Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 26

This week, Adeola received a memo circulating about Nigerian first lady, you don't want to miss this. She also discussed how Zimbabwean senator wants women to dress less attractive in order to prevent the spreading of HIV/AIDS. She looked at a man who spent $60,000 on dog custody and why a Kenyan man was stuck in another man's wife during intercourse. This week, she featured the sights and sounds of Cape Verde among other stories. Enjoy!

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My first time of watching complete KIRWA! I nearly die laughing. I must say Adeola You rock with your show joor. But Mind your sef ooo! wetin be 'Umbllerah'? Anyway thumbs up @12:15, that ur dance is called 'Wayoozee'.
..Ade you be best! I Love!

Hahahah infact am posting this, check..

The smeller a Zim lady the

The smeller a Zim lady the sexier. Dont mind him, he wanted more sex. Yeye man

A D E O L A.

Yeah homie gal.
Mi love U, mi love your SHOW, u are da BOMB.
Jah Bless.

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