AUDIO: Nigeria! "It Takes Idiots To Be Ruled By Fools" -Tunde Bakare

The Role of Youths in National Deliverance is an hour long speech by Dr Tunde Bakare on The State of The Nigerian Nation. Edited into 24 minutes by Aina Olatunji-Mason and Kayode Ogundamisi. August 2011.


   The Battle for National Survival – Excerpts Part 1
...But If I may tell you the truth, though we are all living in denial including those in government sand the people of this nation, shouting peace, peace, when there is no peace. I’d like to let you know that Nigeria lies critically in the intensive care unit of the universe. We are under a severe attack by the twin forces of corruption and violence. The same forces that brought the wrath of God upon the earth of Noah in what you and I call the flood of waters...The presence of violence and corruption -you cannot separate violence from corruption. Unintelligent men talk from both sides of the mouth – they do not know what they are saying. Look, it is unlike Nigerians to commit suicide by bombing themselves. A little while ago in the midst of serious suffering, economic disaster,  and joblessness, Nigerians were voted the happiest place on earth, because no matter how difficult it is, there will still be a cousin, there will be an uncle, there will be an aunt, there will be a friend somewhere you can go to. When Nigerians become suicide bombers, you should be saying Come Lord Jesus! Because it means the hazardous times prophesied by Paul through the Holy Spirit that in the last days perilous times shall come. There will be no perilous times if there are no perilous people. And those who are looking for ways to blame Buhari-Bakare for the violence and for the bomb; the table knife I have on my table is just for food – I can’t kill chicken. General Buhari might have been a soldier, a General and a former Head of State – I don’t see him stirring up all this kind of nonsense that is going on. Those who dig their hand deep into corruption are the ones who orchestrated the violence upon our land...Because a people that are pushed to the wall must react one way or the other...But my real issue is this; corruption is ravaging this nation, has eaten deep into the fabric of this nation, and violence is already here, as a twin devil. In the present dispensation, it does not matter where you hide, it does not matter how tall your security measures or how toughened they have become, it does not matter who is watching (guarding) you, remember it was the private guards of Indira Ghandi that shot her. And when the justice of God will start, the mill of God grinds slowly but surely. It does not matter where you hide, whether Aso villa or Ass villa, you will be shot where you are, except you right the wrongs.
Hell on earth – that is what Nigeria has become, Hell on earth! Hell on earth – that is what this nation has become. This is hell on earth!! Just imagine how many people have died since the advent of the PDP. Go back to Obasanjo’s regime, join it to Yar ‘ Adua, and bring it to the crescendo of Jonathan, and see how life is no longer of any value in our nation. Rome burns, Nero fiddles   It is the mercy of God that we are not yet completely consumed. The way it is going, you will hide in your house, and to come out will be difficult. And all those lovely cars you have, you might need to go learn how to ride Okada  - except the Lord of heavens will intervene in our situation. There is fear – palpable fear, everywhere. The president - they can even write it on paper, in the newspaper, that they have strengthened security around the president – how about the citizens you are meant to serve and protect – they can die? You can live..? Because you mother has two heads.
Nigeria lies critically in the intensive care unit of the universe. We are under attack by the two forces of corruption and violence. We are in a state of anarchy and lawlessness. These are diagnosis, as I taught on the 7th of August. Major economic crisis is knocking at the door, all the arms of the government, and virtually all of them, the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary are in disarray. T o compound the matter, the leadership of the nation and the people, are living in denial, saying one thing in public and fearfully wondering in private, looking for a way of escape from our present national dilemma. Our hitherto esteemed elders, like a drunk on the brink, are making fools of themselves everywhere. God is not going to fix Nigeria until he fixes his temples. Judgement will begin from the house of the Lord – those who pervert the truth, and see the hand of God in wrongs – they will pay dearly for it. You can write it in capital letters IT IS TOO LATE. You all see how politicians think – many of them have their brain under their foot. They just trample upon it – they treat symptoms and leave the real root or the cause of the matter. They have forgotten that years of neglect, years of abandonment, years of fatherlessness, “motherlessness”, “directionlessness” in a nation will raise children who are lawless, and who don’t care whether they live or die. And they will be prepared to take anyone down to the grave with them including the society. What you have seen is the tip of the iceberg – a people deprived and pushed to the wall, will be ready to die but they will take you with them. And they will target your most noble institutions, children, wives...You wait and see. The President had better keep his mother, in the villa and not let her go to Bayelsa because they will kidnap your mother and nothing will happen – they have kidnapped the mother of a governor, they kidnapped the father of a star footballer, who then is your mother? That is the stage of anarchy that we are in – that they have not landed in your house is still God’s mercy. They are looking for your son and are looking for your daughter, because you did not read the handwriting on the wall, and they read it that you are their problem – that what should come to them, in terms of education, in terms of medical care, in terms of infrastructural development, in terms of job creation, you are the one that sat on their money – Anenih, OBJ, all of you that have one time ruined this nation cannot go down in peace. It is not possible! You will not go down in peace!! Because they will rise up against you...I refuse to be angry... If they had perceived in their hearts that God brought them into a position of authority and exalted them for his people, like David knew, they would not have behaved the way they behaved, they will not be stashing the resources of this nation in foreign banks, and still walking free and calling the shots, and now becoming drunk to call themselves fools and greater fools at seventy and beyond seventy. Is it not a shame that Nigerians are idiots presided over by fools? ...Because we now know the quality of those who ruled us. It would take idiots to have fools ruling them. Just say it quietly and accept, don’t say it loud, “ I accept, I have been an idiot” for there is no way all this nonsense should have been going on...Look at places you would consider stable, like Tunisia, only one citizen got fed up, poured petrol on himself, set himself ablaze, before the fire could go down, the president had run away – just one citizen...Mubarak had been in power for over 30 years, he thought he was in charge,  he waiting to make his son his own successor. Ordinary young people began to text themselves and say ‘enough is enough!’ and they went there, not for one day, not for two days, not for one week, not for two weeks. They kept on there, staying there, by the time you ask Nigerians to sacrifice for one hour; they are looking for bathroom – Idiots! O ye foolish Nigerians, who has bewitched you? Except the blindfold is removed from your eyes, your university certificates, papers are like toilet roll – worthless because it cannot fetch you any job – Idiots! The bible says the profit of the land is for all – where is your own share, idiots?! Your roads are un-passable,  you take pride in ‘I better pass my neighbour’ , buy useless 1 KVA generator polluting the atmosphere, making noise everywhere, calling yourself Mr Big shot, idiots! My message is to you Nigerians today, because, fools have ruled you for too long a time, and all we will do is sporadic, haphazard, demonstration s in the street, “we are going to Fashola’s office – we will march there” and Fashola will give us a pep talk. We will give him a letter for him to give to the president, Idiots! Has it worked at any time? Time has come for Nigerians to rise up – East, West, North and South, and to say “Enough is Enough!”  I have told you before that my marching days are over – I am putting the toga on again, we are going to pull this house down and rebuild it in the name of Jesus! Enough is enough!

