How To Defeat Suicide Bombers By Sheik Gumi

To defeat suicide bombers the government should empower civilians to root out terrorists. Sheik Gumi made this declaration during an interview with SaharaTV over the weekend.

“Boko Haram hides behind civilians,’ he said. “So I would never ever use the military to fight them. I would use civilians, like them, to track them and fight them, and bring them to justice. It is very important to bring them to justice so I don’t fall into the same things they do and kill innocent people.”

The Islamic cleric criticized the Nigerian government's approach of using the military to fighting terrorism.  He told SaharaTV’s Rudolf Okonkwo, “When you send the military, sometime they are worse than the terrorists. This causes innocent people to turn against them and even join the terrorist’s cause.”

He also addressed the issue of fighting terrorism without fighting Islam. “Muslims are the first victims of terrorism,” the doctor turned cleric said. “The way to do it is to empower the Muslims to tackle this terrorism. Not to come and hide behind fighting terrorism and cause harm to Muslims like what is happening right now in Nigeria.” Sheik Gumi stated that this as the way to fight terrorism without attacking Islam or being perceived as doing so.

Ahmad Gumi was also critical of the claim by the Nigerian Army Chief of Staff General Azubike Ihejirika that foreign terrorists from Mali were entering Nigeria. “He made these claims but there are two countries between Nigeria and Mali,” Gumi said. “You don’t hear people from Niger or Burkina Faso complaining about Malian fighters crossing their borders. So how can they cross these countries and suddenly appear in Nigeria?”

Sheik Gumi made headlines recently with sermons at his Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna during which he said that Allah had caused the helicopter crash that killed former Governor Patrick Yakowa and former National Security Adviser General Andrew Azazi.  The cleric claimed that Yakowa and Azazi were planning against Muslims. Gumi deflected on the question of what his evidence was, initially stating, “what was the Governor and a former Christian head of state doing at the funeral of the father of an assistant to a president.” He also questioned why these individuals were traveling in a military helicopter. The sheik made this claim, “now that he (Yakowa) died, everyone was sharing evidence and it was clear that this man did not mean well for Kaduna state. The evidence is there I did not need to convince anybody.”

When pushed on the issue of evidence to support his claims Sheik Gumi said, “Nigeria is very volatile and that these actions by Yakowa & Azazi were a cause of suspicion.” He went on to say that when Yakowa came to Kaduna State many atrocities had occurred for which he did not apologize. Sheik Gumi says Yakowa was an entity against Muslims in the state. He raised the question of what the governor was doing with Azazi, who had been known to give military equipment to the terrorist organization, MEND. The Sheik alluded to a plot, including General Gowon, to destabilize Kaduna in order to win the 2015 election, which if it was fair, Yakowa would be unable to win.

Following up on the comments he made that Allah caused the death of Yakowa, Sheik Gumi was asked about the willingness of some people to fight for Allah when Allah was capable of fighting for himself.

Sheik Gumi explained that, “Muslims have been instructed that when they see injustice, they should try and fight it.” He went on to explain that part of the injustice is terrorism and that Islam fights terrorism.  “If evil escapes the punishment of the worldly government,” he said, “then Allah will punish them.”

The Sheik ended his interview on a political note, restating his belief that the National Assembly should ban a number of Nigerian politicians from office in order to ended rivalries which create havoc in Nigeria.


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#Fearless. Its an intellectual speeking

Kudus to you Sheikh. May the guidance and blessings of Allah be with you and your family. AMEEN THUMMA AMEEN


You people always claiming to know everything when you know nothing, you couldn't understand what sheikh said now you're blaming him. mts Tsinanne, Daniska, dakiki, chimpanzee. I know your father beat up your mother and threw you out form his house. That's why you're doing robbish things like this.

Gumi is empty and seeking

Gumi is empty and seeking relevance. Where in d world are civilians used to fight terrorists? Who are d civilians to b used, is it christians whom bh wil kill on sight or muslims who bh claim to protect? If gumi is so sure of his tactics let him lead the way and show us the terrorists he has captured as a civilian.

That is rich, coming from Gumi!

Talk about getting advice on honesty from an armed robber. But, no thanks! Keep your advice!

The so-called leaders and former leaders of Northern extraction need your advice the most, on how to develop the North. They need it more. They need to understand about priorities. About prioritising EDUCATION, JOB CREATION and POVERTY ALLEVIATION PROGRAMS above SPONSORING PILGRIMS TO MECCA, which does not edify or help the North in any way. Rather, it impoverishes them and breeds TERRORISTS.

What a cheek!

Sentiment and ignorant make some peapl blind to see the truth

I dont know why some people out of sentiment disagree with fact and reality sheikh Gumi is not the first to admite that the method used by Nig Army in tackling Boko haram issue is ful of human right voilatio so said the human rights activies in and outside Nigeria. Moreover if you want to critisise shuld be objectively, not distructively you'r simply exibiting your level of ignorance. Keep it up sheikh, May God protect you.

Fire for Fire !!!!

