‪Exclusive Interview With Ndaba Mandela‬

Sahara Reporters sits down with the grandson of Nelson Mandela, Ndaba Mandela, of Africa Rising. Learn what Africa Rising is and what it plans to do to make a better Africa.

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Nelson Mandela was married 3 times ,He and first wife Evelyn Mase Mandela had 2 boys and 2 girls.Both girls died young ,Thembu the ist boy died in a Car crash in 1969 ,but fortunately Magatho Mandela the 2nd son lived on to practise law for many years before he died of Aids in 2005,Ndaba and Mandla Mandela are his Sons(yep!! Nelson Mandela had an heir and Son Magatho till he died of Aids in 2005,Nelson just did not scream about it allover the place like some ignorant Africans !!) - XHosa of South africa do not Claim the children of their daughters as their direct heirs ,that's why Mandla was crowned with Nelson's tradtional Cheieftancy title at the transkei this year!! GET INFORMED BEFORE POSTING IGNORANT COMMENTS ALLOVER THE PLACE!!