Governor Suntai And Traumatic Brain Injury By Stella Oritsejemite

Danbaba Suntai
By Stella Oritsejemite

I do not know Governor Suntai.  I do not know Taraba state, and have no stake in it. However, I am fiercely Nigerian. I also recognize trauma and a Traumatic Brain Injury when I see one. I saw the photograph of the governor and his family last night: the first since his air crash and I just felt, and to my horror too, that we are going down the same irresponsible path which we walked during the Yar’adua saga. Just as I did then, I am going to write my medical opinion on this man and I hope those who want to kill the messenger will be more responsible.

We woke up to the news of this man's survival from a helicopter crash sometime late last year. Reports had it that he was initially thought to have died, but some pastoralists saw him at the scene of the accident and alerted the authorities that he still had some life in him. Whatever the truth may be, one thing is constant, the man was in an air accident.

Of course, he no doubt suffered TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY SECONDARY TO BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA as a result of the chopper accident. Please note that I did not say anyone hit him on the head.  The brain weighs about 3-4 pounds under normal circumstance. It is encased in the cranium aka skull and floats in fluids. It comprises extremely delicate tissues and neurons. It has 3 layers of membrane which covers and protect the brain. Because the brain tissue is soft, it is therefore SUSCEPTIBLE TO PULLING, STRETCHING AND COMPRESSION in TBI. Thus, in the event of an accident such as air crash, the brain will JERK AROUND VIOLENTLY INSIDE THE SKULL resulting in injury.

Governor Suntai may have suffered a CLOSED HEAD INJURY since there was no report of any open gash on his head nor a penetrating injury to the head. CLOSED HEAD INJURY occurs as a result of sudden stop following a high speed movement as in an air craft or chopper crash. In the instance when that chopper crashed, the BRAIN WILL MOVE BACK AND FORTH, LEFT AND RIGHT, COLLIDING WITH THE BONY CRANIUM, Of course, the result will be BRUISING OF THE BRAIN TISSUES, DAMAGE TO  THE NEURONS IN THE BRAIN, AND OR TORN BLOOD VESSELS. Injury may be SPECIFIC AND LOCALIZED or DIFFUSE AXONAL INJURY. I suspect the governor suffered DAI looking at the pictures posted on Sahara Reporters.

My conclusion is that he suffered TBI based on the news report of :


2. AMNESIA POST TRAUMA on account of his inability to recognize visitors.




Since this man did not receive immediate medical help from any first res-ponders  and was also air lifted to an ill  prepared hospital in Yola I believe, that  he lost too much time and must have also suffered many tissue and neuron deaths in the brain. In that case, GLASGOW SCORE may not be reliable if it was taken at all. We are not sure if he was able to spontaneously open his eyes at the scene of the accident ( reported to be unresponsive several days post accident) reported to be in coma even at the National Hospital in Abuja which means only one thing, HE WAS UNABLE TO COORDINATE HIS FINE MOTOR AND VERBAL SKILLS.It is not impossible for the verbal assessment to be impossible, because I expect that he must have been intubated for perfusion and in that case verbalizing anything will be next to impossible. Buy he should have been able to spontaneously been able to open his eyes, and follow simple commands. reports in the news papers indicated he was not able to do any of those. Then he had severe TBI. . His GLASGOW SCORE was definitely not 15, whichis the highest score a  human being can have.

To estimate the severity of his brain injury, we want to rely on his reported POST TRAUMATIC AMNESIA. He was reportedly  unable to recognize his visitors. Whao!. That is a red flag there no doubt. Any time there is a major blow to the head such as in an air crash, the following will happen almost all of the time:



3. SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS IS A MAJOR ISSUE. For example, they tend to repeat what was already said over and over again.

This is a period of POST TRAUMATIC AMNESIA. The danger in this period is that the longer the duration of the amnesia, the more severe the brain injury.

Because of the delicate chemistry of the brain, neuro malfunction takes place. This affects the THINKING AND BEHAVIORAL PROCESS OF THE PATIENTS. Therefore, it is nothing strange that Mr. Suntai was seen starring into space in the picture posted on SR, and no one should be perplexed that he was reported to be staring at his visitors without showing any sign of recognition..

It may take weeks, months years even for this man to come back to his pre accident state. It may take quite long for the brain to resolve its chemical imbalance as a result of the TBI  The good news however,  is that as the chemistry of the brain improves, so can the ability of the patient to function independently.  Because the brain is a dynamic organ with incredible ability to adapt and change with time, the brain is able to set up new connections between the nerves. Plasticity of the brain occurs all through a life cycle. Therefore, it is still possible for to have an occurrence a neural system stimulation. Such can and should be encouraged in an atmosphere, which the man is familiar with and with family. Long term rehabilitation will be better in a home environment and not in the cold walls of a hospital.