Sheik Gumu should not forget that the weapon bh are using is not club and cutlas. There offensive has military might and should be handle by the military, look for other topic to get your popularity!!!

Sheik go and sleep.

Sheik go and sleep.

How to Defeat Boko Haram - Simple

Sheik Gunmi, allow us to take a peek at the contact page on your phone! Simple!


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Where was the weak rotten

Where was the weak rotten fulani voice of this alwada dancer called Gumi whom SR is busy rebranding when Odi was bombed by OBJ-when late Yaradau flattened Gbaranmatu with bombs? Which Nigerian said No when the same Army Chief of Staff, General Azubike Ihejirika, bombed Ayakoroma and ordered his soldiers to throw elderly men and women who could not escape into the huts that were set ablaze by the soldiers in Ayakoroma? Now that its the turn of boko haram to face the wrath of secuirty agents, he wants civilians to tackle boko haram-imagine an Islamic cleric who fully supported Late Yaradua when he requested for over 45 billion to purchase arms to kill Niger Deltans now asking GEJ to be soft on boko haram. The man is fake-he is the brian behind the activities of boko haram in the North.

u r a cow

our govt is a coward to allow u go away wit such comments


I wish Yakowa had allowed this moron to rot in Saudi Arabia.... Why didn't you say nothing when Yakowa was alive?? Shege!

Foolish, irresponsible, reckless faggot....

Dele Awogbeoba you are very stupid. Gumi you're partly right.

Firstly, Dele Awogbeoba. You are very stupid for that comment, the Igbos are at it again. For how many years have we had Hausa Chiefs of Army Staff And seen all high Army ranks go to only Hausa people? Are the Igbo people not also Nigerians? Dont they have a right to get higher ranks along with their counterparts if the Chief deems fit? If the Igbo people cannot be allowed high ranks in the Nigerian army then Nigeria should make Igbos think of starting an Igbo army and see if it wont cause bigger problems in future.
As for Gumi. I agree totally with his idea of using civilians to fight BH but I am afraid that the Nigerian state is not tactical enough to actualize this. People everywhere are too hungry and if a hungry civilian gives up a BH sect. BH will in turn bribe insiders in the army and fish this person out and make an example of him. Nigeria needs Technology to fight BH with the airforce and the army using serious force based on intelligence from spy reports on ground.

What a way to fight terrorism

According to Sheikh Gumi,“Boko Haram hides behind civilians,. “So I would never ever use the military to fight them. I would use civilians, like them, to track them and fight them, and bring them to justice. It is very important to bring them to justice so I don’t fall into the same things they do and kill innocent people.” I quite agree with the learned cleric. However, was not when the civilians failed to track the terrorists down and bring them to justice that the military had to come in? In most cases, the civilians supported and joined them to kill innocent persons. Unfortunately, his suggestion is late. All that needs to be done is for all to join hands and deal with the cankerworm called Boko Haram.

the So cal Gumi or wat eva he cals hmslf s sick in da head

I dnt knw what the federal government are waitin for in arestin the so cal Gumi...such people re causin problm 2 our country n are nt supos 2b free men livin.he shld b jailed n served as examples 2 odas..hw can he said dat God s responsible 4d plan crash of da formal governor of kaduna state,n azazi.dats unacceptable n uncal 4..wat i wl leave him wt is dat he shld knw dat hes gona die 2,n hs nt goin 2live 4eva.he s a bokoharam i mst say.hmmm.may God help us all.

The solution to Boko aram is resource control.

The solution to Boko aram is resource control "absolute resource control". When oil allocation stops flowing to these impoverished state I believe then they will be eager to protect whatever they have left instead of destroying it.
They "Boko aram infested states "still know that their monthly allocation would be given them irrespective of the wanton loss of lives and government institution they destroy.
Government should be firm, resolute and stop given these states allocation from oil and custom duties. Let these states spend their IGR's and lets see if these destruction will continue.

Those behind the demise of YAKOWA are now confessing

The GOD of the all univers is absollutely alive,the entire wourld can now see those behind the killing of the former kaduna state gorvernor patrick sick gumi,it is clear that because all the imams in the state where being paid from to the state and yakowa also said then all the pastors and reverends will be paid also,it now became an issue why the pastors should be paid.Gumi don't worry nemessis will soon catch up with you,you people fell to take power back is through killing,GOD will use HIS might to take power away from you guys using a smooth means not through killings.Sick gumi wait for GOD action agaist you soon!!!.

Drunk master Guma

Dis man must av been drunk during d can civilian capture boko haram with sophisticated weapon,he must b out of his mind. Arrest dis man he wil say somtin about yakowas' death

Udam Ochiaghandigbo

You Udam I don't know that you are very stupid human being in this earth, if you are not illiterate why are you abusing Hausa/Fulani and your forefather are very poor by then and Hausa/Fulani make you proud now with their groundnut and Yoruba with coco farming and now you stupid Niger Delta have even mine to abuse northern Nigerian by our prayer and God grace that pocking oil will soon dry and I will see weather you can eat or drink the oil. Remember we the northerners we are not lazy like you people we have land to farm and you bad eggs is only known stealing and your girl are prostitute all over north you know even shame to abuse you leaders who make you happy in your rest of your life and the Niger delta. Your Bad luck who you call stupid mu-mu head of state and the waste in the history of Nigerian and God will remove him one day or he die in office. One day be one day monkey go go market and he will return insha Allahu ta'ala.

