Letter To Nigerians: Air Nigeria Is Buried Today As Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) Expires By John Nnorom

L-R: John Nnorom, Kinfe Kahssaye and Jimoh Ibrahim
By John Nnorom

Fellow Nigerians: Today, the AOC- Aircraft Operating Certificate of Air Nigeria will expire. This brings to an end the legal, operational and technical operations of Air Nigeria. Today, is the burial ceremony of the second Airline that Bar Jimoh Ibrahim killed in Nigeia after using the Airline to borrow massively from the banking Industry. The first airline called EAS was acquired by Bar Jimoh Ibrahim and after using it to obtain various amount of loan from the banking industry, which was diverted; Jimoh shut the operations of the Airline.

Air Nigeria is the second Airline used to obtain billions of Naira loan from Bank of Industry, used to obtain millions of dollar loan from Afrexim Bank, used to  collect various loans in the name of Air Nigeria from Energy Bank of Ghana and from Air Nigeria he took Billions out of the sales proceed. This is Bar Jimoh Ibrahim stock in trade. To achieve this billions of monumental fraud, I was persecuted, 790 Air Nigeria  staff were sacked on the pages of Newspapers, the remaining Executive Directors namely Dorcas, Hakeem, Richard and kinfe, the CEO  were forced to resigned and many mysterious death like Dafe Onojovwo, the Chairman of National Mirror Editorial Board;  Miss onyeka okeke  etc occurred within the Nicon Group.
For Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, to have committed all these crimes and still be walking around the land of Nigeria with Police escort, I do not want to believe that Jimoh  is above the law of Nigeria. “Jimoh ibrahim may fabricate lies, twist the facts and influence the press as a publisher but the truth will always prevail, no matter how long it takes”.
Last week the ODC, which allowed Bar Jimoh Ibrahim access to certain areas of the Airport was withdrawn. It was a gallant fight by some Nigerians, who said to him, you are no longer allowed to use this ODC since the Airline Air Nigeria has been grounded. The normal Jimoh Ibrahim fought them for 4 hours but those staff, who were mainly Ex-Air Nigeria staff working in other units of the Airport disgraced and defeated Jimoh Ibrahim. They insisted and collected the ODC, HANGED IN HIS NECK. This shows that Bar Jimoh Ibrahim is not invincible.
Again yesterday, the staff of FAAN stopped Jimoh Ibrahim from removing the computers in all AIR Nigeria office and parked them away because of the huge debt owed them by Air Nigeria. Bar JIMOH Ibrahim had gone to the AIRPORT to remove those items but FAAN gallant staff resisted him and walked him out of Air Nigeria offices. For those that Jimoh owes, do not follow Air Nigeria staff example of going to court, collect your money from his property scattered everywhere, Jimoh Ibrahim is now a toothless bull dog. I told him that God will fight this battle for me but Jimoh Ibrahim said that the God of redeem cannot stop him. In the spiritual realm, Bar jimoh ibrahim is finished.
The Federal Government should prosecute all aviation intervention fund thieves who diverted the bank of industry loan to other private business and collapsed the airline, just the way that oil subsidy thieves are being tried. The Federal Government various intervention fund should not be treated as the sharing of the national cake. This cheap loan given between 1% to 7% interest rate was not utilized for the purpose that it was created. For Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, it was a cheap loan, which he diverted into his other businesses and closed the airline. Federal Government should prosecute the criminals. This prosecution will stop Nigerians from fraudulent misapplication of Federal Government intervention funds into other ventures.
The case of Air Nigeria, where Bar Jimoh Ibrahim diverted N47.5billion or $317million, persecuted me so as to stop me from whistle blowing this crime, sacked all air Nigeria staff to frustrate investigations, lost nine aircraft to lessors and diverted N6billion pension fund contributed by staff, forged tax certificate of expatriates and was charged to court for tax evasion of N6Billion is a very good example to test the Federal GOVERNMENT WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION.
