EXPOSED: Obasanjo's Atrocities As President Including The Murder Of Bola Ige & Harry Marshall-Part 2

Richard Odusanya and Prince Segun Seriki, two political operatives, one of them a close aide of former president Olusegun Obasanjo in a revealing interview about the massive corruption and high profile political assassinations during the Obasanjo regime.

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SEGUN seriki

To start with, I am so disappointed with sahara reporters on this interview. I don't know the other guy at all, but I know segun seriki very very well.
we are from the same home town and he knows me very well.
Segun seriki is a big thief, if allowed to rule this country he will steal more than anyone else. he is a big thief. how could sahara reporter accept this kind of character onyour show. don't you do background check?

I do not often contribute on

I do not often contribute on this website but I can not ignore a fool as foolish as you are. You said our GDP went up during OBJ's era and have you forgotten that was the era the price of petroleum sky rocketed. A fool like you can you ascribe that increase to industrialisation, agricultural production or to mining? People like you should stop deceiving Nigerians. Moreover let me also tell you that all the monies made during that era never reflected in the per capital income of an average Nigerian. Stupid criminal.

Let us be Serious!

For Godsake! Let us be serious, sometimes we are not as a people.Good, we heard you guys, this same story have been around since, anyway, So what new facts can we established from what they are saying is what we all must look out for.

Secondly, what are their intentions? Are they paid agentS? Are they seeking for an elective position come this 2015? What is their current means of living? Are they currently employed? Why now?

Freedom of speech is our collective responsibility, we should all be encouraged to come out write,talk, probe and criticize constructively our past and present leaders.Especially, when you have issues of unresolved political assassinations and wastage of our commomwealth resource,fund meant to build strong institutions that can hold the unity of our dear country together been wasted.

Lets us see what will happean after all this talk. Thank you sahara reporters for the platform.


didnt have any means of livelihood apart from a phoney Goldsworth Company. Like Maurice Ibekwe, a former member of the National Assembly that left a sordid past to campaign against the corruption of Obasanjo, Segun will be allowed to choose a decent room to imprison him for drug trafficking and Money Laundering offences. If the non- sense petition he co-authored to the National Assembly ever received any attention, we wil champion another petition detailing Segun Seriki's atrocities that would make him follow the path of Maurice Ibekwe.


Gud comment 4rm u if ppl will always say d truth den nig will b a place 2 b cos only truth sets 4ri


Gud comment 4rm u if ppl will always say d truth den nig will b a place 2 b cos only truth sets 4ri

OBJ’s tenure GDP rose from $50B in 1998 to $300B in 2007

@Yaskuya (or is it Suya meat?), We all know how comatose Nigeria was during your Shagari, Buhari, Bangida Boko Haramu reign. What matters are the facts about Nigeria’s condition, as a legacy of OBJ's economic policy bequith to his successor. Crosscheck the link below if you are literate enough since education is a sin to your kith & kin in Bornu. “The GDP in Nigeria was worth $244B in 2011, or $450B of Purchasing Power Parity, per World Bank reports. Historically, from 1961 until 2011, Nigeria GDP averaged $50B in 1998, reaching $300B in 2007 (OBJ) & an all time high of $450B Purchasing Power Parity and a record low of $4.40B in 1961 (Balewa era). This page includes a chart with historical data for Nigeria GDP.” Source: Take time to educate yourself on the truth for a change, you might learn something usefull.

@KaparaK After all these

After all these years, one would think that the “opposition” could’ve learned something from their past mistakes of maligning OBJ & expecting a different result from their obloquy while PDP dribbles around them like Maradona to remain in power as Baba smells like a rose.

Typical of yoruba mindset. Your ignorant words show why Nigeria is gradually dying since 1999 when people like you took over the nation.
You think you can come here to scare people with your terrorist mindset.

Nobody is scared of you and your baba.
At the end, you are still living in a failed nation and the failure is brought on Nigeria by you and your baba.

You think your yoruba baba is smiling like rose. Well, we are not yet at the end of the narrative.
You have to wait to the end to know how your baba ends up. Every story has an end and Nigeria story is no different. Animals!