Transcribed by Aina Olatunji-Mason

To occupy oneself with unimportant matters and neglect priorities during a crisis. The source of this phrase is the story that Nero played the fiddle (violin) while Rome burned, during the great fire in AD 64. (Courtesy – The Phrase Finder)

  Refers to commercial motorcycles used as vehicles for hire in Nigeria. The name Okada was borrowed from Okada Air, a now defunct local airline in Nigeria. (Courtesy Wikipedia)
  ‘I better pass my neighbour’ is the name given to the smallest generator on the Nigerian market. It’s very noisy and can only 'carry' a few appliances; but it’s cheap. Courtesy Nigerian Church Online on facebook.

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Let's talk about Boko Haram

I will love to challenge Pastor Tunde and Buhari that they know so much about Boko Haram. Tunde as a man of God and also a pastor has not said anything about the so call destruction in the North by this sect why.

The Silence of Our friends

God asked David to pursue his enemies. He did and recovered his wife, children and properties. Sometimes people feel God will come down from heaven and deliver Nigeria.I have seen thousands and thousands of Christians praying and fasting for all night but still, children lay under bridges in Lagos,backgrounds are lost, people are starving and children are dying from lack of basic need. Cant you see, its obvious that we have to stretch the skate to cross the red sea...Some are even giving up for the protest. Meanwhile some will be going to Libya for greener pastures. Libya fought with their blood to make Libya a country. Nigerians!!! This is your only time to fight for your life.Fight you may die but your children will live with the legacy. Run you may live but at least for a while. Your grand children will not remember GEJ's corruption but the silence of our friends

Re- Bakare revolutional speech

President Jonathan could have put in place clear plans in place, to demostrate that he is the man that can lead this country to greatness. He will have short ,medium and long term policies in place. Yes he never started corruption, but he can stop it, or at least try to stop it. He encourages corruption. How does allocation of 240billions becomes 1.3 trillions, without showing clear analysis for the increment and also never follow due process? A country where the president has 11 fleet of aircraft but the nation has none. 1billion for food but 18000 minimum wage is not affordable. Over 70% recerrent expenditure for the total budget of a nation where 25% of the total outlay is used by less than 1000 people.

