Doctor Damages Episode 77

New week, new answers as to why the Pope resigned. Dr. Damages updates you. New Vatican secrets are coming out.. even the heavens are opening up. Amongst the revelations of the week is the emergence of the Jesus of Otuoke in the person of Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan. Patience announces that she died and after 7 days resurrected. What does that mean for the future of the Trinity? Rather than get mad over $500,000 paid to Kim Kardashian for 24 hours stay in Nigeria, Dr. Damages wants you to get even. He leads by example. He also reveals the things President Barack Obama learned from Tiger Woods at their golf outing in Florida. Making appearances in this episode are Stephen Keshi, the Sultan of Sokoto, Mama G. and Gov. T. Orji.Dr. Damages is a weekly satirical online television show that airs each Saturday on SaharaTV. The show takes a satirical look at recent stories in politics and pop culture in Nigeria and around Africa. For more Dr.Damages, check this out:


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Hey Villager.This guy is really bonerridg on comedy genius. Won't be long before he really ought to be on Comedy Central or somewhere with an even higher profile. The boy is good, and what makes his comedy good, as with most of the best comics - Carlin, Pryor, Chapelle, Cosby,Lenny Bruce etc. - is their ability to insert really deep insight into some very powerful and witty one-two punch lines.Yeah, the guy is real. And I'm glad you're hypin him.