"Boko Haram Threat To Islamize Nigeria Is A Gimmick" - Senator Khalifa Zanna

In an exclusive interview on SaharaTV, Senator Khalifa Zanna discusses the reason Boko Haram has continued to thrive in Nigeria, and the cost of government's negligence in fighting the terrorists. He also exposes their hiding place in Borno, where more than 2,000 members are presently being trained and much more. Lastly, the Senator explains why he no longer feels safe in his constituency.

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Great delivery. Outstanding arguments. Keeep uƿ tthe ɡood spirit.

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Am a born christian, i dn't

Am a born christian, i dn't knw u but ur comment rili touched me dis mrning. ur a real muslim indeed. dn't deviate frm bein a true islam


Woe to book aram

My broda, u r so right.

My broda, u r so right. Imagine a senator saying he knows d hide out of d idiots. So sad!!!

Why we northern retire

Why we northern retire generals sit and watch certain group of people to bring shame to islam. Northern leader should stop boko haram

Sin In Islam

Please be truly informed that it is very sinful in Islam to kill or rob a non muslim just as it is sinful to kill or rob a muslim. Whosoever claims that killing or robbing a non muslim is not sinful is on his own and not among the muslims.



This is a sick interview

Somebody says he is a senator and wants solution to a problem, but a people that elected him were infested with Boko Haram and all he could do is to alienate himself and blame the Federal Government, this man could not say anything he has done to help the situation or the federal govt. No wonder the presidency is avoiding you and ur colleagues. How has he represented this people? This is unbelievable, somebody in his house knows the Boko Haram, and these people are drug addicts, this is funny, Sir pls, we can read in between the lines now! With this form of senatorial representation, the road to the end might really be far!

RE: Sowore missed a golden opportunity

I completely agree with you. What I saw in this interview was that SR just wants a way to show that the Federal Government of Nigeria is to be blamed.
How else can someone be away from his constituency he was paid to represent and let them suffer when he knew all along what all the problem was.
The senator should be ashamed of himself

How does this mallam spend his Constituency allowance

WONDERS never ends. How and where does this mallam who still believes and calls himself senator spend his constituency allowance since he does not go there anymore? Did he put a hold on the money or is he contributing to the REAL boko haram since that is the only viable project of his constituency.
He got all it covered because he seems to know the location, age, modes of operation and movement of boko haram.

We are Reaping the Rewards of Corruption

Unfortunately, we are reaping the rewards of years and years of corruption. Our youth are idle and lack any future, they are not engaged in any meaningful trade, employment, or business. So we have a ripe field full of potential recruits for Boko Haram. As the saying goes, an idle hand is the devil's workshop.

The Northern leaders/elders have a huge part to play in this menace. Funds to develop their States are syphoned into private accounts. We have trickle down economy. The populace depends only on the crumbs falling from their masters/leaders table. It is high time that Corruption be stamped out, we need a social re-orientation that good success can be achieved via honesty and hard work. Impunity must be judicially dealt with. Or else we are heading for another Somalia.

Starting with the Presidency who is now talking tough on Terrorism, but yet granting Presidential pardon to his 'Oga at the Top' who stole billions and ruined the lives of Millions.

Everyday we see new things in

Everyday we see new things in nija:horows,velience,brutality above all bokoharam and vices all this is the masterpiece of corruption.let kip prayer!.

Asari did not threaten Government,he threaten Boko Haram Sponsor

Asari did not threaten Government, he threaten Boko Haram Sponsors in the Fulani North. It is the Fulani/Kanuri sponsors of Boko Haram who have been threatening the federal government and other innocent Nigerians who are lawfully abidign by the Circular Constitution of Nigeria while the Fulani North in Nigeria have desecrated the nigeria government constitution and adopted the Islamic extremists Sharia laws - killing and robing of non -Islamic people are "No SIN" nor CRIME in Islam. But ,the Fulani/Kanuri sponsors of Boko Haram asked Inspector general of Police to arrest Asari Dokubo for daring to Threaten the sponsors and financiers of Boko Haram Islamic terrorist


Despite all the accusing fingures pointed at SAS former Borno State Governor on the issue of Boko Haram by no less personalities as Gen Jerry Husaini, Gen Moh Mogoro, Chief Audu Ogbe, the presidency does not want to arrest and prosecute SAS because they felt that even if the whole of Borno perishes, provided that SAS will do the dirty job for them by ensuring that 2015 votes do not count.

He who fights and runaway ,

He who fights and runaway , live to fight another day !

