June 12's Epetedo Declaration '93 : "We Are Fighting To Replace Minority Rule With Majority RuleIn Nigeria"-M.K.O Abiola

Chief M.K.O Abiola
By M.K.O Abiola

People of Nigeria, exactly one year ago, you turned out in your millions to vote for me, Chief M.K.O. Abiola, as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But politicians in uniform, who call themselves soldiers but are more devious than any civilian would want to be, deprived you of your God-given right to be ruled by the President you had yourselves elected.

These soldier-politicians introduced into our body politic, a concept hitherto unknown to our political lexicography, something strangely called the “annulment” of an election perceived by all to have been the fairest, cleanest and most peaceful ever held in our nation.

Since that abominable act of naked political armed robbery occurred, I have been constantly urged by people of goodwill, both in Nigeria and abroad, to put the matter back into the people’s hands and get them to actualise the mandate they gave me at the polls. But mindful of the need to ensure that peace continues to reign in our fragile federation, I have so far tried to pursue sweet reason and negotiation.

My hope has always been to arouse whatever remnants of patriotism are left in the hearts of these thieves of your mandate, and to persuade them that they should not allow their personal desire to rule to usher our beloved country into an era of political instability and economic ruin. All I have sought to do, in seeking dialogue with them, has been to try and get them to realise that only real democracy can move our nation forward towards progress, and earn her the respect she deserves from the international community.

However, although this peaceful approach has exposed me to severe censure by some who have mistaken it for weakness on my part, those with whom I have sought to dialogue have remained like stones, neither stirred to show loyalty to the collective decision of the people of their own country, nor to observe Allah’s injunction that they should exhibit justice and fair-play in all their dealings with their fellowmen.

Appeals to their honour as officers and gentlemen of the gallant Nigerian Armed Forces, have fallen on deaf ears. Instead, they have resorted to the tactics of divide and rule, bribery and political perfidy, misinformation and (vile) propaganda. They arrest everyone who disagrees with them. Even the 71-year old hero of our nation, Chief Anthony Enahoro, was not spared. How much longer can we tolerate all this? People of Nigeria, you are all witnesses that I have tried to climb the highest mountain, cross the deepest river and walk the longest mile, in order to get these men to obey the will of our people.

There is no humiliation I have not endured, no snare that has not been put in my path, no “setup” that has not been designed for me in my endeavour to use the path of peace to enforce the mandate that you bestowed on me one year ago. It has been a long night. But the dawn is here. Today, people of Nigeria, I join you all in saying, “Enough is Enough!” We have endured 24 years of military rule in our 34 years of independence.

Military rule has led to our nation fighting a civil war with itself. Military rule has destabilised our nation today as not before in its history. Military rule has impoverished our people and introduced a dreadful trade in drugs which has made our country’s name an anathema in many parts of the world. Even soccer fans going to watch the Green Eagles display in America are being made to suffer there needlessly because Nigeria’s name is linked with credit card and fraud and “419.” Politically, military rule has torn to shreds the prestige due to our country because of its size and population.

The permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council that should be rightfully ours, is all but lost. For who will vote for Nigeria to get the seat if Nigerian military rulers do not respect the votes of their own people? Enough of military rule. We are sickened to see people who have shown little or no personal achievement, either in building up private businesses, or making success of any tangible thing, being placed in charge of the management of our nation’s economy, by rulers who are not accountable to anyone.

Enough of square pegs in round holes. We are tired of then military repetitive tendency to experiment with our economy: Today, they say “no controls.” Tomorrow; they say “Full controls”. The day after, they say “Fine tuning”.

The next day, they say “Devaluation.” A few days later, they say “Revalue the same naira upwards again Abi?” All we can see are the consequences of this permanent game of military “about turns;” high inflation, a huge budget deficit and an enormous foreign debt repayment burden, dying industries, high unemployment and a demoralised populace.

