Governor Suntai Health Status Update: A Revealing Telephone Encounter With Taraba State Commissioner Of Information Emmanuel Bello

 Yesterday, Taraba State Commissioner of Information, Emmanuel Bello, called SaharaReporters in a self-described effort to debunk our report that the injured state governor, Danbaba Suntai, had developed significant brain damage.

The telephone conversation only managed to reveal a level of desperation in the official cover up of the true state of Mr. Suntai's health. Governor Suntai was involved in an air-crash late October. Two days later, he was flown to Hanover, Germany where he is receiving treatment. Since his departure, the residents of the state have been kept in the dark about his condition – beyond a barrage of propaganda by his aides that he has made remarkable improvement and recovery.
SaharaReporters’ revelation that Mr. Suntai has suffered brain-damage attracted flaks from the governor's aide. Despite our request that the state government provide evidence of the governor’s recovery, the commissioner of information kept pressuring us to report that the governor had spoken to some state officials and that he allegedly recognized his wife.

Enjoy the interview!


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Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your experiences and reminding us of the terrible hurt and suffering that stigma inflicts. Each one of us should be mindful of our language and our actions, but also important is for us to step in when we observe such demeaning behaviour. I believe that marketing often fuels stigma in order to promote products. We need to be aware of myths that perpetuate stigma. We can all do better.
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We need to hear his voice if emanuel's report is true

If your report is true we need to hear our gov's voice, sources from FG shows us that Suntan does not able even recognise Sensate Predent just few weeks ago and know bello is telling us robish.

nigerian ,a complicated lot

I read a lot of comments here ,and all of them are just so diverse,with a lot sentiments ,sowore is a hero of my time ,i am a middle aged man born in nigeria ,i have not seen such bravery in my life time in nigeria.referring to this interview ,aright thinking and fairly educated being will appreciate the job done in this interview,sahara reporters pls carry on

Absolute rubbish

This is rubbish. In a civilized world and institution, this reporter would get a query. What is the point? Is he fighting with the gov or the comm? This interview is an embarrassment and should be taken off the air.

My suggestions:

Re-do the interview in better ways
1. Be polite
2. Be civil and professional
3. Give Bello time to talk and stop the molue kind of shouting match
4. He is better addressed as the governor or mr governor and not " your governor". EVEN IF U ARE NOT A NIGERIAN
5. Commissioner for info and not "of" info

And, I hope you told him that the conversation was going to be recorded!

Best wishes

Rubbish interviewer

It is quite obvious that the interviewer is a non-professional. This is absolute rubbish. This is a street discussion, not fit for international media. The interviewer repeatedly said "your governor". That was too personal. A good journalist would have said mr governor or the governor. Whatever that means from a Nigerian. He also did not allow the man to give info (in fact bello accused him of making a mockery of the interview.
Commissioner of (sic) info?
Rubbish. The point would still have been made in a civil and respectful manner. get better.

Advice to Sahara reporters

Why can't Sahara reporters make an appointment to discourse with the Hospital CMD I believe he cannot lie like some Nigerian leaders.

You have failed

Akpos1 or whatever you called yourself, if you expect Obj and some Yoruba people to die for your Igbo agenda to come alive, then you will wait till eternity. Note it, Igbo man will never govern Nigeria untill you are delivered form the greed you inherited from your forefathers. How many of your governors are doing what Fashola, Aregbesola, Fayemi, Mimiko, Oshiomole etc are doing. Better go home and cry for the hell ruining your tribe.

u cant deceive Nigerians anymore

I dnt kno why d Nigeria politicians lik to deceive themselves and not the Nigerians. Another word for politicians in Nigeria is FINE LIERS. Infat dey always lie wen thet don't even supose to lie

Bello is an illeterate

Bello is big idiot. An illiterate. No one cares if he spoke with prominent or non-prominent member of his group. They are all idiots. Saharareporters does not have to contact any one to publish its news at all. Saharareporters is an independent news medium, not sponsors by Nigeria's cabals.
Stop wasting your precious time with people like this bello of a thing Sowore.

Bello is an illiterate.

