South Africa 2013: Keshi Picks 32 Super Eagles Players For Faro Camp

Stephen Keshi
By SR Sports

Nigeria's soccer coach Stephen Keshi has listed 32 players to fight for 23 spots in the Super Eagles team to the 29th Africa Cup of Nations taking place in South Africa  between 19th January – 10th February 2013.

Following a meeting with the Nigerian Football Federation's technical committee in Abuja on Friday, where he had gone to defend his selections, Mr. Keshi rolled out a squad with 14 home-based professionals and 18 foreign-based players.

The team will likely be captained by Joseph Yobo, who previously represented Nigeria at the 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 Africa Cup of Nations finals, and is Nigeria’s highest record holder with 89 international  appearances.

Africa’s football-governing body, CAF has given all 16 teams playing in the final tournament of  the cup of nations until midnight of January 9 2013 to submit their final list of 23 players for the event.

Already, the NFF has finalised arrangements for international friendlies with Catalonia and Cape Verde, with the first taking place on January 2 while the clash with surprise Cup of Nations finalists Cape Verde will come up on January 9 – the same day Keshi will announce his final list.

Following Friday’s meeting, chairman of the NFF Technical Committee, Barrister Chris Green explained that 14 local players will travel to Portugal to be joined by 10 Europe-based professionals for the match with Catalonia on January 2, with the remaining eight foreign-based stars linking up with the squad on January 4.


Goalkeepers: Vincent Enyeama (Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel); Austin Ejide (Hapoel Be’er Sheba, Israel); Chigozie Agbim (Enugu Rangers, Nigeria); Daniel Akpeyi (Heartland FC, Nigeria)

Defenders: Elderson Echiejile (FC Braga, Portugal); Juwon Oshaniwa (Ashdod FC, Israel); Benjamin Francis (Heartland FC, Nigeria); Joseph Yobo (Fenerbahce, Turkey); Efe Ambrose (Celtic FC, Scotland); Solomon Kwambe (Sunshine Stars, Nigeria); Azubuike Egwuekwe (Warri Wolves, Nigeria); Danny Shittu (Millwall FC, England); Kenneth Omeruo (ADO Den Haag, Netherlands); Godfrey Oboabona (Sunshine Stars, Nigeria)

Midfielders: Mikel Obi (Chelsea FC, England); Nosa Igiebor (Real Betis, Spain); Ogenyi Onazi (SS Lazio, Italy); Raheem Lawal (Adana Demirspor, Turkey); Obiora Nwankwo (Calcio Padova, Italy); Fegor Ogude (Valerenga FC, Norway); Reuben Gabriel (Kano Pillars, Nigeria); Rabiu Ibrahim (Celtic FC, Scotland)

Forwards: Ahmed Musa (CSKA Moscow, Russia); Emmanuel Emenike (Spartak Moscow, Russia); Brown Ideye (Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine); Victor Moses (Chelsea FC, England); Uche Kalu (Rizespor, Turkey); Bright Dike (Portland Timbers, USA); Shola Ameobi (Newcastle FC, England); Ikechukwu Uche (Villarreal FC, Spain); Ejike Uzoenyi (Enugu Rangers, Nigeria); Sunday Mba (Enugu Rangers, Nigeria)

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my people nigeria

4 nw keshi is d best wat home couch cn't do he has done it.pls my peoplpe let support him to do more.4 how many years nw bt he nand his boy's has restored our prestige bck.keshi more grace to u


Like the MYSTERY of the trinity (3 all in one)in the christian lexicon, so also is the six geo.-pol.-zones (6 all in one Nigeria).Therefore,When it comes to regional politics lets support our so called regions.When is time for any international sporting event,please, lets all put ethnic and regional sentiments aside and speak one Nigeria. Keshi is allowed to select players even if they all come from is native town provided he is convinced that they are the best to represent Nigeria. STOP branding the entire North as terrorist because when SE fought the B'War and SS Fought for Oil revenue the rest of us supported without branding them with a bad name. Be a True Nigerian and lets fight to eradicate nepotism,favoritism,corruption,regionalism,resource control agenda,terrorism. Thank you

Take the best players even if they all come from one ethnic grou

I Iagree with you my brother, Keshi should take the best players regardless of their ethnicity. We must stop this favouritism, nepotism based on tribes and use our bests in order to excell again. These so called federal character is killing us slowly.

Dr. Kola

About Keshi's list

First of all, let me thank Keshi for his kind of person who never quit doing what he consider to be the best no matter the forces against it. About his list, I can't say it is wrong, but if I am to say Ahmed Musa should ve face the fate of Osaze. But all the same, lets allow Keshi to do his job his own way. To those who points that Keshi had commit a crime by making the SS/SE to dominates in the list, I ve begins to reason that they don't think or do not allow they thought to sink. I am saying so cus I did not see why they will be linking foothball with politics. Eagles are going to SA to carry the cup not for any tribe nor for keshi, neither for any of the players, but for Nigeria as a whole. So to those ignoring this fact, I advise that they stop thinking with their nose, but to reason well and give Eagles the support they need to make the nation pround. +2348123812475


My fellow Nigerians,

I love you all. Yes, I love you all. Irrespective of your tribe, language or colour...We are one.

