Africa Under Pressure To Accept GMOs Says Nnimmo Bassey

The founder of the Non- Governmental Organization, Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) Nnimmo Bassey has decried the rate at which Africa is being put under pressure to open up to Genetically Modified Foods. Speaking on Sahara TV, Mr. Bassey threw light on the activities of powerful organizations, which are promoting the widespread use of GMOs in Nigeria and across the whole of Africa. According to to Mr. Bassey, a lot of the assertions propounded by the promoters of GMOs are actually false and this can be deduced from research conducted by reputed international scientists.

"The argument they give is that genetically engineered crops   produce more; they have higher yield than natural crops, and it's been shown that this is not true, " he said. He revealed that several studies had been conducted on the subject, including one in which 400 scientists compared the yield rate of genetically engineered crops   in the US with natural crops in Europe and found that the natural crops had a higher yield rate than the GMOs. Thus, the fable that GMOs are designed to fight hunger in Africa by helping farmers produce more is totally unfounded in his estimation. He also debunked the popular assertion that GMOs utilize fewer chemicals  saying that the same companies that produce the GMOs are the same companies that produce the chemicals and that these chemicals may have been particularly designed to suit the kind of seed they produce. "Genetically engineered crops are not engineered to help anybody, " he opined, " they are engineered to help the industry that produces the crops ."

Mr. Bassey said companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (ITA), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Rockefeller Foundation and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations are among a long list of institutions, mostly behind this push to introduce GMOs to the African continent. He said, " the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has at this moment announced that they are going to help Nigeria build a bio-technology laboratory, and the whole idea is to prime the country to produce these genetically engineered seeds not just for Nigeria but for the whole of Africa. "

He regretted that organizations like the IITA are promoting GMOs even though they have in the past researched and produced hybrid seeds, which seek to do the same things the GMOs claim to do- without the attendant hazards- and yet are still involved in promoting these GMOs.He also said there is a link with the energy sector as vast parcels of land would be required to grow GMOs some of which will also be used to produce biofuels like ethanol.Mr. Bassey asserted that the future of global food security lies in the hands of small-scale farmers   and not in large-scale industrial   farming. Backing his assertion with the 2008 International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) reports, he called for a fundamental right to eat safe food. He also touched on other current issues in Nigeria.

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Spotted your write – ups, it’s cool. Very beneficial and interesting there are some ideas I haven’t heard before. Thanks for sharing.



GMO is not good enough for Britain or Europe. The European Union has banned GMOs. As a matter of fact 60 countries now have restrictions against GMOs.
The only reason America seems ok with GMOs is because most don't even know they are eating it. The US is not allowed to label GMOs. Corporations for GMOs were started in the US and they have a lot of power to silence talk about how bad GMOs are while they bully and intimidate small business farmers who are eventually left with no choice but to sell this poisoned seed

Africa Under Pressure To Accept GMOs - More Than We Know

Nnimmo. You are absolutely correct and it is refreshing to hear the voice of truth through the loud public relations of the powerful biotechnology industry. In support of your article I offer the following archived articles for anyone who may have doubts as to the truth of the takeover by foreign interests of Africa's "food security".
AFRICA - SOLD: Obama Puts Big 6 Biotech Chemical GMO Giants In Charge of "Ending Hunger" in Africa
BEWARE OF CALL FOR A 'GREENER REVOLUTION'. Corporate Takeover of Global Food Supply
THE HUNGER GAMES: - How UK, USA Support For Big Agribusiness Is Fueling Poverty

GMO [Beware and Warned]

I totally agree with Nnimmo Bassey on this writeup. I have done over 3years investigation on GMO and Mosanto. The facts are seen below with website you can gather more details:

"Every single independent study conducted on the impact of genetically modified food shows that it damages organs, it causes infertility, it causes immune system failure, it causes holes in the GI tract, and it causes multiple organ system failure

Akpos1, You are a genuine idiot!

Your statistics are meaningless. You ought to know that SR was set up to report on corruption and bad governance. Read their editorial philosophy which is right on the site. They are not set up to satisfy your cravings for "balanced" or "positive" news.

And who are you to speak? You are established here on SR to criticize whatever they write 100%:

Akpos1, GEJ and Deri: 100%
SR: 0%

Speaker for Nigeria - Hon. Aminu Taambuwal should start speaking

Now is time for the speaker for Nigeria - Hon. Aminu Taambuwal should start speaking for Nigeria on this planned depopulation of Northern Nigeria by introduction of Genetically modified foods

Genetic crops?

Its always good to see a campaign to help the poor positively particularly, when it is to alleviate hunger.
However, controversial donations should never be accepted into our societies by suspicious organisations. We have the right to leave naturally. Mr. Bassy and any objective minded person should analyze any program towards Africa and tell us your true findings for us to decide which way to go.

