Doctor Damages Episode 79

Despite the “No Dancing” sign all over the studio, Dr, Damages does the Harlem shake – just for you. In this 79th episode, Dr. Damages’ supports John Kerry’s statement that Americans have the right to be stupid by providing uncontestable proof in the meeting between Denis Rodman and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. He also updates you on the chaos that has descended on Christendom following the exit of the Pope. Someone is not happy that Queen Elizabeth was discharged from the hospital after spending days there for stomach bug. And it is not Dr. Damages. Making special appearances are Gen. Damjuma, the Sultan of Sokoto, President Jonathan, Orji Uzor Kalu and Olusegun Obasanjo. Dr. Damages also answers the questions you sent to his mailbox, Dr. Damages is a weekly satirical online television show that airs each Saturday on SaharaTV. The show takes a satirical look at recent stories in politics and pop culture in Nigeria and around Africa. For more Dr.Damages, check this out:

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A report by Vanguard newspaper said that the Delta Region militants walk freely with the guns. Another report said that plot to shot down Jonathan plane foiled. All these and many news and reports are clear indications that Jonathan is not qualified to be a leader of human beings but fishes in the creeks.

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