Ethiopians Win Male and Female Categories of 2012 Obudu Mountain Race in Cross River State

Abebe Dinkesa
By SR Sports

Ethiopian Abebe Dinkesa yesterday won the 2012 Obudu Mountain Race, while another Ethiopian, Etenesh Dironeda, won the female category.
Each of them took home a $50,000 prize.

 Dinkesa, who had previously won the 2008 race commended the organisers of the event, which takes place at the Obudu Mountain Resort.

“I really enjoyed participating and I think the authorities have done very well and the World Mountain Running Association has done a great job too.
“I am not as well prepared as someone might think but I try to keep fit all year and do a couple of 10 to 12 kilometres run each week. It is helpful to be healthy and fit and not indulge in excessive eating,’’ he said.

The Australian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ian Mconville, also commended the organisers of the event, and assured of his country’s resolve to collaborate with Nigeria in sports development.  Mr. Mconville was among 100 professional mountain runners who participated in the race.

The High Commissioner said he was happy to hit the 12.3 kilometre race with “some wonderful world class in the athletes.”

He added that although it was his first time of participating in the competition, he looked forward to being part of future editions.
On collaboration in sports between Nigeria and Australia, he noted that both are sporting nations and work closely in a number of areas.

“I think sporting collaboration is a very good area for us to work together and we will encourage that,” he said.

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Video Coverage

How can one get or purchase video coverage of this world-class event happening in our country, if we cant attend?

Great Way To Promote Tourism And Awareness!

Obudu mountain cattle ranch is certainly one of our National treasures and should be the pride of all Nigerians. It is a place you can visit and be happy to be, without the fear of things that causes abdominal pain in both literal and metaphorical sense or ways. Organizing tournaments and championships will no doubt help bring this place into global consciousness.

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