I Thought The Killers Would Come For Us Next - Lecturer Who Witnessed Mubi Massacre

By Sunnewsonline.com

"The unfortunate incident of Monday night in the second largest town in Adamawa State, Mubi was an experience you cannot wish even your worst enemy. As a lecturer in one of the many educational institutions in Mubi, the previous three months in Mubi, which were marked with spontaneous shootings and bombings made life difficult.

The situation got to the level that Christians and people of southern extraction started moving from places with more problems to those presumed to have more Christians and vice versa. Wuro Puteji, with its high concentration of churches and many people from the minorities such as Higgi, Marghi, Fali etc, looked a reasonable alternative with its high population of students, making it look neutral and having a balanced mix.

Yours truly moved into this set up which had hitherto history of a share in any of the casualities resulting from all the recent carnages being experienced in this economic nerve centre of Adamawa State. Monday night, I drove back early with my family from Jalingo, the Taraba State capital, where we spent the long weekend with the aim of beating the 3:00pm curfew imposed on the town (not knowing its being dropped to 6:00pm).

We got to Mubi on time and were surprised to note that there were no checkpoints, although Song, Gombi, Hong and Marraraba, these checkpoints were there days earlier when the JTF carried out its massive house to house checks resulting in arrests and discovery of weapons.

Driving into town our confidence in the security of the town was reinforced with the sight of combat- ready mobile policemen and some soldiers. But we also noted a large contingent of military personnel being moved out of town. "By 7:00pm that evening, 1 decided to start the generator only to discover it wont start and needed servicing. We decided to listen to evening version of BBC Hausa news broadcast. I later slept off and woke up at some minutes past 10.00pm to use the bathroom.

I went back to bed at 10:34pm, noting that the neighbors had switched off their generators and in the background a male and female voice were singing on SS85 hymn in either Assemblies of God Church nearby or the Redeemed Church opposite the government secondary school across the road where most of the Federal Polytechnics, Mubi and School of Health students lives.

"In an instant the two voices rehearsing went quiet and within a space of a minute or two we heard the loud bang of gunshots Kpa! Kpa!! Kpa!!! And the barking of the many dogs in the neighbourhood along with Sparky my dog. My wife woke up noting how close the shots were.

We sat up in bed thinking it was the usual shoot one, two and run away thing or soldiers registering their presence especially as there was curfew and no persons were to wander about whether on foot or in vehicles. So, recalling that we heard two or three vehicles drive up on the main street nearby we, concluded it must be the soldiers. But alas! we were in for a long night. Next, the shooting started again this time just about three blocks from my house followed by screams, more shots and dead silence.

"Next two, three minutes later more shots, screams and then silence. I was in a dilemma. My wife moved from the bed to the carpet for fear of things coming through the window (the wall of my house is low.) Against her pleas, I moved to the backyard wondering what will happen next. Across the wall to my right, I heard more shots and turned quickly to see gunfire flashes but nobody except the wailing of children and a woman whom I presume to be their mother.

Next, I docked only to hear more shots in the same place and the solo wailing of the lady whom I presumed to be the mother of the children crying earlier. The next rounds of gunshots moved a bit down from my house and brought me only a moment of relief as I wondered where the security personnel on whom we were so much relying were. "Suddenly, just in the compound next to me I heard people screaming (no gunshots) and instant dead silence.

At this point I was sure my house will be the next. My wife and my little girl now joined me in the backyard. I hurried them back into the house and went into prayers. Surprisingly, even with the cling! cling!! cling!!! coming from my gate, the next sound of shooting and wailing came from a compound two blocks to my left and away from me. The most horrifying aspect of this is looking at the time and noting it was just 11:36pm.

Nobody could come out, scream for help or do anything. It was an outright waiting only on God, knowing you are unarmed and defenceless. "Meanwhile, clouds covered the bright moonlight signaling it was going to rain. The sound of gunshots now moved towards the main road and were accompanied by distant and instant shrill of screams. "We felt a bit relieved when this stopped at around 1:03am. We now heard the sound of reving and screeching tyres and about two or three vehicles moving likely towards the other side of town (outskirts) a village not affected by the curfew.

My wife was now crying. Even my little girl. I observed her crying was not entirely for our situation but for the solo voice of the woman crying two blocks away. Her dirge was so moving I could have wept if not for the anxiety I was in. Slowly, the clock in the bedroom indicated 3:30 a.m. By now, it had rained lightly as if to underscore the unusual nature of this night. I remained agitated and anxious until at about 5:19am. When I woke up to discover I had slept off. "As daylight came slowly, I heard the sounds of neighbors opening their doors, gates and more wailings. I came out to see my neighbors gathered in small circles discussing the incident of the night.

"Bodies were lined up in front of the house a block away. Some of the students with just shorts, boxers or vests on. My one prayer was that the lifting of the curfew the previous day should still be in place. I drove out of the compound with my family and got to the main road. People and security operatives gathered round bodies lined up on the main road. I took a quick glance and with my wife drove quickly into the main road. I was looking ahead at the police patrol van in front of me trying to make sense of what it was carrying and why the policemen had to sit high up on the cabin.