Air Nigeria took loan of N35.5Billion from Federal Government Aviation industry intervention fund, guaranteed by United Bank for Africa, funded by Bank of Industry, diverted by Bar Jimoh Ibrahim into Nicon Investment Ltd.  Secondly, Air Nigeria took Afrixim loan of $40million and it was diverted into the acquisition of Energy Bank of Ghana. Finally, I attached a schedule of money withdrawal out of Air Nigeria sales proceeds of N6Billion diverted to Nicon Investment Ltd; a family company owned 100% by Bar Jimoh Ibrahim. This is fraud incorporated by one man while many are suffering. Having diverted all these loans amounting to $317million or N47.5Billion into his Family Company, Bar Jimoh Ibrahim announced suspension of Air Nigeria operations for the next twelve months when he is aware that the AOC of the Airline will expire within 60days and today is the last day of Air Nigeria, the burial ceremony as the AOC expires today and the air shall be out of operational existence.
Fellow Nigerians, this is unacceptable to us, the civil war concept of dog eat dog by Bar Jimoh Ibrahm is over, we run a democracy. This is our tax payers’ money, our oil money and this Government must give us account of how one man can be allowed to pocket such huge sum of money by criminally prosecuting Bar Jimoh Ibrahim under the Federal Government aviation intervention fund thieves. Bar Jimoh Ibrahim must return these loans taken in the name of Air Nigeria amounting to N47.5Billion or $317million, Federal Government should recall back all sacked air Nigeria staff and ask Bar Jimoh Ibrahim to resign as the Chairman of the company. We plead for Federal Government intervention towards the recovery of our wealth stolen from Bar Jimoh Ibrahim.
In other to ensure that this money which Bar Jimoh Ibrahim used to acquire properties in Dubai, Energy Bank of Ghana, Energy Bank of Sao Tome, University of Sao Tome, Newswatch magazine, National Mirror Newspaper, was never recovered, he persecuted me on false allegation of fraud/Criminal conversion. I THANK GOD, I HAVE BEEN DISCHARGED AND ACQUITTED FROM THAT CRIMINAL ALLEGATION by the instructions of our adorable Inspector General of Police, who sent a special squad from Abuja that investigated the false allegation, found me innocent and withdrew  the case file. I thank President Jonathan for appointing Abubakar, a great man of high integrity as the Inspector General of Police.
How long shall we cry for Federal Government intervention, many have been murdered by Bar Jimoh Ibrahim in the course of this struggles. How long shall we suffer this travail for defending our nation with our own resources, many sacked air Nigeria staff are dying, our tears are dried up and we plead for Federal Govt intervention. How can this WICKEDNESS be explained to GOD, that Nigerians who worked in this establishment for the past 20years were all sacked on the pages of newspapers, thrown to the street without their pension contribution.
Where is the power of protection by the government for the weak Nigerians? One crook called Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, stole the company money, the various security agencies allowed him a free man and over 1000 professionals are languishing. What do we call this type of man wicked injustices to his fellow man. The Air Nigeria 1000 professionals have children to train at school, family to feed, old mother, old father, many dependents etc. Please, fellow Nigerians can you people imagine the agony of telling, your children, there is no money for food today, God have mercy.  
Jimoh Ibrahim should be tried for several criminal acts in Nigeria which includes withholding tax evasion of N6Billion by FIRS, pension fund fraud of N9Billion as all Air Nigeria staff sacked by him cannot access one kobo from the pension company, since Jimoh Ibrahim did not remit money deducted from staff salary, PAYE deducted from staff salary amounting to N2Billion not remitted.
Fellow Nigerians, I wish to inform you, that the bank of industry loan of N35.5Billion was only repaid for five months and for the past six months, the outstanding repayment of N1.5Billion has not been paid to United Bank for Africa and today UBA is battling this issue with AMCON. Air Nigeria staff who were sacked on the pages of newspapers were being owed salary arrears of five months amounting to N1Billion, lessors have taken away seven aircraft and recently impounded two aircraft outside Nigeria in Shannon engine support workshop, where the aircraft has been hanging for the past two years for repairs due to lack of fund. Out of eleven Aircraft, Air Nigeria has only two Aircraft today without engineers, which can be seen at the local wing of the airport.
