Government To Make Super Eagles Early Inductees Into New Hall Of Fame

By SR Sports

The Federal Government will make the present set of Super Eagles players the first inductees into the National Sports Hall of Fame.
Sports Minister and Chairman of the National Sports Commission, Mallam Bolaji Abdulahi, disclosed this on Thursday night while addressing players and officials of the team.  The Hall of Fame was recently approved by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The Minister, who spoke to the team at their Garden Court Hotel abode in Milpark, South Africa, also said that the government has mapped out a heroic welcome for the team next Monday.  He was accompanied to the event by the National Football Federation (NFF) President, Aminu Maigari and other important figures in Nigeria sports administration.

He described the pride of the government at the exploits of the team so far at the African Cup of Nations and urged them to complete the job by winning the trophy.

“Victory is not everything but victory is the only thing”, he declared, echoing American football coach Vince Lombardi as he challenged them to go all out for victory in the final against the Stallions of Burkina Faso in Soweto on Sunday.

Maigari, on his part, thanked the government at the highest levels for the huge support the team has been receiving so far, saying that all obligations to the team has been met, thanks to express approval by the government at all spheres.

The NFF President revealed that he has already received words from President Jonathan of another tele-conference with the team before the final, as the last one had highly motivated the players and the President feels they need his tonic to excel in Sunday’s grand finale.

Head Coach Stephen Keshi, spoke in a similar vein, noting that the team has come too far in the competition to let its guard down.

Skipper Joseph Yobo thanked the Minister for being there for his team, and assured that the team has resolved to unite and conquer the Nations Cup trophy for Nigeria.  

“We will not let Mr. President who has been so supportive down and we cannot let our families and the people of Nigeria down,” he said.  “We are certain that the trophy will be won fair and square on Sunday.”

speaking today, midfield star, John Mikel Obi, declared that the strength of the Nigerian team is the togetherness and unity that have been missing in the squad in the past.

“We are together, united and playing for each other and that has accounted for where we are today. All credit must go to the coach who took a gamble on a very young squad, because I’m just 25 years old but am looking like the oldest in the team. This team will not only win the trophy on Sunday for the Nigerian people but will win many more trophies for a long time to come”.

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Re: What does Mullah Aminu Maigari Knows about sport...

'Has there been anytime in the history of naija that a mohammedan stooded out in any sport'

This is a surprising statement not least because of the ignorance therein! What is the meaning of Mohammedan?? Who are the Mohammedans?

If you care to give your response to these questions, myself or any other sport following Nigerian will respond to your question under quote.

At present, this seem more like an ignorant religious bigotry than a critical analysis.

@Atos: Not induction into hall of fame. there other ways 2 honor

but there are so many other ways to placate them with robes of honor by not ridiculing ourselves in world eyes as bunch who lack comprehension of "Hall of Fame"

Mallam Bolaji Abdulahi you are fall the president hand on dis o

@: Mallam Bolaji Abdulahi, Sports Minister and Chairman of the National Sports Commission

You want to make active players Hall of Famers? Do you even understand the orgin and purpose it serves? You are in a better position to advise the our clueless president .... Ejoor, retract your statement

Haba, Jona u go skool b4 ke'... hall of fame? y ridicule ursef

Our presidents and advisers are all Clueless ^ infinity

You made a point but there's

You made a point but there's need to start it from this team that has make us proud.

Goodluck To Nigeria

I sincerely wish Nigeria well on Sunday.

For real? Hall Of Fame?

For real? Hall Of Fame? You've got to be kidding me. These people have got their priority misplaced. You don't induct active players into Hall Of Fame. You might give them a medal of honor or something. Who is advising these people? They should instead go back and induct our early players like Teslim Balogun, Dejo Fayemi, Rigogo, Segun Olumodaji, Ekpe Sr, and Ekpe jr., Gerba Okoye and a host of others that made the country proud in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Hall of fame or what ?

Is it because the players are from SS and SE or what ? Does Jonathan and his stooges know the meaning of Hall of Fame ? How many matches have these boys played. What a naïve purposeless administration ? may be Jonathan is creating a Hall of fame for the SS/SE, if so, best of luck !


I D I O T S!
Mr Minister what do you know about Hall of Fame? You don't induct active players into the Hall of Fame. It is not done anywhere in the world. Players are not even recommend for Hall of Fame at least 5 years after retirement.
Na wah for these officials self. Eagles don reach final and everybody's head dey swell like puff-puff. I beg make una comot for road make Keshie and the boys concentrate joor!
Up Eagles!!! Nigeria 3 Burkina Faso 1.

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Are Hatched

Best Wishes to the rejuvenated Super Chickens, ahem,
Super Eagles. Now that the Eagles've grown new wings; may they not forget:"When pride comes first; failure follows it." Or the success of these few days will be a fluke.

The Elephants of Cote d'Ivoire left the soccer pitch
on Sunday, Feb 3 with their tails between their legs
despite themselves; and have learnt that football is
played on the soccer pitch and, not on the pages of
Newspapers. Even if their next opponent is Mauritania they will never boast until the ninety minutes are over.

Heroes are appreciated most when they play more than they talk.

Imagine!!! Sports minister is a useless Mallam from d North

Take a look at the team at all levels ans even all sports for that matter. You will not find these laggards from the North countries of continent Nigeria participating.

Each to hear of one player from the North after a long while, it is always one of them who grew up in the South. Even female football & sports generally is forbidden by the culture & their brand of sharia & Islam. So, not even one Hausa girl frm the North can kick a ball else she risks beheading or Boko Haram bullets as they have done to Polio vacination staff. But a Northerner is the Sports minister & he is paid from my oil & gas money. His boko haram ppl dont engage in sports yet he is a 'Minister'. No other country in the world wil this happen except in a continent like Nigeria.
The time for break up is NOW!!!
Long live MEND
Long live Biafra
Long live the United SS&SE

What about those who made Nigeria proud in in yesteryears

All well and good, what about those who made Nigeria proud in in yesteryears such as in Boxing: Dick Tiger, Hogan Bassey, Soccer: Thunder Balogun, Rigogo, Odegbami, Okocha and all the other big names not only in soccer but in Lawn and Table tennis, Basketball, Olympics and other sports.

Why don't our officials learn to be organized and do things accordingly and with due process?

What does Mullah Aminu Maigari knows about sports...

The minister of sports is Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi and the minister of NFF is Mullah Aminu Maigari. For real?! Can someone tell me what this duo know about sports. Have they in any stage of their lives participated or represented naija in any sports event home and abroad. Quota system needs to be abolished. Period!. How else can one justify the appointments of such a vital commission and NFF to a northerner. Has there been anytime in the history of naija that a mohammedan stooded out in any sport. When will we get it right in naija. The Hausa-fulanis can't simply do without dipping their filthy hands into the SE oil revenue. They keep telling you we're one naija. What does one naija actually mean? That a failed genocided state that murdered over 3 million Igbos in 1966-70 is exactly what?!. When will the oppressors stop this marginalisation. Ndigbo that has produced the best athletes since Lugards almagation aren't fit for NFF boss position right?!. To your tenths oh Israel!