Yes, your hearts are hardened and turned against each other by the wickedness of the 'rulers' yet you fight. You fight against the ordinary ones which are meant to be your ally.

We are one. Pause for a minute and see yourselves as human first, as God's creations; not barbaric beings. Appreciate one another and love you drive peace,growth and development in our football, but also in every aspects of the nation's life.

God bless you all and have a prosperous 2013

I'm sorry but I think it's

I'm sorry but I think it's high time we all forget this tribal thing. For God sake, can't we all live together as one. Keshi should be free to select anybody even if they're all from the north. We're all one

@ Akpos and other Ethnic Bigots(2)

Real Estate - 1.74%
Business & Other Services - 0.90%
Hotel and Restaurant - 0.50%
Solid Minerals - 0.34%
Others - 6.83%

We all know that agriculture comes mainly from the NC, NW, NE and SW. The second largest contributor is mainly from the SW and SE. The others except Oil and Gas are mainly from the SW by virtue of activities in Lagos. In fact Lagos alone has an estimated GDP of about $50 billion which is 20% of total country GDP and more than the contribution of oil and gas from all oil producing states. I hope this helps @Akpos and others understand that the SS is not necessarily the largest contributor to the national economy. It is just that its products (oil and gas) is sold externally to earn foreign exchange. By the way, I am from the SS (Edo State) but facts are facts. Y

@ Akpos and other Ethnic Bigots

To @Akpos and others who have been peddling falsehood over several weeks now, note that Oil and Gas is not the major contributor to Nigeria's GDP which is the total amount of products and services produced by your National economy.Here is the breakdown of Nigeria's GDP as of 2010. Agriculture - 40.8%
Wholesale and Retail - 18.70%
Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas - 15.85%
TeleComm/Postal Serv - 4.56%
Manufacturing - 4.16%
Finance & Insurance - 3.57%
Building & Construc - 2.00%
ou are entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

@AK47 Is Nigeria a nation?

You are either a bloody Dan fodio or Oduduwa descendant.

When did Nigeria become a country? Does Nigeria look like a country to u? long as we continue to run a continent as a country, the problems on this geographical expression called Nigeria will continue.

Hate or like AKPOS1 & others of like minds on this forum and the whole of our continent. But what they say is simple truth.

@Yunusa&Anonymous(Yoruba boy) --Lets move to Comedy & Nollywood

For your information, after Oil & gas, the highest income generating sector is entertainment-Comedy, Music & Acting.

I leave you to do the analysis. Who are the leaders? Don't be an Idiot. Compute the ratios, derive your statistics and make them public as I have done in time past, displaying the leaders in the sectors of -
Revenue generation(SS&SE), Cowardice(SW) and Terrorism(NE,NW&NC)

I await your findings.

Verily verily I say unto you, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW!

Long live the United States of the SS&SE

Akpos 1 analysis is still

Akpos 1 analysis is still correct even if you take away five players from ss/se combo and add them to sw or the north.

What Akpos 1 is doing is to show who brings what to the nigeria table. People wants power but what do they bring to the table? He that pays the bills MUST dictate also.

@ AK 47

Thank you AK 47 for your comment. The Akpos of a guy, out of illiteracy, thinks every Shola is from SW. Mind you Shola Ameobi is from the North, Kogi State, and Rabiu Ibrahim is not from SW.

the reason for our disunity

U all should be ashamed of urselves,little wonder why we are still backwards as a country,amidst all the abundant resources in our land.keshi was given a job and a mandate,why crucify him before he fails,if he has penciled non Nigerians we can raise an eye brow but the big boss has chosen soome fine set of players but from home and abroad,mind u some where members of our youth national teams that hv grown through the ranks over the yrs.this has got nothing to do with tribe,colour,language or ethnic group.what we hv to do now is to rally round our darling eagles and drum up support for them,rather than sit back and slander ourselves on social media.this could also be applied nationally for our overall growth as a nation,remember Nigeria as a nation is not one mans problem to solve,its a collective effort that can take us to our much desired "Eldorado".

akpos1 u' re the biggest

akpos1 u' re the biggest ethnis bigot i ve seen in a long while. your stupid analysis and irrational thinking may yet derail the team if any of the players or coaches have this mentality! if u hate the contraption 'nigeria' go wake lord frederick lugard and thrash him. rubbish1

keshi must read

dis team selected is good but not strong enough....where is joel obi, osaze, obafemi matinz,anichebe many more.
Leave the grudges behind and lets face talk of their forms and constant playing time....owk see the club they are playing for whose there to bench them?just try to re-select for better result
Advice: if u want to use mikel obi,try use him as a blocking defensive midfielder because his attacking skills are gone. Dont forget that this competition is an experinced tournament not qualifers


Where is Osaze, Martins, John Utaka, Peter Utaka and Haruna.