It may take months and or even years for full recovery to take place. Therefore, we should avoid this silliness of DOCTRINE OF NECESSITY ( whatever that means) and all the voodoo interpretation of the Constitution by the political elites. I am not advocating for the man to be removed from office since am not a Taraba person, but I do know he is not going to be able to function effectively as a governor anytime soon as a result of his TBI.

Stella is  a USA based Certified Advanced Trauma Specialist.

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Stella keep it up. You have realy enlightened alot of people who do not know the real condition of Gov Suntai.The same thing you said was also the same said by a Dr in Taraba close to Suntai who was surmoned by the state House of Assembly for clearification. I want to urge the State House of Assembly to look into what Stella wrote and take the necesary steps in the state to make the state to forge ahead.


O Allah may you contineou to guide your religon and the followers

How daft can you get?

How daft can you get?

Wish him wel.

May he fully recover for his familly and not to d state.

Slm.Hajara i hav been looking

Slm.Hajara i hav been looking for you for long time,since before i travel to Brazil.pls ia
m back,my number is 08038222685.

i am not from taraba, never

i am not from taraba, never been there. never have i met with the Governor but
well i have just read the rather unsolicited piece by stella.
great work and i must say i am impressed by the sense of 'professionalism' . my only worry is ; 'how come stella was able to make so much diagnosis without physically seeing the patient.
at this rate , if all doctors were like stella we wont have to go to the hospital. we would just have to send our 'pictures'.
my advice; keep out of this. act professional and stop giving unsolicited advice which obviously is not acurate ..simply guess work. if you were paid.....okay let me rest my case.

Leave Stella alone !

What is all these crap talk, the lady Stella only proferred her professional opinion, why the aspersions against her? i don't get it; do you have opine like a semi-illiterates to drive your stupid point common. If Danbaba Suntai actually did what Muri said he did; using monies meant for urgent infrastructure in Taraba to buy private jet, acquire properties in choice locations etc, monies he ought to use to wipe the bitter tears of deprivation; long years of neglect from previous governments of the State, then i think the judgement of God is upon Him.
He can only surmount this health situation he's in right now, if he's clean.

Nothing hides under the sun

When will my fellow nigerians cease to be sentimental in thier approaches to national issues?

Re. Suntai.

The issue whether Stella is a Medical Professional, right or wrong should not come in here. All what we as Nigerians should be doing is to pray and ask for the perfect will of God to take control in the affairs of our great nation Nigeria.Check out other governors like Imoukel of Cross River, Idris of Kogi, Shullivan Chime of Enugu State etc. and others that have secretly left the shores of this country for one undisclosed sickness or another. What is really wrong with our political leaders.

This man wants to hit the

This man wants to hit the nail on the head, but he is deviating.

Gov Suntai

Stella as not sad he will to be healed andshe is not disputing that God is the ultimate healer. What she is saying is that the position of Governor should not be held in limbo as he will not be returning to. Office soon.
It is a temporary position anyway which is something we forget as Nigerians.

Report to EFCC

If you are so sure of what the man acquired as listed by the writer from Taraba, send your evidence to EFCC and see if he will not be persecuted or you are afraid?,m then you are a liar, stop making noise on the pages of papers. You should be bold enough if you so love Taraba to come out wih evidence against him, to me all you mentioned is rumour. We are tired of reading things like this since the days of Babangida. Go and sleep stop distracting us.

Suntai leftovers?? They are Vultures feedind on the dead !!!

Kunle, you said the Man is

Kunle, you said the Man is Modest and humble. I doubt if you know the meaning of some of the words use in your daily life. A modest Man that enrich himself with state funds. Here is a Man who built A Government House Annex in his Village, Acquired private Jet for personal use, used state funds to train himself as pilot, built Airstrip in his village for his personal use and acquired landed properties in so many cities including Abuja, Lagos, Jalingo, Yola, Kaduna, Hannova. If you think misapropriation of public funds is what qualifies a Man to be Modest and humble, then certaintly Suntai is humble and modest. Kunle, you are not from Taraba and may be you dont know where Taraba is even Located in Nigeria and you still give the man excellent mark. I pray people like will not smell the corridor of power even in your local government and no doubt you are suffering thesame sickness as Suntai. I wish Governor Suntai well.

Are u God?

Please tell this Doctor there is God in heaven who heals . Patients with terminal diseases diagnosed by her colleagues and confirmed by laboratory tests do receive their healing. Our trust is in God, we are praying for him while you are busy educating your faithless disciples. I'm sure you are one of those who don't believe in God and efficacy of prayer. The day you will need God He will prove himself to you. Canal Doctor who forgot the motto of her profession.

nija with sentiment. Religion oo, tribe oo, etc

Stela just tell us say she be us based doky. We no even kno wether in real name na stela. Everything na politiks. Make we no kill ourself biko. Someple dey follow stela becos suntai no relate to them. If na their papa or unku they for remote the claim stela. God only na him kno the truth. Biko nija

God is the greatest Physician!