Our youths, in particular, can see no hope on the horizon, and many can only dream of escaping from our shores to join the brain drain. Is this the Nigeria we want? We are plagued also by periodic balance of payments crises, which have led to a perennial shortage of essential drugs, that has turned our hospitals and clinics into mortuaries.

A scarcity of books and equipment has rendered our schools into desolate deserts of ignorance. Our factories are crying for machinery, spare parts and raw materials. But each day that passes, instead of these economic diseases being cured, they are rather strengthened as an irrational allocation of foreign exchange based on favouritism and corruption becomes the order of the day.

Enough is enough of economic mismanagement! People of Nigeria, during the election campaign last year, I presented you with a programme entitled “HOPE ’93. This programme was aimed precisely at solving these economic (problems) that have demoralised us all. I toured every part of Nigeria to present this programme to you the electorate. I was questioned on it at public rallies and press conferences and I had the privilege of incorporating into it much of the feedback that I obtained from the people.

Because you knew I would not only listen to you but deliver superb results from the programme, you voted for me in your millions and gave me an overwhelming majority over my opponent. To be precise, you gave me 58.4 per cent of the popular vote and a majority in 20 out of 30 states plus the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Not only that, you also enabled me to fulfil the constitutional requirement that the winner should obtain one-third of the votes in two-thirds of the states.

I am sure that when you cast an eye on the moribund state of Nigeria today, you ask yourselves: “What have we done to deserve this, when we have a president- elect who can lead a government that can change things for the better? Our patience has come to an end. As of now, from this moment, a new Government of National Unity is in power throughout the length and breadth of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, led by me, Bashorun M.K.O. Abiola, as President and Commander-in-Chief. The National Assembly is hereby reconvened. All dismissed governors are reinstated.

The State Assemblies are reconstituted, as are all local government councils. I urge them to adopt a bi-partisan approach to all the issues that come before them. At the national level, a bi-partisan approach will be our guiding principle. I call upon the usurper, General Sani Abacha, to announce his resignation forthwith, together with the rest of his illegal ruling council. We are prepared to enter into negotiations with them to work out the mechanics for a smooth transfer of power.

I pledge that if they hand over quietly, they will be retired with all their entitlements, and their positions will be accorded all the respect due to them. For our objective is neither recrimination nor witch-hunting, but an enforcement of the will of the Nigerian people, as expressed in free elections conducted by the duly constituted authority of the time.

I hereby invoke the mandate bestowed upon me by my victory in the said election, to call on all members of the Armed Forces and the Police, the Civil and Public Services throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to obey only the Government of National Unity that is headed by me, your only elected President.

My Government of National Unity is the only legitimate, constituted authority in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as of now. People of Nigeria, these are challenging times in the history of our continent, Africa, and we in Nigeria must not allow ourselves to be left behind. Our struggle is the same as that waged by the people of South Africa, which has been successfully concluded, with the inauguration of Mr. Nelson Mandela as the first African President of that country.

Nelson Mandela fought to replace MINORITY rule with MAJORITY rule. We in Nigeria are also fighting to replace MINORITY rule, for we are ruled by only a tiny section of our armed forces. Like the South Africans, we want MAJORITY rule today, that is rule only by those chosen by all the people of Nigeria as a whole in free and fair elections.

The only difference between South Africa and Nigeria is that those who imposed minority rule on the majority rule whether it is by black or white, remains minority rule, and must be booted out. I call on you, heroic people of Nigeria, to emulate the actions of your brothers and sisters in South Africa and stand up as one person to throw away the yoke of minority rule for ever.

The antics of every minority that oppresses the majority are always the same. They will try to intimidate you with threats of police action. But do not let us fear arrest. In South Africa, so many people were arrested, during the campaign against the Pass Laws, for instance, that the jails could not hold all of them. Today, apartheid is gone forever.

So, let it be with Nigeria. Let us say goodbye forever to minority rule by the military. They talk of treason. But haven’t they heard of the Rivonia treason trial in South Africa? Did those treason trials halt the march of history? People of Nigeria, our time is now. You are the repository of power in the land.