An independent body should be set up to screen any person aspiring for public office in Nigeria. By so doing the persons mental state, family background, culture n antecedents must be cnfirm by the commission b4 allowed to contest for such office otherwise from time to time living Demons like Obj wil always smugle them selves into our seat of power poo poo on our citizens destroy our country n drag us 100yrs back ward. Nigeria's has been a case of wasted generation with agents of darkness in controlle of her affairs for decads!

YAWN! Snickety!! Smack!!!

Haven’t I seen this boring movie before starting with a biennial trailer of calumny as the rest of the season goes in a downhill slalom. Election season must be around the corner in Naija – it’s time for the old ghost story to be recycled by the usual suspects’ deadened brain cells. After all these years, one would think that the “opposition” could’ve learned something from their past mistakes of maligning OBJ & expecting a different result from their obloquy while PDP dribbles around them like Maradona to remain in power as Baba smells like a rose. Amazingly, the outcome in May 2015 will be the same weeping-willow-General Buhari vowing to make the country ungovernable for the re-elected PDP President, invoking Boko Haramu 2 Nollywood’s Gangnam style. In turn, the support cast of opposition will be scratching their baldheads as to what they could’ve done differently as APC devolves back into PDP. Thanks, SR, for this intro to “Timi, Suuunn, zzzzz...”

What is the agenda here???

These guys are not revealing anything new here, or is it me?? they are just rambling on with no clear objective of what they aim to achieve. My question is are these guys planning to or have they applied for political asylum in the US and looking for a story to support their claim? I just don't understand and I am just wondering... something just smell fishy and with Omoyele Sowore involved with this is not looking good for him and sahara reporters platform. What is happening people or is it just me???

Obasanjo = Yoruba

Do not blame Obasanjo alone; blame the Yoruba tribe where he came from. The tribe gave him his way of life. The tribe helped him to ruin the country. The tribe protected him when he was in office destroying Nigeria. The tribe protects him after he left office. The members of the tribe have been running around this forum singing "Obasanjo is the best leader Nigeria ever had". Obasanjo and his tribe must be decapitated out of Nigeria if you desire progress and development.


Meaningless interview. why are the just coming forward now. Trash

Political Jobbers go look better job or go Farm.

Ole Ole, Thieves political jobbers, now more wine,food, our money and free women from Nigerian money and the promise from Baba OBJ to make you Senator and Governor of your state has failed, you guys have resort to blackmail of Baba OBJ. How can someone bribe a person with 50 million and still kill him? Political jobbers go look for job ooo! OBJ don retire leave am alone.

Courage and inner freedom

I admire the courage of these people for coming out to speak on matters that they know can come back to hunt them should justice prevail. I'm sure others like them who at one point in time aided corrupt leaders, are getting motivated to spill the truth on what they know. The ingredients of real revolution come in form of truth plus inner freedom. Once again I admire your courage Mr. Richard Odusanya and Mr. Segun Seriki.

Why cant u called them as "The Real Boko Haram"?

Why cant you called them as "The Real Boko Haram"?

what ever happened to Northerners or something from the North you people used to called them as Boko Haram. So, what about GEJ and his Boss OBJ???
are they also BH or MEND???

Shame on Okupe.

This is definitely a script by Doyin Okupe to launder the already battered image of an incompetent Good luck Jonathan. These guys are working for Jonathan. Nobody is saying Obasanjo is a saint, far from it. But Nigerians now should be particular about strategising on how to get rid of this clueless and highly incompetent Goodluck Jonathan who has brought reproach to the class of PhD holders. Nigerians must be united in sending this embarrassment of a president back to where he rightly belong .


Why did they wait till now? It appears they do not enjoy easy access to Obasanjo again. They want to dent and dump him. Yoruba ronu o.

If you think SS and SE can

If you think SS and SE can stay together then you need to think again.

These two guys are equally

These two guys are equally thieves who were preying on Nigeria when the going was good between them and Obasanjo. Why did they not blow the whistle since. Perhaps they have been sidelined by the powers that be and they no more have a way of sharing in the loot and so they have decided to spill the beans. useless idiots. Scavengers!

Deluded bad belle

Dis ur bad belle for youruba no go kill you oooh ...... No be Yoruba dey rebel against those who they think are corrupt ? When turai yaraua was dealing with Jonathan , who were the people protesting on his behalf , when the country voted for obj , he lost most heavily in he southwest ... Ur so called republic df SS and SE should learn from the Yorubas .... Maybe then you will have enlightenment in your blighted and moronic lives ... As we say Shioooor !!!!!