Sowore you have to start

Sowore you have to start behaving like someone who has lived for a decade in the states. I am embarrassed, you behave as if you are still in the jungle. Why not let him speak and then you speak or vice versa instead of all this overtalking, I couldnt even follow the interview coherently. You guys should stop embarrassing us as this is an international forum not just for Nigerians.You seemed to act as if you were not understanding his accent but yours was worse because we could hear him better than you, dont take this Nigeria fight too personal, the best fighters have always been calm calculating and objective.

Taraba politics playing.

Mr.Bello is trying his best to protect his sick boss office forgetting that the Ag Gov is watching, my advice to you Mr. Bello is, you learn from Yar'adua's ministers mistake and be wise!!!

When will d plane carrying OBJ,IBB,adenuga,Otedola&Farouk crash?

When will d plane carrying OBJ, IBB, adenuga, Otedola & Farouk crash?

Long live the United States of the SS&SE

Opportunity missed


IMO, having the Information Commissioner on the phone was a coup by itself but you really did not allow us (the listeners) an opportunity to filter through his message to conclude whether typical government obfuscation was at play here.

Trust your listeners. Let him have enough rope in the form of clear questions and if he is dubious, he will eventually hang himself.

I think you got sucked into an ego challenge ("I'm a Journalist like you") and it soon descended into a rambling shouting match, the sort we Nigerians favor at various beer parlors.

Given your limited resources, thanks for making it happen anyway. You are still head and shoulders above most news media and your heart is in the right place.


The evil that men do live with them. for the taraba state infor comm. Emmanuel bello it is obvious his job is over he is trying to buy time to remain relevant. pls tell emma that his time is upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp.

Governor My Foot

Boko Haram is killing Nigerians every Sunday and nobody cares. Millions die on our dilapidated roads every year, uncountable babies die every year because of lack of adequate health care. We all know that the Nigerian governors are at the forefront of corruption. Largely they are the ones that have destroyed and looted the treasuries. The question is: why should we waste our time on whether this so-called governor is alive or dead. No man is indispensable, put someone there to continue running (Looting) the state and let the governor’s family take care of their pain.

You no try

Sowore, even until recently I watched your subsidy protest at the town hall in the USA. On this issued, you no try at all. This was unprofessional.

Taraba politics playing.

Mr.Bello is trying his best to protect his sick boss office forgetting that the Ag Gov is watching, my advice to you Mr. Bello is, you learn from Yar'adua's ministers mistake and be wise!!!

Who is agaisnt Gov. Suntai's recovery

I quite agree with the SR, if Bello want them to report that the Gov is improving he should prove to them by inviting one of their reporters to visit and interview the Gov in Germany so that all Tarabians wll be rest assured that their Gov is realy improving. However, I want to believe that SR do not have anything against the Gov and non of their reporters is happy that the Gov is in that state, but the truth must told to the people the Man "Suntai" is governing.



Limit Interruption

Sowore, your medium is doing great, however, whenever you are interviewing someone, let them speak and limit interrupting them.

Spot on, this is Nigeria

Spot on, this is Nigeria exactly , in all dealings from Jona down to Sowore to all Nigerians, this is the very true style of Nigerians. Which is not leading the country any where

Dis na kampe job Sowore my

Dis na kampe job Sowore my pikin, dis liarrrrr think say hin dey dokpesi or NTA dey rap lie. All Naija lick ass don dabaru our obodo, dey wan protect Suntai job. Yeye dey smell.

Danbaba suntai brain damage

Hahahahahahahaha you refused to fix the road plane can kill you one by one suntai has alrady collapsed deputy govornor carry go dead no go wahala

Sowore, stop wasting your

Sowore, stop wasting your time arguing about nonsense. Get a private investigator to get photographs and the medical notes of the Governor and the truth shall be known.

Think twice before u comment

Some of those accusing d Gov are doing it base on religious sentiment.They think d Gov is Muslim.

Sahara reporters, you must

Sahara reporters, you must remember that you are not fighting the governor. Report something you are sure of at all times.

Never argue with an idiot.

Never argue with an idiot. He'd drag you down to his level and beat you with his years of experience as an idiot.

This is a waste of time. Mr

This is a waste of time. Mr Sowore was not fair to the interviewer. I expected him to ask a simple straight question. If the Governor was brain damaged or incapacitated. by the way a telephone interview was not necessary. Both are splitting hairs. Not good!

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