No one can give you power. It is yours. Take it! From this day, show to the world that anyone who takes the people of Nigeria for fools is deceiving himself and will have the people to answer to. God bless you all. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Long live the Government of National Unity.

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get your facts right...

So you saying one man action is to be a yard stick in judging the whole tribe moreover if you think 1993 election is free and fair sit down and think twice Muslim Muslim ticket in a circular nation where we have 43.d% of Christians and you presenting a muslim president and a muslim vice president are we in yemen??...God used IBB to keep this nation on the right path. Abiola thinks he knows it all he has been financing coups but God used his friends against him....He was behind the removal of buhari Idiagbon regime for more info on how abiola financed the coup read about it online....

M.K.O is our man

God will purnish the fools behind the annulment of the most freest and farerest june 12 1993 election. I pray nigerian would be united again to withness such an election. Remember God can use the so-called fools to confound the wise. So watch ur mouth.

undergroundmu undergroundmu

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We really need to stop swallowing things hookline and sinker

Before you make any comments about nigeria politics, go through the basis and follow the history. You just don't condemn because a lot of people are programmed. If you cannot be sincere with yourself, you can never say the truth.

heart broken

My eyes r filled wit tears as i read thru dis it shows dat tins hav realy fallen apart . wel only God has de final say for 4 dis our beloved country


If not Abiola, those kaki thief thief boys may not have taken forever decisions of handing over power to civilian rule. Check Abiola speeches, it was packed with facts of intimidation s. Because he knows them in and out. The time corruption will come to an end in this country, it will take the same course. 1 fearless man will just wake up and sweep all these idiots away. You do not need to believe it, it will happen. I salute your courage. And we youth of this noble country will ever remember your impact on democratic governance. Long live your soul Abiola.

Him run go london

Why de man don run go london? Na london wey vote am in? wetin? I run I no fit go london, him go stay there. Na wah oo

May Almighty allah forgive him in any what he did before he gone

May Almighty allah forgive him in any what he did before he gone


You must be a really fool and ignorant to think that Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida belongs to the HAUSA FULANI CLAN, He claimed to be a NUPE man but majority believed he haila from Ogbomosho but lived all his life in Minna, a Nupe town. it is good for you people to educate yourselves, even if you grossly hate hausa/Fulani you must show sense of education and if you lack education please go to school. this is a world wide forum no ignorant sentiment here please


What Yorubas have is NOT lily liver, Yorubas think deeply before reacting for even Abiola is NOT as clean as snow. Ibos refused to use their senses they led their people into a senseless war and got their flying wing crippled. Hausa claimed to be tough and germinated bloodthirsty cults of Maitatsina and Boko haram and could boast of no single development in thier part. Yorubas are using a God-giving sense which some idiot called lily liver, yet after June 12 issue the center stage was left for Yorubas (in Obasanjo and Falae) so much so that which ever party won it must be a Yoruba ---- then for good eight years Obasanjo, a Yoruba reign for 8 years, yet those who have iron liver never reign even for once but got themselves decimated in millions trying to prove their iron hearts. PITY

Fe.muwe. o anoda APC mumu

Fe.muwe. o--u said life was better over 20 years ago- is Nigeria not depending on the oil resources of the south south again-have rents in your fathers house if any remined the same-how old were u over 20yrs ago-did we have cell phone--mobile phones in our homes-see how these APC people think-all they yearn for is the removal of jonathan-for tinubu and buhari--call for national confab-- or resource control-na lie!


Indeed, a bold speech but MKO did not reckon with the lily liver of the average Yoruba man. Had they taken the initiative, the whole of the country would have joined them to reclaim this mandate.

Alas, MKO became the classical tragic hero. His business empire was destroyed so was his nuclear family. Pity.