In addition, to all these criminal acts, there have been a lot of mysterious death within the Global fleet and we shall be compelled by the provisions of the International Law on extra-Judicial murder to seek for the trial of Jimoh Ibrahim outside the shore of this nation if the various security agencies do not take any action against Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, who says, I am above the law in Nigeria. I detail below the above claims.
 I THANK GOD, I HAVE BEEN DISCHARGED and all who supported our fight to save more than 100 souls from Air Nigeria Flying Coffin. I want you to know that averting the imminent plane crash was an assignment of life and death, which we all survived, except the late Mr. Dafe Onojovwo, the Chairman of National Mirror Editorial Board; a company owned 100% by Jimoh Ibrahim. Late Dafe objection to Jimoh Ibrahim, the Publisher and his refusal to endorse the continuous persecution of the undersigned on the pages of national mirror, explained why Jimoh Ibrahim murdered Dafe but claimed that Dafe committed suicide.
Today history is made and God has remembered your great sacrifices particularly those, who encourage me to speak out the truth and take the bull by the horns without fear to publish this truth.  I repeat those words that encourage me  ”Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized, in the first, it is ridiculed, in the second, it is opposed, in the third, it is regarded as self-evident, Arthur Schopenhauer “
I thank those, who said to me, John regardless of your travail and persecution, this truth must be told to the world, particularly these words  To all Air Nigeria staff that gave me regular information after my resignation, I say a big thank you for saving souls. We may have suffered untold hardship from the fraudster of the century, Bar Jimoh Ibrahim but history and posterity will remember you for the unknown souls that were saved from Air Nigeria flying coffin.
On the 2nd day of April, 2012, I wrote a mail from my heart stating that Air Nigeria is a Flying Coffin. At that time, I was highly disturbed and my heart refuses to be satisfied, for a voice within me, was compelling me to speak out this agony despite the red blood eyes of Jimoh Ibrahim. That inner voice in me would not grant me, any little rest and kept on pushing me to cry out my pains even if the whole world would turn against me, insisting that souls must be saved from imminent plane crash. My soul, my mind, my body, my spirit refuses to be satisfied and were all in sorrowful mood. When I could not resist this travails that Jimoh Ibrahim has turned the airline to death trap, I started talking against all odds.
Honesty, I have never experience this type of urge in my spirit, of truth every day, I dreamt of horrible plane crash. I started falling sick from the horrible dreams of bloods. The Air Nigeria staff, who worked directly with me, can testify of my regular sickness days before I resigned.
From the daily office activities and engineer report, it was very clear; plane crash was just a matter of time. It was at this point, that, I resigned my job with Air Nigeria and in my letter of resignation; I stated that Air Nigeria was in serious financial crisis, which will compromise safety. I know the monster Jimoh Ibrahim will persecute me, so on 2nd April, 2012, I wrote the famous mail to John Ludden of Gecas that,” I prefer to die as a martyr than to remain in Air Nigeria as Executive Director Finance, when our nation will lose over 100 souls in plane crash”. Today, I declassify this mail, it can be published by any of the recipient.
The problem of Air Nigeria is that Jimoh Ibrahim with 46.5% fraudulent shareholdings diverted the loan of N35.5Billion granted by Bank of Industry to Air Nigeria into Nicon Investment Ltd, a company owned 100% by Jimoh Ibrahim and safety was compromised. The repayment period of the Bank of Industry loan is fifteen years instead of UBA repayment period of five years. The implication of a longer repayment period of this facility is excess cash of N6Billion per annum available to run the airline, which Bar Jimoh Ibrahim stole from Air Nigeria.
I hereby declassified the document showing his fraudulent withdrawal over the last two years. This withdrawal is criminal and Nigeria government should take the necessary action, to recover the money or the company acquired with this money, save jobs and stop Jimoh Ibrahim from disgracing Nigeria internationally by removing the name NIGERIA from Air Nigeria.
