Nigeria Football Federation Suspends Cubs Involved In Scandalous Score-lines

By Ademola Olajire

The Nigeria Football Federation has placed indefinite suspension on all the four clubs involved in scandalous score-lines during promotion play-offs into the Nigeria Nationwide League, the lowest tier of Nigeria domestic League, on Monday.

In a mind-boggling show of shame never previously witnessed in Nigeria football, Plateau United Feeders somehow manufactured a 79-0 victory
over Akurba FC while Police Machine FC demolished Babayaro FC 67-0.

All teams were involved in promotion play-offs in which the winners would qualify to play in Nigeria Nationwide League Division 3.

Chairman of the NFF Organising Committee, Chief Mike Umeh, who is also NFF 1st Vice President, was alarmed when informed and promptly
directed that the four teams at the centre of the scandal be grounded, pending further sanctions on all involved.

“It is unacceptable. This is a scandal of huge proportions. The four teams involved are suspended immediately and indefinitely, pending
further sanctions. We will investigate this matter thoroughly and get to the bottom of it,” Umeh said on Tuesday.

NFF’s Director of Competitions, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi assured that the Organising Committee would mete out severe sanctions on all persons
and institutions indicted by the investigation.

“For now, that centre is suspended. The teams involved, their players and officials, match officials, coordinator and anyone found to have
played some role in this despicable matter would be severely dealt with,” Sanusi said.

Ademola Olajire
Assistant Director (Media)
Nigeria Football Federation

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@akpos1, Lafta wan tear my bele ooo, naija here we come.

Is Dmeji Bank-Ole's N25Bn not more scandalous?

What is scandalous in winning a match 79-0? It simply means the winning team did its home work & practiced welluwellu before, during & after the match. Pure & Simple. These winning teams should be praised & applauded.

If you say this is scandalous, what about the monies stolen by Dmeji Bank-Ole? What about the N51m which OBJ's boys confessed that Thief Obasanjo gave Bola Ige as bribe?

...are these not more scandalous?...we know Ige was suspended for life, but did anyone suspend Dmeji? So, why should you suspend hard working teams bcos they set new world records? Nonsense. Spiuuuuuuussssssshhhhhhhh.......

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