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re... comment

sorry to say , but i do think you know little or nothing about buhari compared to what tunde knows about's glaring the leadership is failing. open ur eyes now

When a man speaks the truth: listen.

Does it have to get any worse before we realise that the leadership is only 50% at fault? Evil continues as long as men of goodwill do nothing. Pastor Bakare has marched, preached, run for office all in a bid to tell you and I that one man can make a difference. I believe it is time that we Nigerians take our part in restoring our Nigeria instead of sitting on the fence while people like Gani, Bakare and Fela shout themselves hoarse.

Nero Fiddling

Why are Nigerians attacking the man? Are the problems at hand not real. Is he inventing the talk on corruption. Is it a lie that we Nigerians have consistently taken mediocrity (or less) from our elected and unelected officials. It is time to face the truth.

Idiotic Nigerians

I can actually see how idiotic Nigerians are. Most of the responses to the message of pastor Bakare show truly Nigerians are idiot.Time will tell maybe Bakare is wrong or the so called men of God that speak peace peace when there is none. I think our major problem is not leadership, but myopic and idiotic mentality. Your children will ask you who bewitched you......I refused to be an Idiot.

think wel before you say.

wht do u mean by pastor shld go n pray for mr. president? is dat talk why Nigerians refuse d truth n embrace d lies? hw old are u now? go n ask ur parent since they av bn praying for this country, this is nt time to pray is a time of change God has had our prayer dat is why He gave us men of integrity, dat can stand for truth. do u need a seer to tell u dis man u call ur president is nt capable? Nigeria is burning he keep saying we are on top which on top are u idiot, u can open d both side of ur mouth and say Nigeria are very good in criticizing what do u mean by that, all the promise dis People Demonized People PDP which one have they fulfill idiot, pick up you dictionary and see wht d meaning of IDIOT bcos u r one of them.MR BAKARE PREACH ON D TRUTH N DAT TRUTH WE SEE OUR COUNTRY THRU. NEVER MIND WHT IDIOT SAY U KEEP DOING WHT IS RIGHT I DAY TO COME IT WILL SPEAK FOR U. LOVE PASTOR

I pray to God to open the

I pray to God to open the eyes of every one. You guys are priasing Buhari but you don't remember that he toppled an elected president by his people. Buhari abused his power and he hates chritians. Bakare does not know what he is talking. He has to ask his boss to repent first before any other thing please

Xtians Must Be In 1-Accord

It's disheartening2c dat fellow pastors/brethren have lost their voices for what they'll eat in Naija. If we have another credible church leader dat speaks out like Bakare, we would have salvaged our nation from all these looters whose future will not end well.
United We Stand and Divided We Fall...

Ori e o pe!

Ori e o pe!

who's report wld you blv?

whose report wld you blieve? An Oyakhilome that tells you you are from zion and not influenced by what happens around you or a Bakare that tells you the hard truth about your immediate environment? truth is immutable!!!

Re- Bakare revolutional speech

Can pastor Bakare tell Nigerians the magic wand solution he would have used to solve Nigeria accumulated problems before and after President Jonathan took over the leadearship of the country about 13months ago, if he were to be the President today will all the problems of unemployment, bad roads , epileptic power supply, bombing , terrorism kidnaping stop over night.Nigerians are very good in critisicing without giving positive suggestion to our leadears.Ithink the pastor should rather pray for the president majority of Nigerians have voted, and he should wait for his time, he should stop inciting Nigerians as they did immediately after April general election that resulted to violence and dearth of many corpers and others.

It Takes Idiots To Be Ruled By Fools"

Some of us have critized these articule or preaching.God doesnt say cos u preach my word, you dont need talk about politics or not to pertake in it. He is a pastor and human being so he must have feeling and shuld be able to express them
Pls read the articule again and think of wat these country is becoming a failed state. Most of you that critize him for call us idiots, are we not, can you count how many time the prize of bread has gone up an eg kenya the prize of bread was increased and ppl took to the street to protest.
Do you know how much has been spent on Electricity in these country obj spent over $18billion and cant boast of stable lite for 24hrs.Dangote the sole importer of rice,cement etc.It time we wake up and face the trust in these country.May Allah guide us Amin

A piont, but......

I think Dr. Bakare has made some good points but I personally think the revolution will have to start in the so call house of God/Allah/gods (churches, mosques, palaces, etc) and with the so call men of God/Allah/gods.
These houses and their leaders abuse the trust of common Nigerians and explore them (especially the most needy) heartlessly.