Again Afrixim loan granted for general purposes to Air Nigeria amounting to $40illion was diverted into the acquisition of Energy Bank of Ghana. Energy Bank of Ghana, belongs to Air Nigeria not Bar Jimoh Ibrahim and by extension to Federal Government. The government of Ghana should know the real owner of Energy Bank of Ghana. Bar Jimoh Ibrahim fraudulent shareholdings in Air Nigeria is 46.5% and therefore he is not a majority shareholder of Air Nigeria even with his fraudulent holdings and this bank should be returned to Nigeria Government. Finally, Bar Jimoh Ibrahim is still borrowing money from Energy Bank of Ghana in the name of Air Nigeria, despite the fact, that Air Nigeria is out of operational existence in Nigeria. I plead to the Governor of Central Bank of Ghana to investigate the loan profile of Bar Jmoh Ibrahim group of companies with the bank. The corporate undertaker called Bar Jimoh Ibrahim is gradually destroying the bank and at this rate, if not stopped by the Ghana authority, in six months’ time, the bank will go down. When in the month of june, 2012 at the floor of Nigeria senate, I told the world that, Air Nigeria will go down due to financial crisis, today it has come to pass.  Please, let us stop the Nigeria acclaimed corporate virus (News Magazine of Oct 2012,) from destroying Energy Bank of Ghana. Jimoh Ibrahim is the only debtor billionaire owing N28Billion blacklisted by Central Bank of Nigeria of which the amount of N17Billion has been taken over by AMCON. He is number 16 on the list and has been barred from accessing credit in Nigeria.  I plead for all banks in dubai, united kingdom, united states of America, Ghana, sao tome and Canada to note this and take necessary action.
Many mysterious deaths have occurred within the global group. Jimoh Ibrahim is a ritualistic personality. I have experienced various ups and down of life but the turbulent attack of jimoh Ibrahim from the press, the police, assassins, juju priest, armed ladies etc is the hardest.
The auditor of Nicon Insurance Plc, was assassinated few months after Jimoh Ibrahim took over the company. To date nobody asked the question what happened? At the time this staff was invited to a meeting to see Jimoh, people were aware. On his way home, he was killed by Jimoh hired assassins. His offence was that he blocked all avenues through which Jimoh wanted to siphon money out of the company. Immediately, this staff was killed, Jimoh started transferring money out of the company. Even, the 30% shares being controlled by Federal Government, for which Nigerians were appointed to represent Federal Government in the board, could not do anything as minority shareholders. To date no board meeting has ever been held in Nicon Insurance Plc.
The latest is the mysterious death was Late Dafe  onojovwo in the months  of June, 2012.  We were told that Late Dafe Onojovwo from Edo State, committed suicide but we all know that he was murdered. Late Dafe, was the Chairman of National Mirror Editorial Board. National mirror is owned 100% by Jimoh Ibrahim and he is the Publisher. Late Dafe Onojovwo had heated argument with Jimoh Ibrahim several times over using the newspaper for blackmailing innocent professionals. He threatened to resign his job but Jimoh Ibrahim, seriously threatened him. Late Dafe Onojovwo was not happy on the destruction of his profession by diminished men like Jimoh, who became publisher because he borrowed money to acquire the newspaper.  He lost his life in the struggle.
The most pathetic story was the murder of late Miss Onyeka Okeke, a staff of Global Fleet. When Jimoh saw her beauty for the first time, he immediately promised to marry her; posted her to his office, with regular gift, cash, foreign trips etc she became his mistress. The late Onyeka worked last in Global Fleet Oil and Gas in Lagos and was lodged by Jimoh  at Bluehotel in VGC.  In the passage of time, she became pregnant and when she refused to abort the baby, Jimoh Killed Late Miss onyeka with an abortion concoction that she was forced to drink at night. While battling for survival, Bar Jimoh Ibrahim used the pillow on her bed to suffocate her. Poor girl from poor family, she has no body to fight for her. Let the human right group fighting on the abuse of woman right support our struggles to uncover this death.
