Nigerian National Basketball Player, Chinedu Onyeuku, Killed In Texas Under Mysterious Circumstances

Nedu Onyeuku
By SR Sport

Police are searching for motive in the early morning shooting of acclaimed basketball star Chinedu Onyeuku who police said had been seen breaking and entering an apartment in the Texas town of Plano.

According to local police, the owner of the Rio Grande Drive apartment said he saw two men on his patio at about 3 a.m. A glass door was smashed and the resident pulled out a shotgun and blasted the two men. Onyeuku, age 29, was killed at the scene but the man managed to escape.
Initial reports said the two men had been attempting to burglarize the apartment.
Onyeuku had recently accepted a spot on an Iraqi team. His agent, Adam Prossin, spoke to him the day before the shooting to discuss details of his new assignment. Onyeuku was supposed to leave Texas a few days later.
Prossin called the case “shocking” in relation to the soft-spoken, down-to-earth ballplayer he knew.
“I know Nedu as being a pretty-straight-laced nice guy,” Prossin said.
“We believe this is more than just 'an unknown subject breaks into your residence to commit a burglary,'” Police spokesman David Tilley said, but he declined to elaborate.
Texas, unlike Nebraska, has a “castle doctrine” law, which gives people some latitude to use deadly force against intruders in their homes.
Onyeuku aimed to play in the National Basketball Association. He was living in the Dallas area to try to get into the NBA Development League there, hoping that would lead to an NBA spot.
Onyeuku previously played for German and Libyan teams and the national team in Nigeria.
Prossin said Onyeuku was a talented player. “He would surprise guys with this athleticism and his leaping ability, as well as his ability to just shoot the lights out.”
Onyeuku was playing for the Libyan team in 2011 when the civil war began, Prossin said. The team was based in a relatively safe area but eventually left for Egypt. Onyeuku joined the Nigerian team later that year for the African Championships, where it took third place.
The Nigeria Basketball Federation released a statement saying Onyeuku's friends and teammates will miss him.
“Nedu's passion for playing ... was deep-seated and he will be greatly missed,” it said. “The federation joins his family and teammates to mourn a departed son, father, husband and great patriot.”
Onyeuku is survived by his two sons, Isaiah Jeremiah Onyeuku and Chinedu Jeremiah Onyeuku Jr.; their mother; his companion, Tiaira Erwin; his parents, Josephine and Saul Onyeuku; and two sisters, Kelechi Onyeuku and Ozioma Onyeuku.
Prossin said Nedu Onyeuku was proud of his sons and would often post videos of their football games on Facebook. Once, he even skipped the first part of a tryout to watch one of his sons play football.
“He made the decision that it was more important to go to his son's football game,” Prossin said.
A wake for Onyeuku will be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday at Omaha's Fort Street Church of Christ, 5922 Fort St. A visitation at the church will start at 10 a.m. Saturday, followed by services at 1 p.m.
Plano police asked anyone with information on the Onyeuku case to call Crime Stoppers at 877-373-8477. Tipsters could be eligible for an award of up to $5,000.

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There is definately a great deal to find out about this subject.
I love all of the points you have made.

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Keep this going please, great job!

From the heart of the family

After losing Nedu our family has been broken with out his presence but strong because of his spirit and because God gives up the strength. I have learned never to believe what you read. the man that shot Nedu meant to kill him and not injure plus it's not stated if he was armed or not and it's not know for sure if it was a robbery. They have to go off the "robbery" thing because the homeowner called 911 and said that's what happened but people lie to protect themselves. I pray for justice and for the truth no matter how hard it may be to deal with. I also pray that this situation lays heavy on the hearts of those involved until the truth is out. May God bless

i know the man who killed

i know the man who killed him, he would never kill someone unless for his own protection! trust me..... and remember he was a semi-pro, not a pro so its not like hes rich and doesnt need to steal


Father, I thank You for giving us Your wisdom. Lord, may I never blame You when the enemy is attacking me with something evil. Lord, please deliver me from any trace of murmuring and complaining when I am faced with trials in this life. May I instead put on the armor of God and use my faith to put the enemy to flight. May I always trust You to bring me the victory over everything the enemy tries to defeat me with. I declare that he is a defeated foe and that no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that rises up against me in judgment, You shall prove to be wrong. I thank You for the victory in Jesus name! Amen.

