Super Eagles Triumph Over Venezuela National Soccer Team in Florida

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Joe Skipper
By SR Sports

A swashbuckling Super Eagles team this evening in Miami, Florida, continued its build-up for the 2013 African Cup of Nations by thumping the Venezuela National team in a friendly, 3-1.

The gritty contest, which left the Super Eagles technical team hugging and smiling at the end, did not begin with a lot of promise.  The Venezuelan team was enjoying the upper hand, repeatedly exposing a hesitant and sluggish Eagles defence that sometimes played as though they were strangers to each other.  

The first half ended with no goals, a situation that was dramatically changed in the 49th minute when the effervescent Brown Ideye swept a cross from the right into the net.  

Then came the highlight of the match when Nosa Igiebor, controlling a ball 30 metres out, volleyed a blistering right footer over the goalkeeper for Nigeria’s second goal.  The few Nigerians all over Southern Florida rose in full voice in salute, those at the stadium waving the national flag as they danced.
The vociferous Venezuelan crowd at the match, in their thousands, took up their national cause, drumming, dancing and singing in an effort to rouse their national team.  

It may have worked.  In the 70th minute, they exposed the Nigerian defence one more time and slotted a goal past Ejide, Nigeria’s captain.
But the Eagles would have the last word, following a flurry of substitutions by coach Stephen Keshi that included Shola Ameobi, who made his international debut along with Bright Dike, who plays his professional soccer in America’s Major League Soccer.

But it was Lazio youngster Ogenyi Onazi getting his first goal in the full national team in added time to end the match and send Nigerians to local pubs in merriment.

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Be careful in your victory celebration!

Yes, I congratulate the Super Eagles! But beware that the Venezuelans could have given you false sense of security by allowing you to win! This is just a possibility but I may not be right. However, have this idea behind your minds.

Decent outing

The Super Eagles impressed in that match against Venezuela in Miami. But there's plenty of room to improve. Some of the midfielders on occasion casually gave away the ball and enabled pressure on the defence. Quick ball movement will hugely streamline the team.

Famous Argentine World Cup hero, and later national team coach, Daniel Passarela, once remarked that world-class players must be able to combine precision and speed in their play. This is a great playing philosophy to imbibe.

Again, physical conditioning is another area for the coaching staff to work on. The Venezuelan players won most of the physical battles with our players, some of whom easily fizzled under tough challenges. All in all, it was a decent display by the boys. Kudos to 'em all.

Akpos, you need help

@Akpos, Ethnic hatred is ruining your life. You probably rejected your morning akamu because the milk may have come from a Fulani-owned cow.

Paranoia has gripped your faculties and you are losing your humanity little by little. Do you even have any "loved ones" in your life or you can only view them through the prism of this madness. I pity them.

Go ... and ... seek ... help

Meanwhile jare, kudos to SR for reinvigorating this sports section. The Super Eagles (or Super Chickens at times) is the one unifying factor in our diaspora lives.

Keep it local please. Protect it from any creeping references to ManU, Barcelona, Arsenal, etc crap.

Did we hav any players frm d Northern Countries of d continent

Noooooooooooo.... they are all in terrorist camps in Mali & Niger republic as Hoko Harams recruits.

To all the people from the North who contribute nothing to the continent of Nigeria but to steal the SS oil money and oil blocks, I say to you this day, "your days are numbered". We the South South peoples shall teach you some hard lessons in a few years. Much closer than you ever thought. The game is long over. We are not like the Illorin people of Yoruba kwara. We have shown that very clearly from the events of april 22, 1990 and from the reaction of the Niger Deltta revolutionaries when abacha dared to murder Ken Saro Wiwa.

The North is a liability on the entire continent vnd even more on the countries of the SS & SE. This can only be ephemeral. The anomaly of 1914 arising frm the stupidity of the British must be reversed in 2014/15.

Long live the United States of the SS & SE countries.

Keshi keep it up.

Keshi keep it up.

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Its a welcome thing seeing the Nigeerian super back into their almost forgoten element of scoring goals and winning matches. In the sence of thing one might say who is venusella in world football, but one remember they south Americans who ply their trade of footballing with great footballing nations like brazil, agentina, chile, colombia and uraguay the first wordld cup winning nation.I will want to advice the coaching team to have stable team for the nations cup. One can start experimenting after the nation cup tornament

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