In all the comments, Stella was only blowing grammer based on photograph. It was her opinion. She even sounded like a creator (GOD) Himself. Stella well done. Let us remember suntai in prayers.

Am not too confused or

Am not too confused or convinced about Stella's scholarly distinction , but am bound to contribute because l was involved in a auto accident in 2010 in Abuja and confirmed dead at a government hospital before l was moved to the National hospital in Abuja.I was a psychiatric case as confirmed to me later. The Doctors tends and the Lord healed me. The photograph is not an x-ray one and Governor Danbaba is not a hyperactive personality but humble and modest man, so l wouldn't had expected a ego-pose as a politician on a campaign platform. The prayers of the people is for his quick recovery and he shall be here not too long, with us to continue his good work,. Amen

Good Stella

If anybody feels agrieved over your professional assessment of this picture, let him or her provide an equally convincing interpretation. As a professional you work with what is available to you. If this cabal of looters in Taraba feels the contrary, let them say the truth to Tarabians. They have the right to know the plight of their Governor, to wish him quick recovery so as to come and explain to them why he chose to be a pilot rather than their Governor.
Sympathy should not erase our sensibilities or else we will continue to breed the likes of Danbaba Suntai in every state.
Stella, sentimental commentators should not deter you from making useful comments in areas of your specialty.

Almost good enough

I understand the frustration of those who are unhappy with this opinion. Whatever Stella's credentials, or the accuracy of her claims, it is at this time speculation without actual facts of the condition of this one man.
However, she could be spot on and correct in her assessment. Perhaps Ms Oritsejemite should have used the would could a few times to indicate that this is one possible option based on the information available to her. This will leave room for other opinions on the Govs condition and satisfy those who believe such a diagnosis and her conclusions canbe reached only after seeing the patient.

For those who talk about TV Drs in the states, you will notice that they always leave some room and describe specific conditions without concluding that's what a patient is surfering from. You are more likely to hear the the Sec of State may have this condition which ...

'Nough Said.


It's morons like you that will ever fan embers of hatred amongst Nigerians, just listen to you low-level self?

Watch wat u say or u invoke d

Watch wat u say or u invoke d wrath of Allah upon urself


You urgently need a neuro surgeon for brain damage. May you be healed in Gods name. Amen

This is why we have bad leaders

The lady could make medical suggestions based on the photo. look at the disparaging comments all over the places which was why Mr Dimeji Bankole and others insist the Arab spring is not possible in Nigeria and Mr Sonala provided a credible reason: Our mumu too much. This lady is arguing why like Yar'Adua case a state govt health becomes politics. It is nearly evident that an accident of such magnitude requiring immediate airlift to germany may mean the ability of the governor may have been reduced and could not return to seat. The photo does not show someone who is aware of himself and fact that he survived a crash and now had twins. Why attack her?

May the wrath of Allah (swt)

May the wrath of Allah (swt) befall you and hit u hard

Re: Suntai

This write up by this self acclaimed Dr Stella Ori-what-ever is full of ill will for the poor man in an air crash. The truth is all this so called Dr has done is to speculate. Al she has done is to go to google,wikipedia and other search engines and download effects of accidents on a person. It is wickedness for anyone to celebrate another person's misfortune especially on the alter of sensationalism which is what sahara reporters is known for. Instead of joining other well meaning human beings in praying for the speedy recovery of a man in an accident, sahara reporters chooses to mock him. Remember what goes round comes around it may be your turn some day. The fact that suntai was in an air crash does not mean he should lose our sympathy and good wishes. The accident may as well have occured on road like that of Kogi State governor. Finally there is no way Stella can diagnose the state of Gov Suntai by merely looking at his photograph, unless she is a witch


This Country needs a civil war.. to rid us of unnecessary elements who use every opportunity to state the distinction between the North and the South. I have observed that comments in every commentary on this site and other sites, have been laced with ethnic insinuations and sentiments. For how long can we continue like this?


...helping them loot their treasury abi? Olodo.


Stop fuming and publish your license for us to see. You are half baked otherwise you would respond in a civilized manner. Savage woman calling herself a doctor. Heal thyself first potato head! We do not need to see a psychiatrist. No Thanks!

No wonder some Nigerian men kill nurses in the US. Local nurse who dey carry bed pan in a ward dey throw salute for here. I beg make una close that trap fast fast! Prove that you are qualified. Simple! We are waiting ooo! Hehehe!


You are the stupid irtesponsible nigeriand that are fuelling religious crises. You are lucky for being you will have being hanged. If you are irrelgious stay away from attaking other religions