That was when my wife's wailing became louder. "I observed they were bodies. Bodies of students in T-shirts, jeans and shorts. I drove behind the van making sure blood dripping from its open tail board on to the main road remain between my wheels until it turned into the Mubi General Hospital. Women and passersby could only stare and scream, not knowing what had happened in the Wuro Puteji part of town the night before."

*The lecturer whose account was published above pleaded to be anonymous. I was lucky to pass through to Marrarraba passing two checkpoints before Makeria to make my way out of Mubi. I arrived Jalingo a few minutes after 3:00p.m only to learn people have been stopped from leaving town. While coming out I observed many students and others already aware of the happening of the previous night were struggling to make their way out.

The once peaceful and prosperous Mubi has become a shadow of itself. While driving out of town, I saw several vehicles with their drivers making u-turns and moving back to Yola or Michika. Along Gombi Song, I saw a retinue of military and police trucks moving rapidly towards Mubi with the cars carrying the top echelons of the police, SSS and Army at the head of the delegation.


Culled from the SUN Newsonline: http://sunnewsonline.com/new/cover/i-thought-the-killers-would-come-for-...

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It was unfortunate to know

It was unfortunate to know that shootings and bombings occur in the city Mubi. I do agree with the author that, you need to have an effective government and a good preventive system to eliminate the evil forces. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep posting more updates.
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Re: Northern Christians

Dear Sani,
I read the article as well as several comments that followed.I took a particular interest in yours because I can identify with where you're coming from.
I served for about 3 months in Jalingo before redeploying. In the time I spent there, I met a lot of wonderful people,the so called "Christians of Northern descent".If I hadn't had the privilege of visiting the north,I'm pretty sure I would make the mistake (same as a lot of people) of assuming that everyone who speaks "hausa" or has a "hausa-sounding" name is a muslim.
I strongly recommend that we spend more time praying and devicing means to end the crisis in the north than arguing the finer points of "names and their origins".

God bless you and keep you in His care.

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I think christians should stop calling upon God as if he is a politician.those people sinned by killing and they stand to be juded by God. But the chrsistian who calls God to intervane now should make sure his own hands are clean also. God is not man and cannot be sentimentally controlled into our affairs. We christians should also look inwards and i think that is the beginning of seeking divine intervention.lets think deep in diverse ways we contributed to this situation from all spheres. The truth is bitter.

Please my dear brother in

Please my dear brother in Christ, I solely identify with your greave and that of other Christians in the north. southerners will at worst trace there ways back home when the persecuution is too much for them but where will our brethren in the north go. This is the time we need to pray for God's intervention and instant judgement upon BH and all their bedrocks. The arrow of the ALMIGHTY will soon descend upon them and they will have no place to hide. May the curse of Joshua as placed upon Jericho come upon boko haram and all that are connected with their evil deeds IJN amen.

From you comments it shows

From you comments it shows how ignorant you are,if you did'nt know then know now that, Islam means submittion to the will of Allah,and Allah means God in english.and Muslim means anyperson that submits to the will of God.I don't see the sense or any reasoning from your comment in relation to the report.my advice is for you to learn and think before passing comments.

Fake Story from an awesome writer

That's all I have to say

Judaism...The Root of Christianity

Let Christendom, trace her root to Judaism; For, from there, her lineage sprung out.

Judaism, preached an eye-for-an eye. Let Christians, too, be battle ready and ensure, losses are counted in the camp of the aggressors.

How can any sane person, defend a religion that admonish blood spillage.

The saga in Libya, thought d West, a lesson, to retract and retrace their steps, on interventory roles, toward Syria. Since we're seen as infidels. Most violent and archaic religion of all times. Shame!

This is a really

The post is absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! Also like to Logo design admire the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often.


it is for the sake of God that those being killed are silent i fear for you when it will happen i assure who think you can fight for God you will have no place to hide. You BOKO HARAM YOU MUSLIM if not for your foolishness and dead conscience do you need anyone to tell you that murder is a SIN before GOD and Mam?.

May the Almighty have mercy on us

Our leadership is a reflection of us as people. Go back to the scriptures for answers. This level decadence is why Allah (SWT) destroyed the people of Lot and Thamood. This is what lead to the destruction of Ferrow and Karoona. Learn from the past, this madness (Glabally) will result in the coming of Doojal (Antichrist) and eventaully Isa (Alayhisalam) or Jesus Christ. Choose ur side now!

Northern Christians

I am surprise as to how southerners in this forum would type rubbish saying that Southerners are the ones being killed. For your information, 90% of the people killed are Christians of NORTHERN ORIGIN. So just don't type rubbish if you have nothing to say. Even the so called 'hausa' names you see among those killed are Northern Christian. I am a northern Christian too and my name is Sani, many people have concluded I am a muslim from my name, but I am not. I was born in a Christian family and Jesus is my LORD. Don't add salt to our injury please. If you want to break Nigeria and go, please do, we Northern Christians will also come together as one and demand for our own country. We have Chibok, Tangale, Tera, Jhar, Sayawa, Kilba, Jukun, Atyap, Kagoro, Jaba, Berom, Ngas and so many tribes that are Christians in the north. Even among the Hausa and Fulani, we have Christians and they are the most persecuted because of the name of JESUS.

