Nigeria Vs. Mali-Live Blog

Daniel Amokachi celebrates Nigeria's win against Mali
By SR Sports

6'-header from a cotrner kick by Mali

10'- Corner kick  for Mali deflected

 13- Ideye shot at goal

17'- Foul by Mali

18"- Malians are swarming on the Super  Eagles everywhere on the pitch

19"- Nigeria wins a free kick over rough tackle on Emenike

20"- Emenike makes a daring run in the 

 21"- Obi Mikel with a powerful shot at goal, but it went wide

22"- Mali made several attempts in the Nigerian 18" yard

 24"-Echejile ground header from a masterful pass from Victor Moses gave Nigeria the lead over Mali

 NIGERIA 1- Mali 0

 29"- Brown Ideye scores a pass from Emmanuel Emenike

 NIGERIA 2- Mali 0

 32"- Mali wins a corner kick

33"- Nigeria made another run and a shot at goal that could have possibly led to a third goal was saved by Malian keeper

35"- Free kick awarded to Mali

36"- Nigeria gets a free kick over a charge on Victor Moses

37"- Nigeria makes a well coordinated run at the Malian goal but Malian defenders thwart the effort

38"- Mali gets a free kick

43"-Emmanuel Emenike scores a third goal  for Nigeria via a free kick deflected into goal

47"- HALF TIME after Mali took a week free shot at the Nigerian goalside


47"- Goal attempt by Mali

56"-Foul by Mali

60"- Ahmed Musa scores Nigeria's 4th goal

NIGERIA  4-Mali 0


62"- Ahmed Musa's 5th goal is ruled offiside by referee


65"- Nigerian Brown Ideye caught offside


66"-Mali substitutes Keita with Samba Sow

71"- Nigeria substitutes Brown Ideye, Ezike Uzoenyi brought in

72"- Mali shoots at Nigeria goal is saved by goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama

74-"- Mali's Diarra scores  his teams fist goal today

76"- An incursion led by Ahmed Musa ended in a goal kick for Mali

81"- Joseph Yobo  replaces Ambrose

82"- Nigeria gets a free kick

83"- Malian player Diawara get the first yellow card of the match

85"- Emenike fires a powerful shot at goal that went wide. He comes down with a sprained thigh afterwards.

90"- 3 Minutes added to play time

91"- Mali made a goal attempt.

93"- Nigeria gets a corner kick



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Hi! I've been following your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from
Huffman Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic

Erratum!!!! Please correct the caption

SR should not carry its partisan & jaundiced journalism into sports reporting. We know that Mammon or Demon Sowore is a CPC & ACN member. Otherwise he would have seen the gathering of enough demons & parasitic vultures in Lagos as a bunch of beggarly, dependent & frustrated Governors from the North & their bed fellow Yoruba Governors converged in that unholy union in Lagos ostensibly to plot the take over of power from the SS&SE. Impossible!!!

...anyway, SR shud change the caption to United Republic of the SS&SE Vs Mali. Do it immediately without delay!

Long live MEND
Long live Biafra
Long live the United Republic of the SS&SE

some comments needs screening

how on earth will u be talking about tribes when we clamour for unity and one NIGERIA.people like you are not suppose to make comments on reasonable sites like this.u are a bloody tribalist.celebrate the eagles and not your stupid EGO. be wise mr oleku.



Who played in 2000 Afcon

Who played in 2000 Afcon final? Was it not Nigeria vs Cameroon? yeye tribalist

Oleku go back to hisory book

@Oleku,who is d nigeria highest goal scorer ever?if u dont know its Rashidi yekini of blessed memories a complete yoruba man.

don't associate goodluck with this victory

this can only come by through hardwork,right mental strength,dedication,discipline and courage.Goodluck jonathan doesn't have a contribution to this victory, he should stay back in naija to watch instead of going to SA for the finals, not to infect the players with his evilluck.there is no good in his goodluck but full of calamities.

end of d world

god, so mumu get mouth to talk, nawawo. Ur days are surely numbered. Useless igbo's.

Saboteurs and Enemys of Nigerian Unity and Progress

Oleku, pseudo-Nigerians like you are the worst enemies for building a true Nigerian nation because you dissect or measure all aspects of occurrence based on sectionalism. You set of thoughts just proves how ignorant and limited your understandings. Why not have a moment to reflect and celebrate a national pride for the performance of the Super Eagles instead of playing one section of the nation against the other. If you still hold allegiance to Biafra, you might as well pack your belongings and move out of Nigeria. I am an Ibo just as you, but you foolish utterances are embarrassment to all Ibos who are truly Nigerians. Shame on you!

Soccer will only interest me

Soccer will only interest me when Igbos can go to the African competition with their Biafran Team; Yorubas with Oodua Team, Hausa-Fulanis with Arewa Team etc. All nations must represent themselves, choose their coaches, players etc. according to their wish (Arewa may choose only emirs sons if they wish). For now, pure waste of time. What does a Nigerian win actually mean? That a failed genocided state that murdered over 3 million Ibos in 1966-70 is exactly what?. To your tents oh Israel!


if we learn to put our best foot forward in this country noboby and nothing can stop this great country Nigeria.Congratulations the Big Boss.Congratulations Dan the Bull.


This is beautiful to say the least!


Nigeria will never decline. Because they plan for success.

Super Eagles

Goodluck is only from God. Alhamdullah is the right thing to say.

Naija for live

Naija for live

Please Please Mr Anonymous. No Jonathan kind of Luck

Faceless Anonymous, please don't bring that Badluck into this. Hardwork, skill, Intelligence brings Victory and success,not Luck,Dumbness, laziness, crime and lack of Principle. Nigeria is screwed because people like you believe Success is because of luck: You even call Jonathan able, it shows your state of mind.. look around you Nigga, the country has never had it this bad.

All kudos to Buhari/Tinubu not GEJ's and SE/SS boys...

What more will Biafra not do for naija. See how they have trashed Mali and reached the AFCON finals for the time in 19yrs. The last time naija reached this stage of the AFCON was with the '94 squad that was made up of ONLY SE/SS citizens. Since then the team has been floated with Hausa-fulanis and Yorubas. What did we get over the years-defeat, disgrace and shame to the so called Giant of africa. This current team performance is equilavent to the strides and performance of GEJ administration. But the Hausa-fulanis born to rule Buhari will always mislead gullible naijas. You see, GEJ doesn't give a damn. UP super 'Biafra/SS' eagles!

Long Live Niger Delta
Long Live Biafra
Death to Hausa-fulani oppressors
All say Amen!!!

Keep on Trucking Naija

With the first half at 3-0, Naija boys should continue their pressure on Mali and noy allow complacency to come inti them. This is our year to win the Cup

The President's phone call to the team is working

The personal phone call made by our able president has motivated the team to greater heights.

GEJ had added his good luck to the team's luck.

keep on flying!!! Goodluck to Jonathan! Goodluck to the team! Goodluck Nigeria!!!


With this 24 minutes goal by Echejile, it is a sure banker that Nigeria will eventually carry the day. Moreover, the trophy is coming to Nigeria. Goodluck Nigeria!

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