GMO (Genetically Modified Foods)

Africa beware, These companies pushing this crap are trying to really sink Africa into darkness. We don't have the medical resources to handle the after effect of these chemicals they call food. If we don't pay attention, they will sneak in with the help of our so called politicians who can be bought with a bag of noodles, and destroy our small mom and pop farmers. Once they get into Nigeria, they will get into the smaller countries easier. The real evil is coming people, be careful...

@Nnimmo Bassey - Let us not always play to the gallery!

Europe and America are able to feed their vast populations through GMO. Why can't we adopt the same technology in Africa that is HUGELY IMPOVERISHED AND CANNOT FEED ITSELF, BUT REQUIRES OR LIVES ON AIDS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES THAT APPLY GMO TECHNOLOGY? Food for thought for you.

Despite years of our eating ORGANIC food in Nigeria, how come the life expectancy of the average Nigerian is much more reduced compared to an average Brit? Another food for thought.

We should be careful what we fight for or fight against! My philosophy is, if it is good for the Brits, it is good for Nigerians!

Majority of the US people is obsessed - 1

Obesity and the associated diseases are today epidemic in the US all because of the artificial chemical they use in growing and processing their foods and drinks. All of these are in the name of making more money. The UK has as of recent as in the late eighties acquired the same US food habit and now caught in the same obesity and associated diseases epidemic.

Although obesity has being in the US for years because of their unnatural ways, foods and drinks, the UK before the late eighties was generally a slim and fit people.

The US manufactured AIDS in the laboratory and inflicted it on their queer community, first in California which they call gay city of the world. Their European queer counterparts caught it from there and they all spread it to the rest of the world. Why was it the tourist destination countries outside the US and Europe got most AIDS than other less tourist destination countries? Uganda was their first Africa victim and then South Africa.

Majority of the US people is obsessed - 2

Now, they want to force and export the same problem in Genetic Modified Food to us here in Nigeria. We now have enough scientists and laboratories. Our Government should always examine any package they want to dump on us in the name of charity, aid and making more money. They have the capacity to absorb their problems, we do not. The only way is not to accept them at their face value.

If we can today live more in the natural ways, grow our foods in the natural ways, listen to those in the villages and use more of the plants, roots and leaves we have in our forests and bushes, we would prevent and cure most of the today diseases and need less of the modern medicine, which we even get in less quality and more in fake form.

Africa under pressure to accept GMOs

I have been expecting someone to talk about this for long. Interestingly, while we always comment about political issues we hardly comment on our health or the neo-collianism that is currently grappling our continent. Mr. Bassey's position is outstanding but he never call "a spade a spade". Now let face it if we do away with all our natural seeds and the west's GMOs life expectancy faded where do we go? The answer is we go begging for them to help us and they can decide otherwise. Our foods will remain in their hands, they do not have to be here to put us under siege simple and this is what we refuse to appreciate. They are helping us, they are simply coming in the different way to continue where they stopped.

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SR's News Summary@9am GMT, July 18, 2013
United SS&SE = 81.8%
North = 9.09%
West = 9.09%

For the third day running, My dear people, can you see what I see in the statistics? So, SR was set up to report negatively of the oil producing countries of Nigeria. Period. 2morrow will be the same.


PhD in chasing rats and bushmeat is no longer relevant in a civilized Nigeria. Democracy is a very good system since it favours majority. Therefore,in 2015 the majority will design future for the minority in Nigeria whereas they minority have been intoxicated by inferiority complex. When the majority vote and guard their votes against the genetic criminals who have been bestowed by nature with the talent of fomenting any type of criminality. Agriculture in quality and quantity is not for the animals in creeks but for people in the fertile and large scale of lands. Where rice,maize,corn,wheat,tomatoes,fresh pepper,potatoes,leaves,etc,grows. Where a measure of tomatoes is N50.

Some "fir brand" commentators here are illiterates

I can imagine that the likes of deri, akpos and their likes will not respond to this type of article / write up - because they are stark illiterates that do not know more than to stoke fires of hatred based on ethnic colourations.

Open your eyes before our goodlucking Jonathan will railroad the country into a cul de sac on this GMO issue.

Nigeria needs to take a stand but will our PhD president know in which direction to steer the matter?


great work Nnimmo and Sahara.

great work Nnimmo and Sahara. Hopefully Nigeria's "rulers," will be hindered by these reports and warnings. Otherwise it is till we remove them from power that we will forcefully reveres whatever they sacrifice us on.

Please post a transcript of

Please post a transcript of this interview


the people behind the New World Order are the ones pushing for the introduction of GMOs into Africa. they are not trying to help humanity,they donot care about humanity,they are after creating a one world government...our foolish African leaders should be aware of this!!!because they are fond of accepting any bait the WEst offers hook-line and sinker..
these same GMOs champions are the ones behind the economic recession..but evil can never surpass good.
God will not allow their evil intentions materialise.

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