Sowore missed a golden opportunity! - (Contd)

He also failed to ask the senator, why corruption is a statecraft? And why the entire country has been broken since, despite 40 years of Northern rule? Or, why despite 40 years of Northern rule, a different and worsening type of POVERTY and CORRUPTION was allowed to germinate in the North? The type that leads people to terrorism! And why Southerners do not tend to terrorism, despite POVERTY and CORRUPTION also existing there?

Sowore gave this incompetent and profligate senator a chance to gloat and wax nonsensically, even though he is part of the problem? Where was he when the band of Almajiris were being formed and indoctrinated. Where was he when they were being turned into ILLITERATES and street urchins, and BRAINWASHED into believing that Boko is haram?

I was in the North then, although young, but I could predict the implosion. But, where was he? And what also happened to his "CONSTITUENCY PROJECT"?

Sowore missed a golden opportunity!

This is a man who, during a recent Aljazeera interview (last week), left the topic of discussion, to mouth accusations, and most of all, LOCATED THE CAUSE OF BOKO HARAM TO POVERTY AND CORRUPTION. He now CONFRONTS one of the corrupt elements of Government, and one of the people or 'leaders' that IMPOVERISHED' the North, and he fails to ACCUSE HIM of fermenting or germinating Boko haram by their selfish and skewed master-slave policies. He had an opportunity to challenge him for not developing the North despite many years of Local Govt and State Governments ALLOCATIONS. Or for failing to develop infrastructures in the North and create jobs, despite a skewed Political configuration, in favour of the once 1 Northern region, but now with 19 States and almost twice as many Local Govts than the South.

Sowore missed an opportunity to ask him why the North is poor, despite ruling the country for about 40 years of her 53 years existence, post independence.

Some interview! - 2

Here is a man who harbours a suspected terrorist, either in his living quarters or many of his other homes, and he was not asked, whether he knew the man was wanted? And why he did not disclose his whereabouts, until a young man in his home took the security men to his hideout? If the young man knew, how would the senator not know?

Here is a man who, instead of holiday in Syria, gallivants in London, while his community is in turmoil, and he doesn't even know what they feel, as he doesn't visit his constituents. I can introduce him to MPs, to show him how MPs work with their constituencies in UK. To teach him how MPs organise weekly surgeries to solve problems! Not to shop in Liverpool/Oxford Streets!

Some interview!

I tried to restrain myself from commenting, but in the end resolved to comment only on the process of the interview, rather than the substance, as it had no substance.

Sowore should take some lessons on how to ask HARD QUESTIONS, and not leading or suggestive questions that tends towards pulling the Government and country down. Here is a Senator, who runs away from his Constituency, and has not represented them, yet Sowore has no issue with that, but with why the President is not engaging him. And he wasn't asked if he tried to engage the President.

His Constituency is in turmoil and the nest of terrorism, yet he waits to be engaged! He claims he 'doesn't know what the security is doing'!

In the north maybe

Boko haraam will never islamize Nigeria.In the north maybe but not the entire country because we are going to allow it happens.We will not allow the Islamic north to impose their sharia law on us.

Learn From Nature

When a part of the body is invaded by mirobes the body mounts inflammation that destroys the microbes alonside healthy tissues in order to prevent the man from dying.
This is the only way to solve boko haram insurgence to stop killing of innocent, devoted security men.
Boko Harams are viruses that operate from within the cell. You cannot kill them without having to kill the cell. Live them they multiply in the cell.

Go Home

Senator while I sympathize with you, the honourable thing is to be with those you represent. they are dying everyday. so bcos u can afford and be in London and they cant so they should die. it does not work that way. go home and struggle with them to defeat these boko fanatics

still need a proof that God is lord?

Oga senator in london and his "piplle" enjoying life under boko! I guess their wish has come true...Sharia forever.


The north is destroying itself very quickly and they seem not to have realised it,they are still busy dumping blame on all the wrong places when they are directly responsible for their quagmire.
The run away Senator said more than 23 local government areas are controlled by the Boko-Haram,he also claimed that he was aware of a BH camp somewhere in the state and that many young men are joining this terror group.It is clear that BH has some solid grass root support apart from the support from the northern elite financiers.
The north cannot eat it's cake and still have it,they complain the government is not doing enough to end the insurgency yet they blame the security agencies when they take action,they are blind to the fact that only the north can solve this problem,the government can only help.

GEJ cannot be serious! The

GEJ cannot be serious! The senator just said the president has not called to seek his opinion as to how the problem can be solved yet he is in constant talk with the founder and financier of boko haram. Do we need anymore evidence that GEJ is for boko haram? Asari the southern boko haram has being making threat, yet GEJ has done or said nothing about it. This man is a block around the neck of Nigeria.

Too Late To Tell Us Now

We knew all these already. You're not telling us anything new. Deal with the beast you and Buhari created.

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