Doctor Damages Episode 69

This episode is made for only those who survived the end of the world. If you did not, please do not watch. In 69, Dr. Damages’ crack reporters explain why Hilary Clinton fainted. They also brought back a video to prove that it was real. Dr. Damages answers the question South Africans have been asking after Jacob Zuma won reelection, “Where is God?” You know that Time magazine named President Obama the Man of the Year. But do you know Ikebe Super magazine’s Man of the Year? Dr. Damages brings that to you in this episode. For frightened VIPs in Nigeria afraid that they might be next to die, Dr. Damages shows them how to check if they are next on the death line. This episode also spotlights the differences between the New York City Rockefeller Christmas tree and the Abuja Christmas tree. After watching Pastor Adeboye pray for President Jonathan some spirits made Dr. Damages to vow to drastically change his ways in 2013. As only he can do, Dr. Damages explains why Pastor Tunde Bakare’s son slapped an NYSC commandant in Ondo State. In an end of the world party, you get to see Dr. Damages dancing the world away. Dr. Damages is a weekly satirical online television show that airs each Saturday on SaharaTV. The show takes a satirical look at recent stories in politics and pop culture in Nigeria and around Africa. For more Dr.Damages, check this out:


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