The list of mysterious death is too long for me to write about. I have mentioned these three incidents for which the relatives are alive to provide more information. I plead to the various authorities to help us; this is the height of man injustices to his fellow human beings. This to me is an abuse of human right and nobody has the right to kill another person. I appeal to the Inspector-General of Police to raise a special squad under his office that will investigate these murders.  I also appeal to United Nation to help us in Nigeria fight against the abuse of human rights by the billionaire debtor like Jimoh Ibrahim.
With four sets of assassins sent after me, I petitioned the Inspector-General of Police. However, between April and June 2012, I suffered media blackmail backed with compromised security blackmail based on false allegation and garnished with legal intimidation. Within this period, I found myself standing between the hell and hell fire with a small window to exit. Exiting from this small window was a matter of life and death with deadly persecution. I exited by the Finger of God. Jimoh Ibrahim is a one-chance bus, if you join him, you must suffer and this brutal truth must be told to the world.
The zeal, effrontery, determination, courage, boldness, to fight this battle against the greatest fraudster of the century was a divine intervention, while praying on the atrocities of Jimoh Ibrahim, the NIGERIAN RECO-BILLIONAIRE. It is indeed based on my practical experience working with Jimoh Ibrahim, who said to me that God cannot stop him from eliminating ME in this earth.  Today, my respond to this victory is “THIS IS THE FINGER OF GOD.”
What do we call Jimoh Ibrahim, a man that says I am above the law of Nigeria? A blood thirsty monster, who wants to sacrifices over 100 souls to his gods in an Air Nigeria Plane crash, so as to become the next Executive Governor of Ondo State.  A murderer who paid assassins to eliminate me at all cost. I am alive today by the mercies of God and my victory over this travail should encourage all air Nigeria sacked staff, to continue to fast, pray and fight for GOD INSTANT judgment on JIMOH IBRAHIM.
Today, the truth has set me free; Air Nigeria (flying coffin) was grounded by Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority. The airline lost nine  aircraft to lessors due to non-payment of lease rentals, Lufthansa Techniques suspended the Airline due to lack of respect for agreed obligations, IATA suspended the Airline due to excess debts and Souls were saved. Finally the Inspector-General of Police sent a special Police squad that investigated the allegation fraud against me and found me innocent. Case file withdrawn and trial closed. This modern day Adolf Hitler called Bar Jimoh Ibrahim has fallen.
God will remember this struggle on the last day that Jimoh Ibrahim came into aviation industry diverted N47.5Billion, persecuted me, sacked 1000 Air Nigeria Staff without salary, suspended Air Nigeria operations and ran away with our oil wealth. This is not possible for I know where the billions are hidden. Bar Jimoh Ibrahim, must bring back our Tax payers’ money to Air Nigeria.
E-Mail: john.nnorom@gmail.com
TEL: 08033064519, 07068021111
10/11/2010    2,880,000,000.00    Transfer of $18M to Energy Bank of Ghana from $40M inflow from Afexim
12/2/2010    300,000,000.00    Transfer to Nicon Investment
6/12/2010    12,000,000.00    Shortfall on N200M transfer NICON INSURANCE on N170 transfer from Nicon Luxury
12/8/2010    18,000,000.00    Shortfall on N200M transfer NICON INSURANCE on N170 transfer from Nicon Luxury
12/17/2010    400,000,000.00    Transfer to Nicon Investment
1/7/2011    400,000,000.00    Transfer to Nicon Investment
1/11/2011    6,000,000.00    Shortfall on N156M fxhase for the transfer of $1M to GMD account
1/24/2011    13,500,000.00    Transfer to Bode Olajumoke
1/31/2011    150,000,000.00    Transfer to Ecobank Project account
2/10/2011    400,000,000.00    Transfer to Nicon Investment
3/8/2011    300,000,000.00    Transfer to Ecobank Project account from UBA NGN Disbursement
4/27/2011    300,000,000.00    Transfer to NICON Investment-(N250M from UBA and N50M from Ecobank)
7/19/2011    8,000,000.00    JOEMEG VIKIPECUO
7/20/2011    7,000,000.00    Transfer to Francis Adeghe
7/20/2011    10,000,000.00    Transfer to Oborlondon Oil and gas  Nig
7/21/2011    8,000,000.00    tahib int'l NIGERIA LTD
8/2/2011    300,000,000.00    Transfer to NICON Investment
22/08/2011    300,000,000.00    Transfer to NICON Investment
10/10/2011    100,000,000.00    Transfer to National Mirror
16/11/2011    100,000,000.00    Transfer to NICON Investment
TOTAL    6,012,500,000.00    
------Original Message------