This is the most interesting

This is the most interesting interview ever condcuted by Sahara Reporters. The next best are the one conducted with Buhari on subsidy removal, oil thieves, rigged elections and corrupt officials AND the one with Rev. Hassan Matthew Kukah about capitalist Pastors buying & flying in private jets. Keep it up!

madness again

what is the mad man saying self after enough fallin of people.

@ Udam, You are as sick as

@ Udam, You are as sick as you did mention the elated sheik is. Did u here him say what Obasanjo did to Odi people is right?
Skeik Gumi has and is always saying the Truth.

Gumi is Confused....

This man Gumi is confused.... To have accused Yakowa without any tangible reasons is stupid....
This man has forgotten so soon that Yakowa it was who pulled all the strings to get him out of Saudi detention.... If he doesn't have clear evidence, my advice to him is to shut the hell up!! Why should he lampoon an innocent man? Why didn't he say so when Yakowa was alive? He may do well and move back to Gumi in Sokoto state and leave the good people of Kaduna in peace..... Stupid cleric!!

Civilian Role in Terror Fight

I applaud the comments and suggestions of Sheikh Gumi in restoring peace to areas affected by the current insecurity challenges in Nigeria. May Allah reward him immensely. In as much as some may disagree with the Sheikh, albeit in an immature and disrespectful way, civilians can play a very important role in restoring peace to our homeland. However, this role should not result in mob action based on mere suspicion. Traditional rulers had in the past played a very important role in peace keeping in their communities and this duty need to be recognized and restored. Security agencies should also act professionally, working with informants within affected areas. All people in the community, Muslim, Christians an others, would like to see an end to these insecurity challenges and the restoration of peace. May Allah help us all. Amen.


OBJ's Atrocities we're Innumerable BUT belive me,He deserves a BIG Bowl of AMALA & EWEDU Soup,FORTIFIED With BUSHMEAT! Why? Tell u why; He Successfully CHECKMATED d Oppressive Norther Oligarchy! He did this by Removing their stooges 4rm sensitive security positions which until then were reserved for ONLY those of d Born 2Rule region, gave sum key 'nothern Quota' appointments 2us 4rm d middle belt,which caused an uproar 4rm d Oligarchy & their Rxn confirmed they ONLY preach 1 North wen dey nid our votes! The icing on d'cake ws wen he sold them a dummy with d ailin Yaradua 2see a SS-Man finally bComin president! I only wish he pikd a more capable person though!!! OBJ, u hav their medicine Jór!


Well spoken Gumi...WHO else wuld know d way out than you; the Direct ReINCARNATION & CLONE of yur Evil Blood Thirsty Dad;Late Sjeikh Abubakar Gumi!But as usual, u r tryin 2b Clever-by-Half. Several Northern Muslim 'civilians' r not armed nd yet see d Way they kill wit Reckless Abandon..I'm talkin bout d 'civilians' who killed Gideon Akaluka in KANO, a female teacher in Bauchi, killed corpers in bauchi state, and the Almajiris yur Dad sent severally in d 80's & 90's to burn churches in Kaduna state! Yur Dad laid d foundation of present day BH, so I expect he left u a Blue print on how 2end it..but true 2yur EVIL Genes,u went off ranting on a Demonic Tangent.
Mr Gumi; "A good tree cannot bear bad Fruit & A BAD Tree CANNOT bear good fruit..By Their Fruit U shall know Them".
U r without Doubt a Wild Donkey-BAD Tree Bearing ROTTEN Fruit!

sheikh.the way bh are

sheikh.the way bh are portraying islam is not the right way..agreed,the north is majorly muslims..implement shareeah and people uncomfortable with the law would weed themselves out.

Pls Be wise and you Ñeed to grow up!

Well, thanks for insulting Hausa/fulanis: I aint gonna strike back as we both know that "Silence is the best asnwer to a fool" so you can continue running your mouth...lolz

Gumi was right i supported

Gumi was right i supported his views but the angrecious will not understand him

One Nigeria

Gumi isa dinosaur who has outlived his time, but he will see that his brethren terrorists are truly trying to sneak back into Nigeria from mali. The French taught the Islamists and Boko Haram a lesson, so like the rats they are they scurry back to the safety of Nigeria. These old men have not really sat down to talk to our young kids, these children today are very patriotic. There will never be a United States of SS and SE. The oil is mainly from the Niger Delta, and Abia is drilling for oil shared with Enugu and Kogi. Those who want a break up of Nigeria, if it ever happens will see a country for all 350 ethnic groups that cohabitate in this land.

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