I dont really know the import of the analysis done by Akpos 1 and the comment made by the second person. Is Akpos saying that FGN should introduce Federal Character into the national teams? Mind you some of the names he listed as from his daydreaming republic are not even from there. Of certainty I know that Juwon Oshaniwa is not from there.

Football is a team game and only the players that the coach think that is best suited for his style should be invited. That never mean they are the very best. For instance none of the players invited is better than Osaze in briliance, experience, speed, patroitism and even character. But the Coach has his reasons. And of course if his reason is not genuine he will also lose his job like those before him. Nigeria is a big country that can even produce another team that can best this selection, Akpos.



Keshi picks players

You are very poor in spirit and should bow your head in shame. In the 80's the national team was almost made of players from NNB, Flash Flamingoes and Leventis with few from Rangers, IICC and Stores. Nobody complained. You are just a poor soul.


Oloshi buruku!!!
When Westerhof was at the helm, there was no silly talk of national character in Eagles selection. They were successful and Nigerians applauded.
Keshi, please do not allow these tribalists influence your work.
Anonymous my ass!!!


Football or any other sport is all about skill and you are just a tribalistic Nigerian who is pulling this country backward because of sentiments.i think you are biased by your comments.You are blind to see that those he picked were the footballers that are in form and active regular players for their clubs.I know you are one of those that is anti-igbo but God will shame all of you soon.
You are myopic,forgetting that the SW and N,occupied all the vital seats in Senate,house of rep.all the Oil company's,Banks,military,police and govt parastatals (DPR,NNPC etc) are filled with SW and N while the SE and SS are marginalized.We are alert and are following up with the cold war you guys are orchestrating not to talk of Boko harams. You have more states and LGAs,and have been in power more than any of SE and SS who has been there just once since Independence.Everyday is for the thief but a day is for the owner.

shut up! Onazi and Kwambe are

shut up! Onazi and Kwambe are frm Benue State to butress ur ignonance

Super Eagles

@Akpos1,You are the most demented Nigerian living in the trenches of self-inflicted delusion.You are luxuriarating in a delusional world that will never see the light of the day.How on earth can you dream of a united state of SE and SS?Do you ever think that SS would want to be united with SE after experiencing the oppressive and subjugating regime of the Biafrans before and during the pogrom?Only a mad dog as demented as you are can think the way you do:using your arse.

team list

U need help seriously u actuallu termed NN NE NW bokoharam republic now I see why ur comment should b utterly disregarded I profer that u should b arrested then from prison draw up a list that can match this. seek help

ethnic champions allow excellence to prevail

leave keshi alone you ethnic champions everything should go on merit therefore respect his judgement
this is why we cannot unify to confront various problems facing our country , you are part of our problems, your attitude is disgusting, very myopic on how to build a nation.

Yeye dey smell

Number 1: SR, as usual, has committed plagiarism by not acknowledging the original source of this story. If it is not plagiarism SR delights in half-truth and blatant lies.

Number 2: The moron that did the tribe analysis is just what he is- a moron. When did Juwon become SS or SE and Victor Moses is from Kaduna State FYI same as Rabiu Ibrahim. His illiteracy has taught him that a Victor can only come from SE and SS. Olodo.

Number 3: From the beginning of Super Eagles, the SE and SS have always been in majority in the squad no matter who is at the helm of affairs. Olodo did not do his research well.

In conclusion, until we move from this nonsensical sentiments as a nation we go no where.

Yeye dey smell

Number 1: SR, as usual, has committed plagiarism by not acknowledging the original source of this story. If it is not plagiarism SR delights in half-truth and blatant lies.

Number 2: The moron that did the tribe analysis is just what he is- a moron. When did Juwon become SS or SE and Victor Moses is from Kaduna State. His illiteracy has taught him that a Victor can only come from SE and SS. Olodo.

Number 3: From the beginning of Super Eagles, the SE and SS have always been in majority in the squad no matter who is at the helm of affairs. Olodo did not do his research well.

In conclusion, until we move from this nonsensical sentiments as a nation we go no where.

I know why the North are among the players

The North are not there bcos all the boys & men are in Boko haram camps

For them the sport of suicide bombing is more interesting.


The north are busy praying at the mosque,their girls don't contribute in the female team while the guys are busy doing Almajeri cum boko activities.
Well whatever happens ,I hope Stephen Okechukwu Keshi and his boys break the jinx and bring back the trophy,the "countries"of Nigeria have not been living up to expectation.

The whole North with 50million people has only 1 player

The whole North with 50million people has only 1 player....are they 'spotistically' disadvantaged the same way they have been educationally disadvantaged?

Northern countries....truly unproductive & perennial liability.

Long live the United States of the SS&SE.

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