Doctor Damages Episode 71

You must have heard that NBC weather man, Al Roker, pooped on himself inside the White House. But do you know what the poop was used for? Dr. Damages reveals that for the very first time. He answers the big questions of the day - will President Obama choose the nuclear option in the fight over debt limit? You guessed right - Martin Luther King Jr. is reincarnating in Nigeria. Dr. Damages discloses the Church where he’s going to emerge from? It happened. Dr. Damages receives a call from Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akin Adesina. The minister wants Dr. Damages to perform special plastic surgeries on 10 million Nigerian farmers. Yes. Dr. Damages dances out of excitement. Why not? If na you nko? Emulating the gift Hillary Clinton received on returning back to work, Aso Rock staff gives Patience Jonathan a special gift. It blows Patience’s mind and will blow yours too. Dr. Damages shows Reuben Abati doing his thing in the kitchen as proof that he knows what he is talking about when he says that Nigerians eat better food than President Jonathan. Dr. Damages is a weekly satirical online television show that airs each Saturday on SaharaTV. The show takes a satirical look at recent stories in politics and pop culture in Nigeria and around Africa. For more Dr.Damages, check this out:

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You must have heard that

You must have heard that President Jonathan’s joke on corruption went over the head of Nigerians in an Abuja church. But do you know the consequences? In his first appearance on the show, former Gov of Lagos state, Mr. Bola Tinubu answers tough questions, like why a look at the money his wife takes home from the senate forced him to backpedal on that idea of abolishing the Nigerian senate. Did your governor show up wet to his underwear in a canoe this week?

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