Cup of Nations; Nigeria To Report English Clubs to FIFA

By SaharaReporters, New York

Nigeria has threatened to report two English clubs to FIFA if they do not release their players for the Africa Cup of Nations.

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew said that striker Shola Ameobi will not be going to the tournament, which will take place in South Africa from January 19 to February 10. Millwall boss, Kenny Jackett, also said he expects defender Danny Shittu to turn down his country's call-up.
"These clubs are not only disrespecting Nigeria but FIFA and CAF as well," Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) board member Chris Green told the BBC. "The rules are clear on international games approved by FIFA so we consider these comments as not only ridiculous but totally disrespectful."

According to FIFA rules, a player who has been called up by his association for one of its representative teams is, unless otherwise agreed by the relevant association, not entitled to play for the club with which he is registered during the period for which he has been released or should have been released.

This restriction on playing for the club shall, moreover, be prolonged by five days in the event that the player, for whatsoever reason, did not wish to or was unable to comply with the call-up.

Green made it clear that the NFF will apply for the full weight of FIFA sanctions on both clubs if they do not release their respective players and even push for additional sanctions.

"Rules are rules. Newcastle and Millwall must understand the basics and why they exist," he said.

Pardew said of Ameobi: "Shola won't be going. The national team manager knows the reasons, which I am keeping to myself." That statement has been denied by Keshi, who said yesterday he has never spoken to Pardew.

At Milwall, Jackett said that Shittu is expected to reject the opportunity to play for Nigeria at the tournament. "I don't think he's going to go and I don't think he's been in touch with them. At the moment that's the decision," he said.

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Corruption is not in football alone in NIGERIA. Today, after 52 years of independence, we have suddenly found that our calculations have gone wrong. We find extremists threatening our lives, we see goons and criminals and utterly corrupt politicians acting as our leaders, we see almost all paths to advance in life have got clogged so badly. The big tragedy is: The democratic state in which we found solace all these years has turned into a 'demon'. We feel frustrated, being let down so badly, but what were we doing all these years when our socio-political journey and our so called giant of Africa going downhill?

Keshi should go and sit his ass down!

Keshi need not discuss with Alan Pardew before knowing about the clause in Shola's contract. I hope he makes an impact and wins the AFCON, otherwise, he'll regret and pay for his rash decision to drop key and talented players, like Osaze, for sentimental reasons, rather than professional.

Osaze, by far, is one of Nigeria's best, if not the most prolific Nigerian attacker in the English Premiership currently. Keshi had no reason to sideline him, in a competition where countries field their best. We need to prioritise rewarding merit, and not reward based on sentiments, favouritism or quota system. As a professional, Keshi does not need to like his players, but like what they do or can do.


It is time to call the RACISTS to order. These hopeless, racist managers will go as far as lobbying for their players to play for the equally hopeless English, Scotish, Irish, Welsh or North Irish teams but oppose the call up of their players by any African nation. Is it not time also for Africans, Nigerians especially, to stop supporting teams with managers and home supporters who do not even consider them as humans in line their national racist attitudes?

Why Kill or Die for Two Players?

Stupid Nigeria coach and government, There are about 30 million soccer players in Nigeria, why die over just two that will not come? Because you are all idiots and sick group of animals, you want to harvest from where did not sew.

stop acting like criminals Nigeria soccer coaches and government.

Scout for new and talented players from within Nigeria. Train them aand let them go and better themselves in foreign countries.

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