AFCON 2013: Nigeria vs Zambia Match Tickets Sold Out

Nigeria vs. Zambia
By SR Sports

Nigeria vs Zambia match has recorded the highest ticket sale of 2013 African Cup of Nations tornament in South Africa, A CAF official has disclosed.

According to the member of the local organization committee for CAF,  'Nigeria vs Zambia Match ticket is almost 100% sold out, the highest tickets sale since the the beginning of the tournament'

'The Zambians do not need a visa to visit South Africa and I can assure you that a lot of them are trooping into the country and more will still come'

'Also Nigerians in Johannesburg are preparing for the big match'

Zambia is the African Cup of Nations defending champion and will be playing against Nigeria's Super Eagles team in the third match of Group 'C' on Friday 25th of January 2013  at the Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit, South Africa

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response to akpos

i cant believe u'l use dis platform to insult a persons culture,religion nd even his entire society.u surely cant be a reasonable human being.plz b guided wit ur choice of wordz,put differently,tink b4 u talk.


The historical picture u attempted to paint upon the canvass of our minds can better be described as "comedy-of-error" It is lugubrous that Nigerians love to pour fuel into the flame of ethnic jingoism which has consumed our body politic.

The Pot and the kettle...all black.

@john. You are worst than akpos1 and oleku. Dumb ass. Hear yourself... two wrongs don't make a right. Grow up and stop being

Rashidi Yekini was the best

Rashidi Yekini was the best player Nigeria ever had. He scored the highest number of goals in the history of national football team. Why are you now saying it was only d so-called biafra people who contributed to Nigerian football. Please go and choke on your tribal sentiments, but as for me, I don't care which part of the country the players are coming from as long as they do Nigeria proud


Nigeria did not qualify 4 d quaterfinals of USA 94. They Lost their second round game 2-1 to eventual finalist Italy

don't be tribalistic,ONE Nigeria

Why can't you people leave the tribal issues and let's focus on better wayout for our country. Super Eagle of Nigeria, I wish u all the best in the on-going AFCON



Re: Go Keshi

Please Nigerians, let us be patrotic instead of whiping sentiments. We wish the Team success and that is all I believe rather than use abusive words about where the previous Golden Eaglets Team use to come from.

I am sure Keshi's Choice is not put any part of the country at a disadvantage but to have a team that will deliver and that should be the goals at all times. Good teams can come from any part of Nigeria.


There you go again akpos1 or oleku or whatever your screen name is, pitching the South South of Nigeria with Biafra! Please do not hold brief for the SS as we are perfectly capable of being without Biafra! it is only desperate Biafrans who can't envision their region without the SS...from your submissions, one can discern what you are! even if you have birth claims to both regions, we from the SS know where your allegiance truly lie...I wonder why you bother changing your screen identity to post your rantings whilst still doing it serially? as you know by now, you may not always be lucky to get other posts within that, why go through the pain when no one sees you? anyways, it shows how your mind works


@akpos and Oleku are among those dragging the nation back with unnecessary debate about tribal supremacy. These ariara traders who just have a business centre where they do the usual stuff of swindling onyeocha can't write anything without referring to tribes. You make it sound like KESHI deliberately excluded other tribes because he consider this 'his time'. From Christian Chukwu to expatriates to Siasia they have tried their luck and achieved nothing because of this primitive way of thinking. Unfortunately the comment exposes the immaturity of the commentators who would have been singing the now worn out marginalization and the victim songs if it had been otherwise. We then wish the Biafra/SS eagles goodluck.

Oleku is a tribal bigot

Super eagles is for all Nigerians, and not for a particular section of Nigeria. Oleku's tribal bigotry portrays the highest order of ignorance. Nemesis do catch up with people who are unfair to others, and this of course why the indigenous Nigerian coaches are hardly ever successful with the Super Eagles, as they will always pick mainly players who are from their ethnic group. Oleku, you may wish to learn from Biafrian history as well. Igbo coaches are well known for this unfairness in Nigerian football: notable examples are the former women's coach (Uche) and Chrsitian Chuckwu and now Keshi is going the same way as Oleku has foolishly acknowledged. Remember that Keshi was sacked, along with Saidu Amodu, after a poor performance by Super Eagles and also for 'favouritism' . Keshi does't seem to have learned anything. I remember Amokachi, an Igbo man himself, criticizing Chritian Chukwu for picking only Igbo players for a friendly match played in Abuja against Brazil some years ago.


I am quiet disappointed in the way the super eagle have been tagged Biafra Eagle or ss&se by certain crop of people in Nigeria. It's so unnigerian to speak that way. You don't attribute the failure of the team in the past to the absence of a particular people in the team. We shouldn't monopolize any sector of this country if we don't want to creat more difficulties among ourselves.

stupid Nigerian

can you see your life you people that is causing problem in Nigeria is it only SS&SE that own Nigeria and what join holy book with football you animal is not you and your government that is causing problem why can't you face your problem and let Nigeria be in peace Animal.

Keshi has picked what he

Keshi has picked what he considers to be the best team at this time. No part of Nigeria has any moral claim over any of these players once they put on the green and white jersey of Nigeria. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in the twilight world of insanity. These players count their friends from every part of the world and would never allow their merits to be reduced by sectional labels

Y is it that you guys always

Y is it that you guys always attribute anything sahara report to regional issues...80% of what u stated were untrue...the squad was never full of ur tribe as u stated..where do you wanna keep pple like rasheedi yekini that even did made the major impact..and mind you, nigeria never reached Quater final, we were knocked out at the 2nd round by italy...

It's 2013 and not 1967. evolve already!

Of course, as usual, some small-minded people have reduced this to tribal-superiority war and which section of the country do most of the players come from. I really don't know what good this does for anyone on a subject as trivial as soccer.

Is it Nigeria Vs Zambia or United Republic of SS&SE Vs Zambia?

Is it Nigeria Vs Zambia or United Republic of SS&SE Vs Zambia?

99% of the players from Victor Moses to Enyeama are all from the Oily Republic of the SS&SE. The story is exactly the same in Female Soccer where Club exists only in the SS&SE. What will we not contribute to continent Nigeria? Shame on you North & your colony. While we are enterprising, all you do is either making of lots of noise on newspapers or Fraud or recitation of what u call holy book or training for suicide bombings. Idiots.

Long live the United Republic of the SS&SE

Go Keshi, Go super 'Biafra' eagles...Gratias Keshi

I'm proud of Keshi's team. This team is a replica of the 1994 squad where we had players like Finidi, JJ okocha, Kanu, keshi, sunday oliseh and co. The 94 squad was made up of mainly Ndigbo and SS citizens and that was the sole reason why they were formidable and victorious. They won the AFCON and went ahead in reaching the first ever quarter finals in the US 94 world cup. The Igbos are always the best when the bucks gets down to merits and brilliance. But when it gets down to nepotism and mago mago our noisy owambe neighbours takes the lead. Super eagles have never done well after the 94 squad team. This is so because Ndigbo has been ripped off thier rightful place why Hausa-fulanis and Yorubas schemed thier way through the team. For over 15 years super eagles have been nothing to write home about when it comes to performance. But at last naijas should rejoice for the glory days are back. With this current squad victory is sure. All hail Keshi. All hail super 'Biafra' eagles.

Immigration roadblock

SA immigration will have a field day at the turnstiles.

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