"I Pity Jonathan," Says His Eminence Sunday Makinde

His Eminence Dr. Sunday Makinde defends his opposition to the proposed granting of an amnesty to Boko Haram members. He pities  the president for the quality of the advice he gets. He also talks about pastors who decides to buy private jet as a matter of priority.  He also addresses the Knightship his church awarded Gov. Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state even though he was not a member of the Methodist Church of Nigeria.

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Typical Yoruba

A yoruba will be a yoruba no matter where you find him. This man thinks that corruption is not evil in Nigeria and that politicians are not evil. Like the rest of Yoruba, he must also think that Obasanjo is the best thing ever happened to Nigeria.

Is a pity that idiot called

Is a pity that idiot called jonathan is nigerias president.

Eminence Sunday Makinde caught in bed with Gov. Akpabio.

It is rather disappointing that such a person of statue occupying the pinnacle of religious affairs does not think that corruption is evil; not even the extent conflagration of corruption that engulf the entire Nigerian national prospective and rendering poor Nigerian lives to near death or pseudo existence. To him, it is only when politicians try to "eliminate" their opponents that their actions are evil. And on the issue of pastors owning private jets; according to Makinde, that is their "private" matter. This is quite glaring given the abusive power that underscores these pastors conversion to personal wealth and outright lack of accountable to their congregation finances. Now, Nigerians know why Eminence Makinde of Methodist church of Nigeria is in bed with Gov. Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state and cohorts. Simply put, this is no God’s man, he just as evil and corrupt as those politicians he tried to absolve from sins against their nation and fellow citizens.

"I Pity Jonathan," Says His Eminence Sunday Makinde

His Eminence Sunday Makinde is not of the Catholic Church, as shown in some parts of the interview.
He is of the Methodist church.

We are waiting.

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We can summarize this thug in

We can summarize this thug in one sentence: He enjoys Nigeria as she is today.

He believes that Nigerian pastors have the right to buy private jests while the members of their congregation suffer and die in poverty. Nigeria politicians have the right to take their families to London for schooling and medical care while the schools and hospitals in Nigeria are ignored and neglected. Things are improving in Nigeria and whoever does not desire the unity of Nigeria does not love Nigeria. That is the wisdom of this 70 years old Yoruba thing. He does not want Nigeria to break up because the country has been good to him. This is the mindset of 99 percent of Yoruba population – they love Nigeria because they enjoy from the confusion and anarchy they helped to create in Nigeria.

His advisers are mostly wazobians-blame them not ijaws

the young men who exploded bombs in the USA recently were apprehended with the full cooperation of the citizens of the USA-let such happen in Nigeria-then and only then would u know khaki no be leather! OBJ sent his soldiers to massacre civilians in Odi- over the alleged murder of 12 police men--recently anoda set of 12 police men were alleged to have been killed in Bayelsa-why must we have 12 police officers killed in Odi and again in 2013 have anoda group of officers killed-who are the fulanis working with dasuki fooling--pastor pray for the nation not condemn the president--pray for the SS to secede from 9ja.

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