“I’ve Never Had A Wedding Day Dream In My Life.”- Funmi Iyanda

During an exclusive interview on SaharaTV, Nigeria’s foremost female media personality and award-winning broadcaster, Funmi Iyanda revealed that she is quite different from women and girls around the world.

“I’ve never had a wedding day dream in my life,” Iyanda told SaharaTV’s Adeola Fayehun. 

While millions of girls and women have already imagined their own elaborate wedding day ceremonies, schemed and sketched designs for a one-of-a-kind wedding gown and even compiled music playlists for the wedding reception festivities, Iyanda simply said: “I never thought to be married.”

“Part of the reason why I’m not married is because I haven’t found a person I can trust with my most vulnerable self,” she said.

The “vulnerable self” of Ms. Funmi Iyanda is open to interpretation, but the statuesque, charismatic media icon made it clear that she values the institution of marriage and welcomes companionship.

Iyanda, raised mainly by her father, --who taught her that her gender should not stop her from achieving whatever she wanted to-- says she defines herself first, as a person, not as a woman.

She understands the demands and pressures of women who work in the media sector and are constantly thrusted in the public eye. Her status as a single mother living in Nigeria may certainly compound the pressure. 

“Nigeria, more than anywhere else, deeply frowns on the issue of single motherhood,” Iyanda said. 

She explained that the father of her daughter plays a role in the life of her daughter. 

But being a single mother has yet to slow her down. 

As a well-respected figure in Nigeria’s media industry, Iyanda wears several hats as a producer, presenter, journalist, CEO of Ignite Media and activist.

Iyanda recently returned from Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania where she joined almost three dozen African women (with the likes of South African actress Rosie Motene and Congolese singer Barbara Kanam) for a 5-day hike on Africa’s tallest mountain. The symbolic trek, purposed to advocate the ceasing of violence against women, coincided with March 8 International Women’s Day, 

At the end of the journey, Iyanda tweeted that she “almost died.”

“…most life altering experience of my life. still struggling 2 assimilate all. I can't walk and my fingers r still frozen so each word hurts.”

“…just came off the mountain. 5 days of hiking/climbing 10 hours a day thru rain forest, savanna, tundra den arctic regions, no bath” 

But, women empowerment is not the only issue that Iyanda is ready to advocate. The self-described “product of Nigeria’s military era,” stood alongside fellow Nigerians at the anti-fuel subsidy removal protests in January. 

“What was going on then was completely unacceptable…aside from the fact that Nigeria is a fragile economy there’s nowhere, nowhere in the world where you… would try to implement an economic policy that would mean a 117 percent or thereabout increment... It doesn’t work, you don’t do that…it’s a bit inhumane,” Iyanda told SaharaTV’s Adeola Fayehun.  

Iyanda said that the Occupy Nigeria movement is a “pre-revolution,” an “awakening of the people.”  

“Don’t go by what you see on Twitter alone,” she said. “If you get into a bus or a taxi in Nigeria now, they are discussing with you the infinite details, you know, of the budget, of political decisions, of policies that are being taken. People are taking more interest in how Nigeria is being run. I think it’s good. This is how democracy supposed to be practiced. It’s good for the leaders, too, because it makes them more conscious of the decisions that they take. I think if we had been doing this all through the time that we were experiencing the dictatorship and military government we would have gone a lot farther than where we are now,” she said.

So, where will activism and media lead Ms. Funmi Iyanda in the future? The possibilities are many, but for Iyanda, making a difference is all it takes.

"I would not have gone into the media if I didn't think that what I did could make a difference in our social landscape." Funmi Iyanda

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Funmi Iyanda

Hey Funmi, if you cannot find a trustworthy man in the whole of Nigeria and the world and because of that you want to remain single mother, then something is wrong with you and you need to examine yourself. Note that your daughter is watching your foot steps. Will you like her to be unmarried, single mother or find all men to be untrustworthy? God bless and lead your daughter aright.


