Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 49

This week on Keeping It Real With Adeola, find out how Nigerian government is responding to allegations of corruption in the oil sector after an investigation by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. Also, Adeola reveals the "not so secret" love affairs of the President of Zambia; she shows you why the president is trying too hard to have one woman work near him.
Adeola also exposed some costly and deadly beauty practices, especially the danger of skin bleaching. In her own special way, she narrates how a Chinese man sued his wife for being ugly.
This week, Adeola remembers Pastor Bimbo Odukoya who died in a plane crash in Nigeria. She celebrates the wedding of Odukoya's daughter and shows you how that family have stayed strong.

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God is the only hope we have as Nigerians

if our religious leaders can no longer be trusted, where do we go.As it is today, our religious leaders dont have the moral stand to challenge any act of corruption. Does it make any sense for a country that produces oil to go for a loan for subsidy amounting to billions? An amount that is enough to build at least a mini refinery. God you are our hope.


Corruption takes a religious dimension. Religious leaders are getting share of their contributions to the nation destruction. When elections come they'll become busy dividing Nigeria into quasi religious entities. They'll chant the gospel of 'one religion dominating things and killing people and destroying Nigeria'. Which legal money will buy one an aircraft and maintain it at the same time in the present situation of Nigeria? No problem with God everything is possible. We keep on praying may Almightty God expose any form of devilish activities conspire against Nigeria and Nigerians.

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