AFCON 2013: Tunisian Referee Of Ghana Vs Burkina Faso Game Suspended

By PM News, Lagos

Tunisian referee Slim Jdidi has been suspended for his controversial handling of the Africa Cup of Nations semi-final between Ghana and Burkina Faso, the organisers said Thursday.

“We would have expected a better standard,” Confederation of African Football (CAF) secretary-general Hicham El Amrani told a media conference just hours after Burkina Faso lodged an official appeal against key player Jonathan Pitroipa’s red card in the semi-final win over Ghana on Wednesday.

“There is a meeting tomorrow (Friday) to discuss the Pitroipa incident,” El Amrani told reporters.

The official said Pitroipa’s chances of playing in the final depend on the match report sent in by Jdidi.

“The organising committee does not have the power to change the referee’s decision unless the referee admits he made a mistake in his official report,” said El Amrani.

As it stands, Pitroipa will miss Sunday’s Cup of Nations final against Nigeria in Soweto after picking up two yellow cards in the stunning penalty shoot-out success over the Black Stars.

Pitroipa, who has scored twice in the tournament, was sent off three minutes from the end of extra time on Wednesday for diving when, in fact, he had clearly been knocked to the ground after tangling with an opponent.

Team manager Gualbert Kabore, speaking at the team hotel in north-eastern city Nelspruit, told AFP: “The Burkina Faso Football Federation wrote an offical letter of appeal to CAF (competition organisers).

“We lodged it in the two hours after the match as stipulated by the regulations.

“We think we have a good chance of winning the appeal.”

Kabore, a distant relation to another key Burkinabe player, midfielder and vice-captain Charles Kabore, echoed coach Paul Put’s dim view of Jdidi’s decision-making during the match.

Chief among the Tunisian’s perceived errors in the Burkina Faso camp were the rejection of a legitimate penalty claim, a disallowed goal that appeared to be valid, and Pitroipa’s sending off.

“There were some scandalous decisions, we don’t know why, we’re asking lots of questions, there are lots of theories,” said Kabore.

“Curiously, the players reacted better than us (the team management). They said if the referee is against us that must mean we are the stronger side.”

Burkina Faso are hoping to hear later Thursday whether their appeal has been successful.

The Stallions are already having to do without the services of top scorer Alain Traore.

He was leading the scoring charts in South Africa with three goals only for his Nations Cup to end prematurely when he sustained an injury against Zambia in the final first-round game.

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referees decision is final

referee -is a human being he make mistakes why you not cut off players head after he or she fail 2 score a penalty,1 v 1 you accept.why u not accept referee mistakes

remember referee have less than a second 2 give decision weather this is a foul or watch Tv reply many times not less than 5 times 2 make a decision

look the difference between

key player,captain,(all players)-caution sendoff clearly shows the disciplinary 12 fouls

Poor Officiating

This afcon 2013 edition is being marred by poor officiating. What criteria did CAF use in selecting the referees? I am begining to doubt the credibility of CAF. Sanctioning the two referees wouldn't change the result of the matches. Could it be a coincidence that the two countries badly hit by poor officiating survived the plots and are playing the finals? May be the referees were just carrying out the orders of their employers. CAF have to sit up if African football must grow.

Referee handling of the match

I am suprised the Burkinabes did not include the penalty awarded to Ghana during the match in their list. TV replay showed clearly, to me and iam sure some other keen watchers of the game, that the penalty award was questionable. Two players attempting to win the ball in the air, both with outstretched arms. I didn't see the foul.

Bukinafaso vs Ghana, Nigeria vs Zambia

I write to ask the organizers of these Football games to at least change the referees rules to punish him (referee) after the match, the punishment should be just the moment he blunders. because this brings pain to the team that has been disfavored. In case of Nigeria and Zambia, the Egyptian was sent packing after he already brought pain to Nigeria.

afcon b.faso vs ghana match

Djiji or what is his name should be referred to psychatric hospital for his notorious officiation on wednesday. I think with the assisstance of CAF, they would destroy this beautiful game in Africa.


this afcon this year edition lack many things joor, poor Referee decision and poor Modern football ground joor... follow my blog her for latest breaking news.entertainment gist and gossip and celebrity lifestyle and issues in our environment here at

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