If Dr. Bakare could take his revolutionary preaching relentlessly from this point of view, revolving against the political instrument/leaders will be much easier.

Remember: "Man in the Mirror"


Pastor, we are down and out: you still call us 'names'?
What can we do? the enormity of our problems is mind-boggling.
Leadership is clue-less,non-directional.
The Citizens are helpless.Even the future has been mortgaged!!

of fools and idiots

There is no lie or inaccuracy in Pastor Bakare's angry speech. We have most of us been angry and frustrated for a very long time but have just been "playing the fools" in order to survive the dangerous difficulties of life in Nigeria. Over time the best of us strengthen our resolve to stay on and continue the struggle of living at home in the hope that things will someday change.

It is now crystal clear that change might never come for as long as these CONTRACTORS FROM SATAN'S DEEPEST HELL continue to rule us. My Fellow compatriots, until the day we open our eyes and minds and can see in the pitch darkness we've been thrust into,any gorilla with a mumu grin, would debase us as it likes.

Idiots governed by Fools

A very popular Nigeria footballer-Taribo West once said, " If you hire junks to manage great talents, they will give you results of monkeys".

What is happening in our land is clear case of idiots being ruled by fools as it was rightly pointed out by Dr. Tunde Bakare.

If our two ex-head of states could refer to each other as fools, they we their subjects on who they presided for years are nothing but simply idiots.

The other day I was listening to the Governor of Central Bank- Sanusi and he said somthing realy touching, he said that a time is coming in Nigeria when the so called Rich will have their children who they sponsored to study outside the country stoped by the oppressed Nigeria, have them come out of their cars and set them ablaze.

let us beware!

long life Nigeria!

Bakare the so called man of God

I have always known that he is a false man of God because the bible says from their fruits u shall know them. But i did not know that tunde Bakare is unintelligent.
Otherwise how can Bakare compare Tunisia and Egypt to our nigeria.
Egypt was ruled for almost 20 years before they remembered to use text messages to topple their leader. in Nigeria it cannot happen, 1onathan though i am not in support of his style was voted in by Nigerians.
So Tunde stopnciting Nigerians against their President.

Bakare's speech is quite

Bakare's speech is quite passionate. And there is nothing wrong with that. His being emotional ought to say something to us. The fact that most of the comments castigate him for saying what we already know but wont affect means that we are still a long way from uhuru. I am so disappointed that I have come to Nigeria in this age.

Dear Pastor Bakare, we can

Dear Pastor Bakare, we can understand your predicament. Fela Anikulapo-Kuti shouted himself hoarse in his time. Gani Fawehinmi did the same. There is one more (in my opinion) still alive and kicking. They have all suffered the worst inhumanity at the hands of those you refered to as fools.

Dear pastor I wish to correct your impression of us (Nigerians) for posterity. We are not idiots as you think. We are only ordinary Nigerians trying to live as best we can in a society dominated by megalomaniacs and demagouges. Those whom you call principalities and powers in the Bible. They are very strong and extremely inteligent so they make us seem like idiots but we are not. We are just ordinary Nigerians. So, please do not insult us. We know what you are saying Fela told us before he died.

Thank you.

Bakare is a Man

When you consider this speech ( not a sermon ) as coming from a pastor you probably say it's not the place of a pastor to speak as such but please do remember that Bakare is first a man though addressed as a 'pastor'. Man will always err and the best of men is man indeed.

A Nation without blueprint

A Nation without blueprint have no future

Do you pray for your leaders sir?

Dear Pastor Bakare,
Sir, do you, like the bible instructs, pray for rulers and those in authority? If so, what is the content of these prayers? I really need to know.
Love and concern from a mother of two who has hung on your every word since she was a teenager.

join me on facebook

people like you talk about revolution. you think what about in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia e.t.c is the revolution, my dear am sorry to tell you that the revolution we need in Nigeria in a mind revolution to open the minds of and shape the mentality of youth towards positivity. but the sad thing is that the revolution should start from the minds of people like you who still follows pastors blindly. open your mind and don't let anyone lead you in the name of religion.
you want to lead the revolution, then tell pastor Bakare to prove his being learned and face the truth by attacking the root problem and stop blaming president Good luck Jonathan. he also said all those that have ruled this nation will not go down in peace but he forgot that his boss Buhari also ruled this nation. he will also definitely not go down in peace. peace be with you.

pastor bakare

ride on to wake Nigeria from deep sleep, afterall is part of your calling to clean the societ of wrong doings. i'm with you .no shaking i can march to aso villa with you infront and stayed there till we get justice.

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