To: Ludden, John B (GECAS)
Cc: Galante Fabrizio
Cc: Gary Eakins
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Cc: V.Mensah@shell.com
Cc: Melodie Zotachi
Cc: Flight Operations
Sent: Apr 2, 2012 1:56 AM
Dear John, please celebrate my exit from Air Nigeria. Do not be sorry. All the issues, we agreed to execute in dubai to move our relationship forward have been thrown overboard. The chairman is diverting your money into his Nicon investment Ltd, company account. I sent you this mail, so that the chairman can release, these monies back to Air Nigeria.  We cannot pay common staff salaries. Kinfe and I, cannot keep telling you people lies on the state of Air Nigeria financial crisis. Kinfe and I, go begging every time for release of money to pay the  lease rentals. We do not have money to maintain your aircraft and safety is compromised. The life of Nigerians, who fly Air Nigeria  are put at high risk. If the chairman refused to bring back the billions of naira that, he took out of Air Nigeria, in the next 3months, we shall be out of operational existence. Please, rejoice at my exit because my soul is freed from this bondage. I prefer to die than to be part of Air Nigeria, when the plane will crash. John Nnorom Executive Director Finance, Air Nigeria
------Original Message------
From: Ludden, John B (GECAS)
To: Dr. John Nnorom
Sent: Apr 1, 2012 5:22 PM
John: I'm very sorry to learn of your resignation from Air Nigeria. It
was a real pleasure to have met you in person in Dubai last week and I
was looking forward to working with you going forward at Air Nigeria. I
wish you all the very best in the future.
Kind Regards,
-----Original Message-----
From: John Nnorom [mailto:john.nnorom@myairnigeria.com]
Sent: 01 April 2012 20:12
To: HR Administration
Cc: Flight Operations; Flight Operations Staff; Hakeem O Oyawoye; Henry
VNExecutives; Fitzpatrick, Michael P (GECAS); INTERNATIONAL ROLLOUT;
Vincent Adegun; Fola Osibo; Ernest Onwubu; promise oguibe; Procurements
Dept; Facilities Dept; IT_SERVICE DESK; Francis Okenwa; Guillaume elame;
Daniel Asare; David Burnham; james ominyi; Chris Kwasau; iseyemi
anthony; Adekunle Temetan; Legal Dept; Ludden, John B (GECAS); Shane
O'Connell; Akeem Babatunde; Customer Relations
Dear all,
I just want to inform you that I have resigned, my appointment with Air
Nigeria. Please, find attached the letter of resignation. I wish you all
the best.
Kind Regards,
John Nnorom
Executive Director Finance
Air Nigeria Development Ltd
159/160 Broad street,
CGU: 08086114415
Mobile: 07068021111
visit www.myairnigeria.com
Very Nigerian
------Original Message------
From: Kinfe Kahssaye
To: Dr. John Nnorom
Sent: Apr 1, 2012 9:52 PM
I accept your resignation but there was no reason to copy all this people specially the leasing companies on your letter of resignation. You have been telling me that  you have been sent by God to Air Nigeria(in which you were telling me you are  fighting  fraud to move the company forward). It is my hope that you will keep your covenant with God and you will make your disengagement from Air Nigeria peaceful and honorable by making sure that the USD100K remaining with the company you introduced to Air Nigeria returns the money by tomorrow. If that is not going to happen tomorrow,I have no option but to tell the God that brought me to serve this land(where I buried my beloved son) to judge between you and me and  to force you to return the money.
----- Original Message -----
From: John Nnorom
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2012 05:12 PM
To: HR Administration
Cc: Flight Operations; Flight Operations Staff; Hakeem O Oyawoye; Henry A Zebere; HEAD - COMMERCIAL AND OPERATIONS <acpwwm.hco@gmail.com>; VNA AIRPORT MANAGER; VNExecutives; Fitzpatrick, Michael P (GECAS) <michael.fitzpatrick@gecas.com>; INTERNATIONAL ROLLOUT; Vincent Adegun; Fola Osibo; Ernest Onwubu; promise oguibe; Procurements Dept; Facilities Dept; IT_SERVICE DESK; Francis Okenwa; Guillaume elame; Daniel Asare; David Burnham; james ominyi; Chris Kwasau; iseyemi anthony <iseyemi_anthony@yahoo.com>; Adekunle Temetan; Legal Dept; Ludden, John B (GECAS) <John.Ludden@gecas.com>; Shane O'Connell <Shane.OConnell@aersale.com>; Akeem Babatunde; Customer Relations
Dear all,
I just want to inform you that I have resigned, my appointment with Air Nigeria. Please, find attached the letter of resignation. I wish you all the best.
Kind Regards,
John Nnorom
Executive Director Finance
Air Nigeria Development Ltd
159/160 Broad street,
CGU: 08086114415
Mobile: 07068021111

