AFCON Live From South Africa: Nigeria 1 Vs. Burkina Faso 1

23'-Nigeria 1 - Burkina Faso 0  goal by Emenike

Free-kick to be played by Burkina Faso

37'- A shot from mikel obi was saved

38' A yellow card issued to Efe Ambrose of Nigeria

40' An attempt at goal  by Nigeria's Ahmed Musa was saved by Burkina Faso goalkeeper

44' Free-kick for Burkina Faso

47'  HALF TIME: Nigeria 1- 0 Burkina Faso

 HALF TIME stats: Fouls: Nigeria 15 : BK 13
                        Yellow cards: Nigeria 2 : BK 0

 Match referee is Benouza Mohammed from Algeria

47' SECOND half of the match  commences

50' A goal attempt by Burkina Faso's Rouamba Florent  was blocked by the Nigerian goalkeeper

57' Nigeria replaces only goal scorer Emmanuel Emenike with Ikechucjkwu Uche

63' Burkina Faso's captain Dagano Muomoni lost a goal, it went across the post 

64' Burkina Faso substitution: Traore Alain out, Bance Aristide in

65' Ike Uche missed a shot for Nigeria 

69' Free-kick for Burkina Faso, it's in a good position but was blocked by the players wall

Yellow card was given to Nosa Igiebor for an unruly act

75' Red card issued to Efe Ambrose

80' Ike Uche misses again

 83' Ahmed Musa lost a chance at  goal 

86' Another miss by Musa, Burkinabe goalie saves the day.

88' Mikel Obimisses another chance for Nigeria

89' Vincent Enyeama saves Alain Traore ashot at goal

90'  Burkina tries again, over the bar

93' Free kick to Nigeria

 94' Burkina Faso equalizes against Nigeria

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yaradua & abacha

thank god the best president nigeri alwas hav ar dead ones..... tht is why nigeria is best educated civilis states from the north.... dnt mine the embecil he cnt evn speak english only hausa oh sory wht languag?

Last night was Bendel United

Last night was Bendel United v. Bukina Faso.....Thanks Keshi

Nigeria Vs Burkina Faso

No any hard feelings, the game went as expected the team did well but lost concentration towards the end of the game. Instead of parking the bus and defend the lone goal they scored which to me was a fluke, they went attacking like Wenger boyz! Next match against Zambia must be a do or die affair! Nothing short of victory will be accepted from me if not they shd park their luggage and come back home. Enough of the disgrace please.

Can we afford to pay the

Can we afford to pay the standard of Pep Guardiola?

Pls let's take things easy o.

Pls let's take things easy o.

Shame on u Stephen keshi

Shame on ss & se I thought u guys said u can go it alone and where is that your 1994 team ss & se?
I know for sure someone will got fire at the end of yours ss & se, rubbish ..........


Akpos1 and Oleku can't show their faces and have suddenly gone silent. Your eagles just threw away the lead in dying minute. The villains are Efe and Yobo.

Oh Osaze

Oh Osaze we miss you. I pity Kessi, instead of going with stars like Osaze, he is quuarrelling with him. Let me seehow you will grab the cup.

God save us!

Its obvious the hatred and jealousy other nations have on nigeria,worst officiating i ever saw,corruption has killed us,they all belittle us and team up against us,shame!no single ref from nigeria,i regret being a nigerian,looting on leaders mind,God is angry too,my pity is for our innocent SUPER EAGLES REPRESENTING a backward entity, may the ALMIGHTY GOD give us a government that will change the fortune of the nation.what a match!That officiating has certainly murdered the hope of the Team and innocent fans like me.

absolute disgrace

This match is just a reflection of how poor, regressive,uninspiring Nigerians can be . There is definately a vacant job at the NFF .It's the job of Team manager super eagles. The minimum requirement for this job is Pep Guardiola's CV

Abolish AFCON...

After watching the turnier so far, my recommendation is to abolish the embarrassment called AFCON. The quality of the competition keeps going south and the game can never be developed beyond sporadic individual efforts by the likes of Okocha, Drogba, Eto'e and co. Even the recently concluded Arab Championships had more fireworks.

Specifically Yobo, and the defence made too many unforced mistakes. The midfield, uncreative. Mikel was just lobbing the ball into space thinking he was in the Premiere league of kick-n-rush. Team discipline was lacking as evidenced by the foul quota for Naija. Generally a bad outing.

@ Olusegun Olaleye : Shut up dia! Only a dirty ewedu clown like your musty self would rush to append your usual tribalism to an ordinary game. Idiot, they were one man down!

GEJ is Corruption!!!

Under GEJ, corruption is exposed but nobody is prosecuted.. The moron (GEJ) will come and say I am not the judiciary, i am not the police..but the asshole knows how to stop protests and he also knows how to rig elections..Lawan and Otedola are still free and so are many others...FOr sure, corruption under this imbecile has doubled...

What an imbecile of a president...But then again Nigerians voted the imbecile... Later GEJ will say the rot did not start under me...Imbecile, you knew the state of Nigeria before you ran for office..If you knew it was too bad, why did you run?? Now you want to run again so that you can tell us you did not destroy the country... What an imbecile!!! Nigerians must be idiots too for voting for an imbecile because he knelt down in fromt of a pastor and because he looked gentle.. Nigerians, imbeciles like GEJ will always look quiet, that is the nature of an imbecile, to look quiet like a fool!!!

they are the worst team i

they are the worst team i have ever seen, usless players



Badluck Jonathan's Corruption!!!!

99% of Nigeria's problems can be traced to corruption and the monkey in Aso rock will not fight it...Everyday Nigeria is disgraced in all spheres of life and the monkey keeps looking like a mumu.. He keeps eating banana and cassava bread.. All of you people looting our commonwealth, may disease, sadness and peril be your companion all the days on your life in Jesus Name Amen...

Republic of SE & SS

Where is Republic of SE & SS now? I thought you guys would just walk over the Burkinables.

Your play as you play coach will soon be fired.

I hope you guys get beaten in the next two games and sent back to SE & SS by the end of next week.

Olusegun Olaleye


Sack kechi now

Please should the NFF sack this man called keshi now,he think he can do it with these inexperience boys.

Biafra 1 vs Burkina Faso 1

Biafra 1 vs Burkina Faso 1

Hopeless boys.....after all

Hopeless boys.....after all the noise. Just like their useless leader

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