Doctor Damages Episode 88

The era of white women saving black men is over. Thanks to Charles Ramsey, the reverse is now the case. The kidnapping of three Cleveland, Ohio, women by a man who looked harmless sets off an alarm bell in Dr. Damages's head.

Dr. Damages points out the dead giveaways of dangerous men who looked harmless. Dr. Damages uses the story of Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien to warn Pope Francis about the return of Pope Emeritus Benedict to the Vatican City.  In this 88th episode, Dr. Damages's crack reporters unearth the video of the original sin at the heart of the Boko Haram's anger.

What does a French scientific study about men with small penises have to do with Dr. Doyin Okupe's clash with Omoyele Sowore on Al JazeeraTV? Dr. Damages is a weekly satirical online television show that airs each Saturday on SaharaTV. The show takes a caustic look at recent stories in politics and pop culture in Nigeria and around Africa. For more episodes of the hilarious Dr. Damages show, check this out:

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