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you are correct

Frankly, I am able to understand your pain in creating and maintaining such a simple yet informative blog of yours.


You are wrong. The blow the whistle while they are there. Some leave and some stay until they start feeling the pressure (like Mr. Nnorom) then they leave.

Jimoh Rambo the armed robber

Everything this Jimoh touches dies. The spirit of all the people you sacked without payingthem salaries for months will judge you. Ole oloriburuku. Omo ale onijibiti.

Lagos seals Nicon Hotels over tax evasion

The Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) has sealed Nicon Hotels Limited, Lekki, Lagos, for allegedly failing to remit taxes amounting to N14.4 million to the state government.
The Head of Distrain Unit of LIRS, Mrs. Folasade Coker-Afolayan, told the News Agency of Nigeria, on Thursday in Lagos, that the debt had accrued since 2010.
Coker-Afolayan said the amount was the workers’ income tax, which the management failed to remit to the state government.
“We decided to seal Nicon Hotel because it owed the Lagos State Government N14.4 million. The amount is the workers’ income tax for 2010.
“The hotel will not be reopened for business until the tax liability is remitted,” she said.

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this man should be applauded

this man should be applauded not ridiculed by your like. We need more people like this in naija and it will become better. Just like anyone else he wanted a job and he got it, found lots of corruption and he is now exposing the thieving owner. Its people like you that keep nigeria backwards. How can he expose the company why he was still an executive? The best whistle blowers around the world do it when they leave, its just common sense, stupid.

Re: Letters or Tone of the document

Abegi, leave grammar for oyibo. We are Naijirians and simple and coreect English is enough. May be John & Kinfe were trying to make it simple for ordinary laymen like U to read clearly. The bottom line is: there is a fraud! No need of complex English. Its just unfortunate dat Boko haram, egbesu and Militants wnt just take these bulls by the horn and forget dem inside gun powder. *mtchew* Clueless nation and its leaders.........*eyesrolling*

Air Nigeria

@Anonymous above : you are right ! Why is John Nnorom spilling now? Why not when he was a staff and all these were going on?
Answer: he was a part of everything and now spilling like a parrot now after he has been sidetracked !

Air Nigeria still owes a lot

This man that does not have the fear of God. He is owing our company over £68,000 (N18,000,000). We could never reach him and only for him to send his staff to approach us to see if he could move all items from our warehouse to his house in London and negotiate payment later. He can not be trusted and I advice if everyone we owes can come together and take him down and let the UK government and Nigeria government confiscate all his properties to pay all those he owe. This is the best way to deal with this man.

God save Nigeria!my prayer is

God save Nigeria!my prayer is that our leaders will not ground this nation like air nigeria was grounded. amin!

Jimoh this, jimoh that

All these allegations only one man, na wa oh. Oga Jimoh please come and defend yourself because in Nigeria the first person to blow the whistle is always hailed as the truthful innocent one.Or are you really guilty?

Unfortunate Aviation Fraud / Scams

With all these evidence, many of us are greedy, heartless, individualistic, and egocentric which is poisonous to livelihood and development of our societies all around Africa as a whole in particular Nigeria. Cleaning of our societies depends on us but nobody else.

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you should be ashamed of your kind of sister

You should be ashamed of your kind of sister who did not see a single man in the whole of Nigeria, but prefered a married muslim because he is rich.





Jeff, is John Nnorom a fool

Jeff, is John Nnorom a fool and traitor because he whistle-blowed of Air Nigeria and jimoh Ibrahim or because he was a staff of the company and ought to have kept quiet? Do you suppose that Jimoh is right and lawful is his acts as exposed here? Remember that once a staff is hurt and he feels unjustly maligned, what is left for him is to fight back and if he decides to do so, he fights dirty. There is an African proverb which says dont touch the lions tail even when it seems dead. jimoh obviously hurt John but he was oblivious of the fact that the same man he was maligning may have facts that could destroy him. That is what you have here. My advice: Unles you are on Jimoh's payroll, then you have no reason to abuse John because you are not in his shoes.

Tunde, you said John Nnorom

Tunde, you said John Nnorom is a fool? Is it the message you dont agree with or the messenger?

Jimoh must tell us how safe was killed

You killed dafe the chairman of national mirror editorial board, unless you do not come to delta or edo state, we must revenge. The blood of dare and his spirit must follow you to your grave. We go tell you say, dafe na proper edo boy.

Nigerians should stone jimoh ibrahim to death

Jimoh has stolen too much money from federal government. He has killed many people. Nigerians should stone him to death period. I pass a death sentence on jimoh ibrahim. 790 staff with the director can be wrong. Which kind country Nigeria be for such a criminal to walk around free. If jimoh Is a man come to Niger delta.

