NFF Turns Soccer Mess Over To 13-Member Committee

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The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) on Thursday inaugurated a 13-member 2012/2013 Premier League Management Committee, charging it to resolve the lingering problems in the league before the commencement of the new season.

The president of the NFF, Alhaji Aminu Maigari said the members led by Nduka Irabor, a former Member of the House of Representatives and former newspaper editor, were chosen based on quality of experience, broad-mindedness, capacity, proven ability, painstaking virtues, love of the game and diligence and dedication, and urged them to “quickly and conclusively” resolve the issues.

“For avoidance of doubt, this is a national assignment of no mean significance,” he said.  “The management of the top tier of the domestic League of any country has serious consequences for that nation’s football. None of the National Teams can be said to have been composed without players from the domestic League, and even those who play overseas start from the home front,” commending the members for accepting to serve the nation.”
He urged the committee to ensure that its work is guided by the rules and regulations, and by equity and good conscience.

“The nation is bigger than any single individual or corporate body, and it is the interest of the nation that we are talking about here,” he noted
In his response, the chairman of the committee, Hon. Nduka Irabor said it was an honour to be called to serve the nation, and pledged that the members would do their best to redress all the issues hindering the development of the Premier League.

Full List of the Members:
1.    Hon. Nduka Irabor                -    Chairman
2.    Hon. Sabo Babayaro                -    Vice Chairman
3.    Mallam Salisu Abubakar            -    Member    
4.    Mrs Modele Sarafa-Yusuf            -    Member
5.    Mr. Mike Enahoro                -    Member    
6.    Mr. Kunle Elebute                -    Member
7.    Mr. Shehu Dikko                    -    Member
8.    Amb. Nwankwo Kanu                -    Member
9.    Barr. Ifeanyi Dike                -    Member
10. Barr. Seyi Akinwunmi            -    Member
11. Hon. Abubakar Nuhu Dan Buran    -    Member
12. Mr. Mike Idoko                -    Member
13. Mr. Tunji Babalola                -    Secretary

Terms of Reference
1.    Organise the 2012/2013 League.
2.    Review all contractual obligations of the NPL, including TV and Sponsorship rights.
3.    Develop strategy and facilitate the reform of the League towards achieving profitability.
4.    Review existing rules and guidelines for the election into NPL Board
5.    Develop new standards for players’ contracts and welfare.
6.    Any other relevant matter(s) the Committee may deem necessary

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NFF league

I am deeply perturbed to see the extent of decadence the Nigerian league has deteriorated . Very poor officiating, inference in matches turning out to Match Fixes, loss making Federation,including state chapters, and a host of other issues.
Also it is very unfortunate for Nigerians to refer to every move in National interest as tribalism or Religion.
In football victory count during matches not where you come from or your tribe.
To call ourselves names over a list is stupid and childish.
In 1985, we won Kodak U 16 WC with over 80% Bendel State boys , nobody complained.
Why the noise now?
The panel members should be given a free hand to work and avoid diversionary tactics of opportunists around them.


Be careful about looking at the national team composition as a barometer. The national team coach is Stephen Okechukwu KESHI. As with most IGBOS placed in any position of authority, they igbonise by 95% or more.

Same thing happened at Aviation and under Soludo's CBN.

Always make verification

Yes Nigeria is blind bcos people like Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ those not make research before going out to statement

Juxtapose committee statistics with players' statistics

Full List of the Members:

[Delta & Biafra Republic - United SS&SE]

1. Hon. Nduka Irabor
2. Mr. Mike Enahoro
3. Amb. Nwankwo Kanu
4. Barr. Ifeanyi Dike
5. Mr. Mike Idoko

[Oduduwa Republic - SW]
1. Mrs Modele Sarafa-Yusuf
2. Mr. Kunle Elebute
3. Barr. Seyi Akinwunmi
4. Mr. Tunji Babalola

[Alimajiri Republic/Boko Hararam Republic-NE/NW/NC]

1. Mallam Sabo Babayaro
2. Mallam Salisu Abubakar
3. Mr. Shehu Dikko
4. Hon. Abubakar Nuhu Dan Buran

Players statistics
SS&SE = 27
SW = 5
NE/NW/NC = 1

Now, Juxtapose committee statistics with players' statistics. Is this a country? When it is time to 'chop' the unproductive & barren North & the poor, thieving, fraudulent & cowardly SW will slot in their stinking peoples in the name of federal character. Are they "sportistically" disadvantaged?

Long live the United SS&SE


Amongst the names stated above,just one or two will make any useful contribution to solving the endemic problem of the mediocre NPL.
Why appoint Mallams who should be at the Mosque praying to find solutions to our failed football management,it's about time Nigerians wake up and smell the coffee.The whole of Northern Nigeria produced just one player in the current National team due to start training for the Nations cup in Portugal,the whole north does not even have a player in the female National team,but whenever appointments are made northerners are picked,WHY?
Where are our educated ex-footballers like Sunday Oliseh,where are the Okochas,the Eguaveons,the Rufais,where is John Fashanu,where are our local football club owners of the past who invested in football.Nigeria is a big blind country not because she has no eyes rather she prefers to keep her eyes shut.

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