We Need A Written Story!

Please we need a written story on the information. Not many could download the video.

More to come

More of PDP atrocities will be revealed soonest. However, they should not be linked few personalities alone. They cooperate policies of the PDP and are still in practice even till NOW. But they soon expose and help destroy themselve by God's grace. Keep reading and watching!

Obasanjo is a Total Disaster to Nigeria

Obasanjo is a total disaster to Nigeria. Obasanjo was a total failure in office the second time around and he embarked on the greatest electoral fraud perhaps any country in the world had ever experienced.The rigging was monumental, audacious, vicious and unprecedented and yet it was uncalled for and totally unnecessary because he would still have won the election anyway, he had no competition in the field.
During Obasanjo's tenure, he punished Nigerians with lack of electricity, pot-hole infested unmotorable highways, worthless currency, dry water taps, hunger, massive unemployment, regularly closed schools, criminally charged environment, and primitive living conditions. He must have to face the wrath of the law and let justice prevail. What a bunch of rascal? Nigerians are just too patient to a fault. They need political revolution now or never.


"Irresponsible leadership and followership." Very interesting. Are we developing awareness? What next? Motivation for change? How ready are we?
Personally I think Nigeria will need more than some group of 'reformed political crooks' spilling the beans. But its a start! Journey of a thousand miles...

Jonathan's Sponsored STOOGES

This is diversionary tactics - trying to divert attention to OBJ in a bid to curtail his real or imaginary influence in PDP.

These look like paid "assassins". Let me be clear - apologies to Barack - OBJ is not a saint - wit - no leader - present or past of Nigeria - is a saint.

Jonathan does not have the liver to probe OBJ or arraign him before a court of law.

If anything at all, these two clowns should be arrested and charged to court for aiding and abetting corruption.

The solution again is - Let the MILITARY TAKE OVER, have the courage to arraign all those that have one way the other been entrusted with the governance of this country and are found to have corruptly enriched themselves.


The whole machinery of governance in place in the democratic constitution of Nigeria has been seriously compromised,from the Attorney General,legislators,the Presidency etc.In order to probe OBJ and his cohorts,Nigeria needs to throw Jonathan out of office because he clearly does not have the wherewithal,guts or moral high ground required to embark on such a project.
These serious allegations have not been so secret,Nigerians know that OBJ governed like a Dictator both on the political and fiscal levels,he controlled the petroleum ministry and ran it like his kitchen.
The main reason why OBJ will never retire from politics is not for the love of Nigeria rather it is because he has to cover his past acts of misrule.Unless he is investigated he will not stop disturbing whoever is occupying Aso-rock,he will keep being a torn in the flesh of good governance,his survival is more important to him than that of Nigeria.

Sahara should do more

SR is gradualy redeeming its image...but u need to do more in exposing d Thieves & nonentities of d West Yoruba race who over d years have cowardly helped the Hausa North in grounding continent Nigeria & plundering the wealth of the United Rep of the SS&SE countries of the continent. Theirs always come with near clinical finishes. From Credit card fraud, bank fraud to dexterity in public service thievery, there is no match for the Yoruba race. The records are there. It has the highest number of political assassins on the planet. Nonsense!...D sins of Obasanjo are legion. From Odi killings 2 killin his wife by encouraging her 2look "sharp" to satisfy his insatiable libido. The revelations represent just 0.001% of the atrocities commited by Thief Obasanjo. May d hottest place in hell be reserved for the idiot when he dies. Justice to the Odi & other victims of this idiot. The SS&SE Must secede now & deal wit our erring citizens ourselves..Long live the United Republic of the SS&SE

Omoyele, these guys are paid agents

Obasanjo is not a good man, no doubt about it. I don't trust these guys either. They are Jonathan's sponsored agents, bloody liars! It is all part of the ongoing battle for control in PDP.

I'm not fooled!

What goes around, comes

What goes around, comes arround. For every action, there must be equal and opposite reaction. What you sow is what you will reap. Any stone trown up will sourly hit the ground later. You cant bury a shadow; you can only cover the object that produce the shadow. Eny evil action you do will surely hunt you dead or alive.
OBASANJO participated in a do-or-die election after he left office to cover the evil he did when he was in office. He can run but he can't hide.

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