Jimoh is satanic

Jimoh ibrahim told me that I am a lawyer and can accuse you of anything until the world stone you to death. The Satan is known for lies. Jimoh is the son of Satan. Let him continue to lie against 1000 staff of air Nigeria until he enters the he'll fire

Aljazeera confirmed my brother is a thief

Jimoh ibrahim is my half brother. He has been a thief from childhood.I watched John Nnorom speak with aljazeera, sky tv, fox , sit, nta and have read all his publication in saharareporters. Nigerians should protect this God sent man called John Nnorom. We know our brother ibrahim jimoh is a thief and a very wicked man that nobody can touch in Nigeria. Indo know from where this John got his courage to fight the deadly feared araba of ondo state.

John predicted these events

Six months ago, John Nnorom said that jimoh ibrahim stole 6billion, diverted 35.5billion intervention fund and use the money to acquire known properties all over the world. Two months ago 790 staff of air nigeria confirmed what John Nnorom said. A month ago, the CEO Kinfe resigned and said jimoh ibrahim stole 47.5billion that grounded the airline operations. Dear jeff, can all these people be liars, what of central bank of nigeria that blacklisted jimoh ibrahim. Is our able cbn governor, also a liar? Uba has gone to amcon to takeover jimoh ibrahim debt, is Uba also a liar?

Jimoh the killer

Jimoh has been killing people because he is above the law under the cover of obj. Fg should negotiate with obasanjo, so that jimoh ibrahim can be prosecuted. I thank John for his courage to fight a well known murderer.

When John Nnorom went to the

When John Nnorom went to the senate to expose jimoh ibrahim and said that the airline was in financial distress, he was persecuted. He said, we cannot even pay salaries, it came to pass months later, John said we cannot pay lease rental, it came to pass few months because the lessors have taken all the aircraft away. John Nnorom told us that the aircraft is a flying coffin, the Nigeria civil aviation authority grounded the airline. What nonsense is jeff talking about. 790 staff were sacked without five months pay, no pension and you still defending the national thief called jimoh ibrahim. God punish you jeff and may you test this bitter water that jimoh ibrahim gave us to drink.

The truth cannot be hidden

John Nnorom our former executive director finance and Kinfe Kahssaye our former chief executive officer are saying that jimoh ibrahim stole 6billion from air Nigeria. What other evidence do we need about the thief called jimoh ibrahim. I worked in air Nigeria finance depart and I want to say that jimoh stole 6billion from our sales proceed and this explain why he shut the company. Nigerians be aware that we have not been paid our salaries and even the money that we saved from our salary into a legal recognised co operative society was also stolen by jimoh ibrahim. Haba

Souls were saved

John Nnorom resigned his executive job to save unknown souls that would have perished. He went ahead despite all persecution from instition like air nigeria and jimoh ibrahim to inform the world of this rot. God will surely bless John Nnorom and all you lost shall be replenished.

air Nigeria

My dear friend, am happy u said u didn't read d mail, cause I wud v said u r a big fool. Pls b4 u comment try to go thru mails b4 commenting. Go read d response to his resignation letter where d then CEO said John had told him dat God was going to use him in airnigeria. This was b4 John resigned. So u see its always better to read b4 u talk or better still, shut ur traps. If Mr. John was nt an insider he wud nt possess the info he has today, try to appreciate dat n besides dat is d best way to get intel to persecute a big criminal. Mr. John, God bless u. And for u learn to read b4 u write, dump ass.

Jimoh, Return my air ticket fare

Jimoh I want you to return my ticket fare or face the wrath of God. What are you going to do with all these money with no Good name. It is a shame.

Nigeria Need More John Nnoroms !!!!

John Nnorom had the option of doing "Yes Sir Oga" to the robber called Jimoh Ibrahim in return for a share of the proceed of crime but he chose to do otherwise.

The reality of Nigeria is that "Yes Sir Oga " pays big time. If not how else could a clueless dullard called Jonathan could have been foisted on Nigerians if not for the fact that he was known to be a "Yes Sir Oga" man.

If only we have many more John Nnoroms in Nigeria, that country turned to shithole by brigands like Jimoh Ibrahim, Otedola, Ifeanyi Uba, Cosmas Maduka, etc would have been a better place

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