Re: I Thought

Bh expects xtians to kill moslims in retaliation, so that there would be commotions and confussion while they raid govt unhindered. Pls dont posts comments like this. I suppose u havent witness any major crisis in ur life.

the massacre is a collective effort

Am postin this comment from mubi where the killin took place as it was in my neighbourhood. The security outfit includin the jtf as of that period and police are aware just as the emir is. It was a collective operation. When this operation was goin on till wen it ended none of them showed up , only for them to try covering the barbaric act which the whole world know can't be covered. However, let the whole nation and the world hear this:
Just as these children re cut short so shall all those who in one way or the other pertook in their death INCLUDING THE EMIR OF MUBI so shall their families be cut short. And for those in govt the oat of office they swore to protect,and serve humanity shall stand to judge them.


This is shocking! But my questions is: Didn't anybody have the JTF's or police numbers. A call to them was all that was needed. Even text message would have been good.

Your story


we shall not overcome! division now!

Hope all southerners in the North will learn from this. Get out while you still can. Leave the North! Has it been worth all the trouble or what kind of life is it to always having to live in perpetual fear? If you're not doing it for yourselves do it pls for your children who are too young to make decisions themselves. You only have this one life, think! The hausa/foolani/gambari half illiterates invited their boko brothers to come and kill the southern students. I have always said that the core/"holely"in the head North is boko and boko is the core "holely" North. Does anyone still have doubt?!


Northern! Northern!! Northern Nigeria!!! What have thou done to yourself. You have decided to cut your nose to spite your face. Your hatred of others and yourself is consuming you. The blood of the innocent victims of all these massacres across the region are crying out for help and justice. A society founded on deceit and the blood of the innocent will never prosper. A society that profess false religious concept is doom to fail even when the think they are winning. A society devoid of all human decency. You cannot build a house on sand and expect it to stand. It is bound to collapse. Northern Nigerians take back your region from these murderers lurking everywhere. Is your lives these worthless? You tell me!

Please, relocate away from these barbarians

I would hoped that some of the Southern governors whould facilitate building a community to relocate Christians from these barbarians' domain and wishfully Muslims will face Muslims. Islam is a shame to humanity.

Did this lecturer not have a

Did this lecturer not have a phone, mobile or otherwise, why did he not call the designated number of the security agencies? May god help us.

Wailing walls of my country

So many tears and blood. The land has finally been defiled! God bless the dead.

These cowards/killers have

These cowards/killers have just tried the face of God. I surely don't think this is the end, No, not the end. God bless and keep Nigeria.

The blood of the innocent crieth for vengeance

To think that the broken record of an "indivisible Nigeria" is still being played by the Arewa oligarchs, while day in day out the bonds of unity are being severed by their action and inaction beats me silly. Will the north of Nigeria ever know peace or make progress? EVER? Like the blood of Abel, the the blood of the innocent shed for no just cause in the north is crying out to God! Vengeance and the wrath of God will not depart from the land accursed with the blood of the innocent. I urge the southern people to seperate themselves from the cursed union and escape the coming wrath that is the just recompense of the wicked north.

I congrtulate this writer for

I congrtulate this writer for been saved by Allah in his infinite mercy and may the soul of those killed rest in peace.May Allah punish those who perpetrated crime against humanity in Mubi, whether they are Boko Haram or fellow students as well as their backers. May Allah punish Boko Haram terrorists and others who committed crimes against humanity in Maiduguri, Yobe, Kaduna, Kano, Niger and other states as well . May Allah punish Jonathan and Jang for ignoring and committing respecteively through Berom terrorists, ethno religious cleansing in Plateau state as well as attempting to create the first concentraion camp for Fulani nomads in Nigeria as well creating large number of internal refugees in Nigeria.

Where are ireporters here?

This is the work of Boko Haram and I am sure those killed are again Christian students, because the earlier report had said their names were calle dout to be slaughtered or shot at. The names and pictures of those students killed must be made public. Nigerian government must stop covering up these atrocities.

Every citizen(15+)in d continent of Nigeria shud be given a gun

Why would a continent like Nigeria not allow the citizens of the countries within it to carry their own guns for self defense purposes?

I suggest that every citizen above 15yrs, male or female, should be thought how to fire a pistol and use an AK47. In that way, they wud be able to fire back in self defense when ever any boko Haram or armed islamic fool comes around. This is how Israel has survided and beautifully checkmated its blood loving arab neighbours. Zero tolerance demands a reaction to every BH's action. Pure and simple.

Therefore, Jona should immediately purchase guns, register them and give at least a gun or two for every citizen in the continent-Nigeria,who is 15+. This is my suggestion and the republic of SS & SE approach to this madness of Islam in d continent.

Long live the Republic of the SS & SE.

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