Boko Haram In Maiduguri: Kids Without Jobs Are Easy Prey For Boko Haram, Church Leader Says-Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera spent several days in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, which is the epicentre of Boko Haram's insurgency. Our correspondent, Yvonne Ndege spoke to those targeted in the violence.

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I am taking my health care

I am taking my health care degree at the best University that is for my specialization in my country. My advice is to know what you want to do with your life and then to search for a good university to finish your studies. You have to remember that the name of the university will be written in your resume and is the first step to succeed in career. When you will apply for jobs in healthcare, an employer will hire you because of what is written in your resume.

Islam a violence religion

Islam is the problem of the northern Nigeria,not lack of job.
Those Boko sec:they killed in the name of their god.Their god is a god of violence.
I pray that their eye's should b open.

Excisionist, What are you


What are you talking about? Do you want the Mohammedan jobless youths to sit on their botts and play dead like the Southern Xtian youths? Pity these youths who watch helplessly while the looters pillage the nation jeopardizing their future.

Are you telling me that our Southern educated unemployed youths are fat and happy with their lot? See me trouble o.

The mind is a terrible thing

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. What else do you expect jobless youths do? They should all join other Mohammedans to liberate Arewa from hopelessness. The Islamic Republic of Arewa could be a great nation if it is liberated from corrupt politicians and godless people holding the region down for their selfish ends.

Question 1

How can you now create jobs when they are killing those who go to work?

Yvonne Ndege

This is BULL SHIT. Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with lack of jobs or any such things. There are more educated unemployed youth in one state in the south than in all the 12 terrorist states put together. Yet they are not exploding bombs in mosques.

Can Yvonne Ndege tell us what is responsible for church bombing in her home country Kenya?

Islamic terrorism has everything to do with Mohammed and his twisted fascist ideology which they deceptively call religion - Islam

I suggest that Yvonne Ndege should find another job instead of working as propagandist for Aljazeera and Islam

Has Reuters apologised yet?

Has Reuters apologized to Nigerian military for its reporting about unlawful killings by JTF? Tell us whats happening at Maiduguri at

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