Dr. Damages Show On SaharaTV

Diagnosing Nigeria's sickness and suggesting treatments, Dr. Damages comes to you live from Sahara TV in New York. He is a son of the soil, who knows his country Nigeria very well.

He also happens to have the medical experience that Nigeria needs to be properly diagnosed and treated. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dr. DAMAGES!!!

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Really funny. Addressing issues in a

We need more of this. Keep the bell ringing. Maybe they will change..

Dr. R. Damages, After your

Dr. R. Damages,

After your clinical consultations with Nigeria,
Please come and diagnose my Nigerian now American wife's problem, as this one don pass baba olowo.

Good Job Doc.

I love Iyabo.

I love Senator Iyabo because of how she totally transformed Ogun state from the senate. She will make my money problems disappear in a week. LOL

Ruddy, hilarious as ever.

Ruddy, hilarious as ever. Make sure this becomes a regular feature.

Deji of Akure???

FYI Akure is not in Ekiti state.

Quite Hilarious!

Quite Hilarious!