It is her choice to live her life the best way she see fit..Please respect that. As long as one is honest with herself/himself, and as long as you are not hurting anybody, why not live as you wish?. People should not get into relationships because of expectations and we should not put everybody in the same box. Believe me, if she see somebody she is comfortable with, she will want to make it last.... married or not is not the issue.

In the beginning it was not so...

It is not good that a man (woman) should be alone, i'll make a help-meet suitable for him.
He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. So my dear, marriage is honourable. No matter your achievements in life, without a man by you, it is incomplete. You can't be complete as a woman without a man in your life to compliment you. Except in the case of chastity then you join the convent and be a nun.

She has never been married,

She has never been married, but she has a daughter. The man who fathered her daughter is involved with the daughter, but not with her. She is both a father and a mother to her daughter. This is the lifestyle of millions of woman in Europe and America. Some Nigerian women have mastered this lifestyle, but they do not know that European women are presently unhappy and depressed after many years of materialism and chasing professional career at the expense of authentic family life. Because politicians in the west rig elections and take bribes, Nigerian politicians do the same.

We learn useless things from the west and forget ourselves, our culture, our traditions, and our soul. We have hummers and jets, but we have no roads and airports. Our police have helicopters, but when the helicopters crash they carry the wreckage with their bare hands. Japanese and Chinese women balance family life and professional life and their societies are happier than western societies.

Good for u as long as u don't bring another to the World

I respect your vies Funmi, just don't have babies that is my own. People who cannot share emotions/feelings are likely to lack Maternal Instincts too; therefore are not the best Mothers.

But U have a dream of playing around?

Ms Funmi, God have not made mistake for creating Adam and Eve. Well, you are entitle to your opinion but don't play games around.

Funmi this is not true

Funmi is deceiving herself by claiming she does not dream of marriage. Anyway marriage is a holy institution not for dogs and media executives who sell their body to highest bidder for money and worldly lucre. She agreed that her father made her what she is today but denied her daughter of the same fatherly care in the name of single mother. Single mother are reserve for loose women who want association men instead of keeping to one man. In developing world where this started had already started screaming under the weight of the problem of cultism, divorce, numerous murder etc. Children from single mother grow up to embrace violence and aggression as only way to solve issues because of their childhood deprivation of fatherly love

Okonjo-Iweala New Arrival

God is the paramount owner of power and blessings. Definately,madam you will be blessed on that position of World Bank Predency. You are the candidate to be given the job so that the glory of Nigeria and the whole Africa will continue glowing positively around the world. So shall it be in God powerful names.

Okonjo-Iweala New Arrival

God is the paramount owner of power and blessings. Definately,madam you will be blessed on that position of World Bank Predent. You are the candidate to be given the job so that the glory of Nigeria and the whole Africa will continue glowing positively around the world. So shall it be in God powerful names.


I think she will knw better when she becomes 60. Then she would have retired from all these activities. Then she will know what it takes to have a good partner.

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how ?

How do you say one is deceiving herself when she's putting out there that she feels a certain way. Hold on to your beliefs and allow others to follow their own path. What works for you , doesn't work for all. Again, social norm. Live outside the box

you are so wrong

Stick to your beliefs, we have each other when it is mutual and can't be forced to be in love or settle with a partner because of the so called social norm. Live outside the box and think for yourself sometimes . Can't be a follower forever and if you choose to be one , then you will never learn on your own.

You know it - Not from the bottom of heart. Not Natural

As long as you are a human, there are some in-built desire you can not wish away. It is natural for male and female to be together, all look forward to it. Even if circumstances prevent it, that desire is tucked there in corner of the heart, at a quiet moment of ones life it is there. So do not deceive yourself.

Ms Funmi Iyanda

I respect your decisions and I like what you do.

Marriage is not ado or die affair

Ur life is not complete

Ur life is not complete without a man,something is wrong with her.Are trying to spell Madam without an Adam or Mrs without a Mr.You need us.