PS. Jesus Thank you for allowing me to be in their present and taking all of the emotion into my heart. Also, thank you Neighbor, love you and yours and your family.

Chinedu Onyeuku, Killed In Texas

Those bastards don't just like to see black people in their neighbourhood,simple. And those of you associating this incident with been an Ibo man, that is very stupid. This kind of thing could happen to a Yoruba man, Hausa man, Ijaw man, a Ghanian or a black American and it does happen to blacks in America very often. It is unbelievable the amount of hatred some of these white people harbour within them against black people. One day in the UK, i was walking in the street and i saw an elderly man fell beside his car as he was trying to get in, his arm was bleeding. I when to him immediately, put my hands round him to pick him up, he said i should leave him as he turned his head round and saw who was picking him up, even the look said it all. A man like that could turn round and say i pushed him down whilst i was trying to rob him. We need to be very careful in our judgement. May God have His mercy upon everyone of us.

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An attempt to Cover Up in Redneck State

There is more to it. . .



Bone head,authority does not

Bone head,authority does not believe it was burglary.It looked like a set-up.Read through information before making pronouncement,STUPID.

You r such a lunatic and an

You r such a lunatic and an imbecile, for you to open your mouth without even thinking and then rush to judgement about this dude just cos he's an ibo guy? Shame on u...I don't even blame you, cos the way you speak it is very clear that illiteracy has eaten into ur brain and that's why speak like a fool...stupid waste of life omo Yoruba, abi omo kini ni ee.

this is not the true stroy

How can an Igbo basketballer prayer steal? Is not possible,
There is more to this death! May his soul rest in peace


1. Why would I approach a home from the front door if I came to steal?
2. Knowing that everybody body is permitted to own a gun, why would I not bring one in case I have to defend myself?

God will vindicate you

As we mourn your loss,I pray that God will help vindicate you from this ugly story and revenge your death.
This is not the Nedu we know
God will fight for you as you RIP.It is well

Don't Mess With Texa(n)s

If Nedu and friend did break the glass on a window/door to a Texan's resident, then they should expect anything. It is unfortunate that he will not be applying his talent to help his children and family anymore.

No suprise

hummmmm Omo Ibo, owo yi sa. They never think than making money by all means.. Omo yibo.. even their lives are not important if they want money.. Omo yibo should change their attitudes if they want to live good life. Everywhere in this worlds they are full in prison.. not you only want money ler.. use you mind and adapt good conduct, its only way for you

No suprise

hummmmm Omo Ibo, owo yi sa. They never think than making money by all means.. Omo yibo.. even their lives are not important if they want money.. Omo yibo should change their attitudes if they want to live good life. Everywhere in this worlds they are full in prison.. not you only want money ler.. use you mind and adapt good conduct, its only way for you

THEY shld plssssssss tell us

THEY shld plssssssss tell us the origin story, a Nigerian playing BASKETBALL more income than FOOTBALL go into burglary stealing. there is always two side of CNN & the rest of them stories the ORIGINAL STORY and the 1 THEY WANT U TO LISTEN TO. WORLD POLITICS

Boodie Call?

This is not typical of Nigerian kids raised abroad by Nigerian parents. They would not go buglarizing except whenn they are teens and doing things their friends are doing. At least not buglarising residential property, may be, shoplifting when they are still stupid, cause my American born and raised nephew had done so when he was 15 and stupid.

It might be the boy went to the home for a girl and got caught..and roforo happened.

May his parents be consoled.


As a former basket baller myself,I have made some enquires on this Guy,I do think there is more to what we know.No fool will go to burgle a house in Texas where one is allowed to shoot once entry is made and where almost every house-hold has firearms,to top it off he was not armed.
The key lies in arresting his accomplish in this unfortunate incident who is still at large.May his family especially his children find the will power to bear the loss,this is so sad.

Na wa o

What is life? Mei duniya? Now he is gone, gone forever. May God bring the guilty to judgement.

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