning and resort to self-help. Ours is a country with no government. So disgusting a story to hear!

Why not defend yourself the way you see fit

I would not tolerate this nonsense or any other form of maltreated in my country. If my employer kicks me in my balls or any other part of my body, the next time he or she sees me would be their last time alive. I would take several guns (yes, I own over ten different guns) and shoot him or or until all the guns have no bullets left. And then, I would cut the body into pieces, to send a very strong statement. Defending your rights this way will stop all these nonsense, instead of complaining and doing nothing about it. If you are waiting for our government to do something you are wasting your time; in fact we do not have any government - we have opportunist looters. It is important Nigerians understand that violence do indeed provide justice, and the oppressed should use it. Again, shoot and kill anyone who feels they can trample on your rights in your own country. Period. By the way, if you need guns, let me know.

If he had retaliated..........

If the Nigerian had retaliated and attacked the Chinese man back is it not a fellow Nigerian (policeman) that will brutalise the man on behalf of the Chinese man?

The Nigerian policeman may even end up shooting and killing his fellow Nigerian to appease the Chinese man just for a bribe.

The textbook to describe the rot in Nigeria has not yet been written.

Nigeria's "current" problems are beyond what any scale can measure.

Make Them Pay Hospital Bills

Since the Chinese in Nigeria do not want to pay fair wages or respect Nigerians, make them pay the hospital bills then. Nigerians, give them black eyes and bruise them up enough to put them in hospitals that way they pay their own hospital bills. Do not wait for the do-nothing government in Nigeria to come to your rescue. Take your destiny and survival in your hands. DO NOT ALLOW HISTORY TO REPEAT ITSELF BY LETTING NIGERIANS AND AFRICANS TO BE ENSLAVED AGAIN, THIS TIME BY THE CHINESE AND IN OUR OWN LAND. Posterity will damn us all IF we let this happen again.


If not, why haven't our lawmakers suspended China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) until a full and thorough NON-CORRUPT investigation is done and CCECC sanctioned accordingly ?

If our lawmakers can't give us the so much touted Dividends of Democracy then they should at least fight for their fellow Nigerian who by all indications has been maimed for life ON NIGERIAN SOIL unjustly by a foreigner (who knows he can get away with any and everything in corrupt nigeria).


Are our lawmakers intimidated by the chinese or have the chinese bought their conscience ??

sack the minister of labour--

sack the minister of labour--the man is a thief-- an egunje specialist--but the one in the picture is banki moon-not chinese man I beg una

Andrew-King, you are truly a

Andrew-King, you are truly a clown. You wrote with the cocky air of a superior mind, condescendingly corrective, unfortunely you only ended up portraying yourself as an IGNORAMUS. Please read the Biblical book of Proverbs chapter 17 verse 28 and you will be doing yourself a lot of good if you abide by those simple words of wisdom.


 Mr Kura you never suprise me. Your vitrol has become not only boring but shows signs that all might not be well with you.

Why are you so obseesed with hausas & fulanis?, so much so that your contributions are becoming painful to read?

Did a Northerner take your wife or do something so painful to you that you have lost your faculty of reasoning? Please try and get professional help for your comments are becoming so predictable and senseless that i am concerned about your mental health.

If you think i am crazy, read your comments, its all about hausas, prophet mohammed etc and they make no sense.

I am sorry to offend you but i think you need professional help, but you can prove me wrong by writing something constructive & not insulting any one for once, If you have the capacity.


I now wish the old Communist China to be back. Those days Chinese overseas were required to live like peasants, wherever they were. I guess they were severely punished if they road in SUVs or "JEEP", overseas, irrespective of their ranks in the factories they ran.
At the Onitsha textile factory, the Chinese equally maltreated their factory hands, just like the stories here. Just hearing about the Chinese kick for the first time, though. The Chinese managers usually rode their bicycles home at the end of the day. This usually gave the maltreated Igbo workers, opportunities to deal with the usually diminutive Chinese supervisors, one on one, where the Chinese usually get beatings of their lives. Now they go about on SUVs. The tide obviously has changed.

Anyone trying to condemn this

Anyone trying to condemn this write up is stupid. I am a living witness of Chinese brutality and enslavement of Nigerians. At least I can testify to the fact that no Chinese company in Nigeria gives Nigerians(casual workers) employment letter. I worked for one Chinese company and many of us were employed same day .We were were only employed by words of mouth, in fact you dont know how much you will earn until the end of the week when they hand to you your casual pay. There should be a revolt against Chinese and Indians in Nigeria as urgently as possible.

Oh Nigeria: What is being a Nigerian worth?

Sometimes I wonder if being a Nigerian is worth anything. After reading this piece and glancing at the disgraceful police officer, I have to say that being a Nigerian is not only inferior in and of itself, but is sub-human, seemingly. After all, is everything happening in our country not suggesting that? With our "IF IT IS NOT WHITE IT IS NOT RIGHT" attitude, why have we, as a people, resorted to being slaves in our own country? Please someone tell me: why have we accepted or caved in to being inferior? Is Nigeria a cursed nation? Is being a Nigerian a disgrace to humanity in and of itself? Should Nigerians walk around in shame? Is the name "Nigeria" synonymous with shame, mediocrity, low-standards, failure, thievery, corruption? I wonder. I really do.

Chinese Colonisation.

This is pathetic and despicable. An incident very similar to this happened in Zambia and the Zambians gave the Chinese managers what they deserved.

Chinese do not value Higerian workers welfare or lifes. And quite frankly,the government should be blamed for this.

It is a pity the Police force are not interested in this case and one should ask or wonder why that is.

There is a need for a total rethink and soul searching in Nigeria. That if your leaders have souls. Stand up and get up for your rights.

small chinese prick

na envy dem dey envy you. chinese have samm dicks and they seriously envy megidas with their extra large long dicks. that is why they keep kicking them in the goolies ooh !! na pure envy

Bloody revolution is coming,

Bloody revolution is coming, tell the oyinbo to leave our land because we are not going to spare anyone. We are going to kill them all and the captured one's will be publicly executed. Let's go train how to handle gun, all the alien(greedy politicians) will be shot dead. Its time rewrite our history.

Hmmmm ... kidnap and kill a

Hmmmm ... kidnap and kill a few chinkos and they will stop misbehaving . We don hear you oooh !!!!


We should not trivialize the seriousness of this write up based on grammer. Are the facts right, if so get over it. I will suggest that you guys give these Chinese guy a good kick back when next he is out on the site. You do not have a government and do not expect any help.

Please don't wait for any

Please don't wait for any messiah, he's not coming. Let start JUNGLE JUSTICE, and stop waiting for messiah that won't come.

Andrew-King is the one who failed here.

 Andrew_king, you have succeeded in fooling yourself here. Expat is the shortened form of Expatriate.

Go and learn how to use English properly before you start accusing people here.


Oga, which police, non of

Oga, which police, non of then is in the police station, they r all busy carrying umbrella for chinko