9ice Discusses Politics and Music On SaharaTV

Popular Nigerian singer 9ice talks about his interest in politics and assesses the performance of present politicians in Nigeria and suggests the way forward.
The singer also discusses his journey from being a hustler on the streets of Lagos to becoming a star.
Find out why he said he's willing to quit music for politics.


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9ice Interview

very melot...... Aluta Continua. keep on keeping it real.....Deola,,,, omo ibadan!!!

9ice, leave politics alone

9ice, you are a good artist no doubt and I love you but a good politician? I say "hell no". May I remind you that the primary function of a legislator is to make laws and NOT to provide light, water, roads etc. In Naija, these come into play through what they label constituency allowance which so to speak is a mere loophole to allow the legislators have a share of the so called National Cake.
Adeola, since my sojourn in the U.S I feel so proud that you are a Nigerian. Thank you for bringing out some of the salient points during the interview , however, I think our WRONG VALUE SYSTEM RATHER THAN OUR POLITICIANS should be blamed!
We are the same people who will mock relations that after being a political appointee for so long a time , they have nothing to show for it. What a shame!

I love u Deola,u'r very

I love u Deola,u'r very bright and talented, decent, young lady, yr husband must be very proud of you. And for 9ice, u, think like me in terms of our 'oselu' and 'ojelu'in 9ija! May God help u with yr dreams..

9Nice, you tried. Follow your heart in everything you do

Good interview

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