Nigeria Loses to Spain 3-0, Out of Confederations Cup Tournament

Photo By Clive Mason (GETTY IMAGES)
By SR Sports

Nigeria is out of the FIFA Confederations tournament in Brazil, losing 3-0 to World Champions Spain today in a Group B match in Fortaleza.

The match was much closer than that scoreline suggests, the confident African champions putting tremendous pressure on Spain for most of the contest.


The Spanish team scored its first goal in the third minute through defender Jordi Alba, who benefitted from a number of clever one-two passes in the Nigeria area as much as a lucky deflection back to him from a Nigerian defender.  


Soon after, Nigerian defender Kenneth Omeruo, who was also hurt in the game against Uruguay, suffered another injury and was replaced.   

Nigeria gave as much as it got, but it threw away a variety of scoring opportunities, and Spain got its second goal in the 67th minute from substitute striker Fernando Torres with a superb header.  


Substitute Nigeria striker Mohammed Gambo, who plays for Kano Pillars in the Nigeria Premier League, had one of the most memorable howlers of the night, missing an open net with goalkeeper Valdez well out of position.  


Alba scored his second goal of the match in the 89th minute through a horrible Nigerian defensive error, dribbling around goalkeeper Victor Enyeama to pad the scoreline for Spain, which will now meet Italy in the second semi-final on Thursday.  


Uruguay, which defeated Tahiti in the day’s second Group B match to finish second in the group, will meet hosts and winners of Group A, Brazil, in the first semi-final on Wednesday.



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Calm down ppl

I think Keshi has done and is doing a great job.What many commentators on this forum fail to realise is that Spain are WORLD and EURO champions.they have also been playin together for years....our team is young and had injuries to key players.There is no way we were gonna beat dat Spanish team cos in case u guys didnt notice,for every chance we missed,dey missed a few more.
Ppl like Wahala make me laff....wot in-game changes did u want from Keshi?Didnt u see our bench wasnt exactly bursting with worldclass talent.Have u won any trophies as player or coach?Give the man space jor.He just needs to scout better players,finetune some lapses,get our injured players back and we'll perform quite well at d World Cup.As for ppl like JSalvage,pls we are making progress,dont drag us back by calling for Yobo.osaze,eneramo etc.

@Deri ati ....

Deri ati Akpos 1 ati Oleku ati Igbo boy from nowhere ati..... (all strange bedfellows)

@Deri ... you are falling in love more and more with that sophisticated language, abi? hahahaha !!! Cheers and cheers again

Eagles' performance: a reflection of everything Nigerian!

You may be wondering why I play the devil's advocate here? I have said this before during the African Cup of Nations tournament, and I am saying it again here. To be candid, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the quality of the Nigerian players; they are first class in the game and that is why many of them are professionals in Europe and other places. However, there is something wrong when these players come together to play in the NAME of Nigeria! I hate to say this...but there are elements in Nigeria who have sworn never to see anything good come to Nigeria, be it in government, social and economic development, including sports. These people are holding Nigeria by the jugular. Until the nation breaks the hold of these wicked people the nation will continue to float aimlessly. It is everywhere...politics name it. And that is why they have positioned themselves to give the nation bad leadership in 2015!

It was good exposure for the players ...albeit bad coaching

The problem with indigenous coaches has always been their inability to read a game-in-progress, and not making appropriate changes timely. After the initial jitters, the Eagles contained the Spaniards throughout the first half and even created scoring chances. The Spanish coach noticed and brought in two subs (Silva/Torres) who impacted on the game instantly and made the difference that buried our guys. Keshi should have gotten rid of Akpala and Ideye at half-time, they were besides themselves. Instead, he waited well beyond the 70th minute (already down two goals) to move his fat ass off the bench and bring in Mohammed Gambo who could have complemented Musa's pacey runs down the wings. The 3rd. goal was due to Obi Mikel's stupidity/backing the ball on free kick. Sha, no one expected them to bring home the trophy without key regulars, however, the outing was a good "learning experience" for a developing team. Kudos!

RE: Idiots parading themselves like human beings

There are some idiots parading themselves like human beings, the likes of Deri and "Aka1." What has tribe or politics got to do with our Eagles? Is it only Gambo that missed chances? Ideye had fired blank since the tournament and even against lowly Tahiti- both Ideye and Ujah cannot put the ball in empty net.
Steve KEshi is a good coach and he should be left to do his work, although he has to teach his attackers how to be ruthless in front of goal by putting the ball in the net. Anyone calling for Martins, Obinna Nsofor and all the spent forces need their head examined. Let these young players learn from their mistake; please do not kill their confidence. They can only get better.

While not saying quota system

While not saying quota system is not an endemic factor in Nigeria. Nevertheless, I learnt Gambo was the highest goal scorer in the Nigerian league last season.
So, you may want to have a better-informed view.Mj6Y


Albeit Einstein defines "INSANITY" as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result.

