NFF Boss Asks Committee To Broker Peace In Super Eagles

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By SR Sports

The President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Alhaji Aminu Maigari, today ordered the NFF Technical and Development Committee to intervene in the on-going war of words between Super Eagles’ Head Coach Stephen Keshi and Captain Joseph Yobo.

An exchange of words between the two principal characters in the Nigerian squad has dominated the media in the past few days, with Yobo expressing unhappiness with the Coach over his exclusion from last month’s FIFA World Cup qualifier against Kenya in Calabar.

Maigari ordered the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Chris Green, along with his Committee, to look into the issue as a matter of urgency and restore harmony.

“This is a highly untoward development and the NFF and entire Nigerian football family are disturbed,” he said.  “Less than two months ago, we lifted the Africa Cup of Nations in a blaze of glory, and this was made possible by hard-work and team-work in an atmosphere of peace, unity and tranquility.

“The recent exchange of words between Coach Keshi and Captain Yobo is worrisome, at a time that we have so many important matches and major competition (FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013) ahead of us.”

The NFF President also cautioned the nation’s mass media against over-sensationalism of the matter, reminding them they are important stakeholders in the game.  “Such issues attack the fabric of the team and tend to destroy team spirit, which is key to achieving set goals and objectives,” Maigari said.

Nigeria, the champion of Africa, has a heavy schedule of about 10 matches in the six weeks between the end of May and the middle of July.

The Super Eagles take on CONCACAF champions Mexico, who are rated 15th in the world, in a friendly in Texas, USA on May 31, and immediately travel to Kenya and Namibia for 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

Two weeks later, they travel to Brazil to take part in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup where they could play a total of five matches if they progress beyond group stage.  They will then face a 2014 African Nations Championship two-legged fixture against Cote d’Ivoire.

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Yobo - Keshi

yobo should be fair to himself. Was he not d person that 2013 AFCON was his AFCON? By he meant to resign immediately after the AFCON. What does he wants again?

The Feud between Keshi and Yobo

Yobo should understand that Stephen Keshi is the Coach of the Team , called the "Nigerian Green Eagles", As the Coach, he has the descretion to field or not to field Yobo, if he(Keshi)feels that there are better players on the rosterthan Yobo. Yobo should also understand that the coach takes all the blame for his team's poor outing/performances.

If Yobo is angry that he was not invited to camp/or called -up sometime ago, probably this could be due to his lack-lustra performance in South Africa during the last World Cup; and therefore, he, Yobo needs to proof to the Coach that he can play, and deserve a spot in the National team.

Being a poor performing Captain does not give Yobo a spot in the National Team.

How dare Yobo

Keshi was tutored by one of the best coaches in the world, Clemence Westerhof. He does not take indiscipline and does not take sentiment to the field of play. Once you are not fit you are not featured. The happiness of Nigerians who have largely come to enjoy football and forget the sorrows their government has heaped on them cannot be sacrificed for one lazy Joseph Yobo!!! Yobo must eat the humble pie and take a walk from the national team. Keshi is the coach, and owes him no apology. I think this same virus of arrogance has gotten hold of him. that's why they think that by making a few thousand pounds as salary gives them the right to come back here and insult the coach.


Keshi doesn't need to tell Yobo to resign. He should be sincere enough and leave honorably. There are better players for the position he play.


See the African problems! Who made Yobo a life captain? Can he recollect how he transited to that status? Hope NFF will not break existing rapport to broker peace? The neccessary peace is for Yobo to gloriously step aside. The era of 'we-we' in which the nation is held to ransome are over. Let's move forward

Yobo,NFF pls get a life....

This is simply ridiculous! Keshi has made it clear his selections are based on merit.First Yobo left d EPL for d inferior turkish league,his form den dropped as we witnessed at AFCON:His age is irrelevant.If like Zanetti and Giggs,he's at d top of his game,he will be picked.Its dat simple.Keshi owes him no apologies or explanations.NFF should stop wasting our time and resources.


Yobo did not want to leave when the ovation was loudest. From the events in the last nations cup he ought to have known that he does not fit into Keshi's plans. Keshi should be left alone to do his work.


Its seems Osaze may have a point after all when Keshi dropped him without informing him

Yobo time is out

In the field of football the old makes way for the younger ones.Yobo time is out.Keshi was kind to future him among his squad in last african nations cup.Judging for his last performance in the African nations cup,Yobo contribution to the team was not much.My question is! If there are people to replace him. why keep nagging ?

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