June 12 needs to be

June 12 needs to be addressed, no story. We are hunted by MKO's blood. He was wasted for our sake. GEJ, please address this issue.

Abiola, my Hero

You would continue to be my HERO.. We love you and can never forget you. I can never forget that Epetedo declaration. I tell my children how privileged i was, working for you. Great Son of Nigeria, Great Son of Africa. June 12, a day Nigeria spoke with one voice, in respective of tribe and tongue, in brotherhood, we stood. I pray i would be able to witness another election like June 12 in my life time. Bashorun of the Universe, Rest in Peace.

Evil fool-ani Babangida

fool-ani Babangida annulled the presidential election, the fairest presidential election ever held and won hands down by Mr. Abiola. The Yorubas should abhor Hausa/fool-anis, align with SS/SE and make sure that Hausa/fool-anis pay for the demise and abuse of Cheif Abiola.

Whither are those that annul 1993 election ?????

Most universities students in Nigeria lost a full session as a result of the support accorded M.K.O. Abiola to reclaim his mandate, an Industrial Relations and Personnel Management friend of mine at Unilag was even fired in the protest.

Nigeria(n) has plenty to learn from our past, but we have only feign ignorant.

The last sentence of Paragraph 4 will continue to be a mirage except we change from our old ways and hearken to the voice of wisdom to make Nigeria great/giant again.

Life was much better in 1993

Life was much better for the masses 20 years ago. Sorry for the youths, but your lives have been robbed by IBB, ING, Abacha, Abdusalami and PDP.

Abio.la was a martyr for democracy. Sun-un re, o, Bas.o.run of the People! The struggle continues in your name.

yourabs should be bold enough to ask 4 d break up of 9ja

This same former president had his men who were elected as national officers of the party removed from offices via judicial pronouncements. Worse still, the structure of the PDP in Obasanjo’s own state was given to somebody whose sphere of influence, if any, does not transcend the borders of Ogun State. “The PDP has bungled a golden chance to have its crisis resolved amicably. The same Obasanjo that they have thought inconsequential is the same person that northern leaders have embraced and are working with now. “My brother, keep your fingers crossed. We shall all live to witness what will happen politically in the next couple of months. It will be clear to all if Obasanjo is still relevant in this country or not. “If you have the benefit of knowing the quality and quantum of northern leaders who are behind this new Initiative, apart from the ones you have mentioned yourself, you will be left in no doubt that it is where power will reside in 2015,”

Was Buhari not with Abacha when Abiola was arrested?

Yes oooh MKO, none of the traitors stood up to answer your call-to national duty on June 12! Even refused to allow us fight for our rights to our God given resources in the SS-Rather than do that, the vultures introduced Boko haram from Tofa and buhari village to chase GEJ out of aso rock! D political vampires who betrayed u are hob-hobnobbing with Buhari-and have like you said, (resorted to the tactics of divide and rule, bribery and political perfidy, misinformation and (vile) propaganda against Jonathan.) Refused to vote in late Gani after your left us for the great beyond-Instead they went for OBJ-And now the head of the killer squad-Buhari that used money meant for the repair of our roads-in PTF to settle Al Mustapha to kill your wife Kudirat Abiola-is d head of APC! The Buhari who was eating tuwo with Abacha when he detained u is d flag bearer of tinubus party APC-Now Yoruba nation beckons on us to vote 4 Buhari in 2015-Madness!


" ... something strangely called the “annulment” of an election perceived by all to have been the fairest, cleanest and most peaceful ever held in our nation. ..."

Strangely the person responsible for this and for the death of Abiola is living and enjoying his plunder from the collective resources of Nigerians.

He comes from the minority Hausa-Fulani hyenas, who have gotten used to acting with impunity. They have the reputation of acting like sacred cows and untouchables and have gotten away with all kinds of crimes against Nigeria.

The question is - Is there no alternative or will Nigeria continue with this business as usual attitude.

We excisionists believe that the cancer should be removed in order for Nigeria to survive and move forward.

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