If Keshi takes these same players to the world cup and expects them to miraculously play better than what they played against uruguay or spain, then he's insane.

room 4 improvement

I think Keshi is coming of age after his spell in togo and kenya. The boys played with flair but lacked holding stamina in 2 critical areas.
Their capacity were called to question in defence and attack. Mid field was above average, but their syncronisation with defence and attack exposed the team to exploitation.
i believe if keshi address these flaws, eagles will be a team to beat at the world cup. Also for tactical & strategic reasons, the team should desist from over trashing their 1st opponent in any competition as it exposes them to stiff resistance from their later opponent.

Keshi is not a good coach for super eagles

we won Nations Cup just by share determination of the players not by anything from Keshi. "Europe should give black coaches equal opportunity" keshi said after Nations cup. is this what you mean by equal opportunity? Nonsense!

Spain is not the team to beat at Confederation Cup

Only bad coaching spoiled the super eagles show. Keshi's pattern of coaching is not suitable for an upcoming team like super eagles

Peter Odemwingie could have made the difference.

The boys really tried, the mid-field was excellent, defence was good but attack was not specialised. Peter Odemwingie would have done the trick but I think Keshi has a personal problem with this guy.

I think he only gets on with subservient people that says only "Yes Sir" to him. He had always been like that since he was in Eagles, he was the head of the problem makers.

Secondly, i believe Sunday Olise has a lot of technical stuff Nigeria can benefit from. I'm not saying Keshi should be sacked but Sunny should be given an equal chance to coach. I'm aware Sunny stepped on some NFA old boys toes but I beg make you forgive am for the sake of Nija.

Experience matters at international tournament

Bias or bad South American referee and missed scoring chances denied the Super Eagles at least a draw, which the match deserved. The referee allowed the Spaniards too many offside. Although the Supper Eagles tried their appreciable best, less experience and Keshi rigid strategy were fundamental in the defeat.

If Keshi has had a backup of at least three experienced players in the first eleven such as Yobo, Odemwingie and Eneramo the Spaniards would not have had their win. Yobo may no longer be a versatile defender but he is very much useful as a defensive or holding mid-field while Odemwingie and Eneramo could not have missed all those goal scoring chances.

Ameobi and Anichebe are not anyway the answer to our shortage of potent forwards. They do not measure up in big matches. For the 2014 World Cup, Keshi must in addition to Mikel have at least three other experience players in his first eleven, especially in the mid-field and forwards.

Substitute Nigeria striker

Substitute Nigeria striker Mohammed Gambo, who plays for Kano Pillars in the Nigeria Premier League, had one of the most memorable howlers of the night, missing an open net with goalkeeper Valdez well out of position.


sack Keshi and bring back ijaw man Sia sia

Well, when we won the African Cup of Nations, under the leadership of President Jonathan, after the cup had eluded us for over 18 yrs, rather than appreciate the president, ati d goodluck he brought unto us, by raising the flag of the nation at the international level, ACN ati CPC, headed by the 2 vultures Buhari ati Tinubu sponsored anti Jonathan articles with a view to burying the great achievements of the President in the dark room of Amaechis satanic thoughts against the first lady. Now that we have lost out in the confederation cup, I hope Nigerians will come out to praise Mr. Sharia nee Yerimas headship of APC-anthe likes of Wahala ati Tundemess whose evil thoughts against the Eagles, led us to lose to Spain-cheers

Soccer at that level is not a joke!!!

I'm happy we all saw what our boys played and the chances they lost. First, I have to commend them for giving a good accountof themselves. But that's it.

Soccer is more than that. They did the same thing with Uruguay by playing well and better than opponents.

But they lack the technique, experience and the "fire" to win a critical game. Any follower of Eagles'games would readily agree to this hard truth.

Imagine, if we had a player like Torres as our striker???


Eagles have tried their best

A Great Team

When would Nigeria raised STRIKERS? Matched Spain toe to toe but could not score even if the post was doubled. Hire a good srikers'coach and you'll just be fine.

Keshi needs help

Keshi is undoubtedly a very good coach. He is a poor identifier of talent that is not from his own background. He needs to be helped along. There are some good players coming through the under 20's that should be included in the Super Eagles.

I hope he is able to broaden his selection because he has a lot to offer the national team.

The Eagels Did Their Best

The boys did their best but Spain was too much for them (Super Eagles) especially since we lack a clinical finisher. Due to injuries one cannot blame the boys much. I have nothing but admiration for Stephen Keshi’s efforts in the improvement of the Super Eagles. It has been a pleasure watching him do this in the past two years. What remains for him is to find us a striker like Rashidi Yekini so that our wastefulness in front of goal will be reduced. I noticed one thing though our boys always like to pray at the beginning of each half of a game. I thought we only do this once-beginning of first half. The referee signalled for the beginning of the second half yet our boys were still praying. What for?

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