Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 53

This week on Keeping It Real, Adeola lists several of President Jonathan's achievements in 2012, standing up against those who keep saying the president has done nothing. Adeola also looks at the Nigerian NAVY's role in the recent helicopter crash that killed a governor and 5 others. She then takes you to Malawi, where the defense minister collapsed during a sexual encounter with his teenage girlfriend.

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Good job?

ebbie or what do u call ur name

sorry, what is written has been writen & believe Deoa got d gist.


I was almost laughing when I read your ridiculous comment.Do we have leaders or rulers? Guess you cant figure out the difference.Speaking truth has become "lacking in courtesy culture" Good image is what adeola is trying to teach your "leaders". May be your benefitting from this abati crab theory

Good job?

Deola, i wonder what good job these people are telling u to keep up.
as a young girl i think u have better thins to do with ur brains.
nonetheless one can be gifted to make others relax by laughin but not to the degree we begin to insult our leaders.
even the whites dont have this lack of coutesy culture when it comes to national leadership.
people like u want good image for the country but someone must start it. it can just be anyone.
in as much as u are makin urself busy, let it be with worthwhile stories that can edify the populace.
just my kind of thought...

Desperate Loser Warriors/Tough guys


Adeola keep the good job you

Adeola keep the good job you are doing. i just observe something now last episode u talk about Mrs jonatha dress that expose her ni**les but what i'm seen in your own dress hnmmmm.

Malawi defense minister

Am really surprised at your example cos what that man demonstrated act of keeping it real. Its part of the job!

Hmmm I beg oh , next time for

I beg oh , next time for us who are easily distracted ohh, cover up. You know what I mean.
You are already good enough , now add you know what and concentration goes out the window.
Just keeping it very real .

Ps: keep up the good work

This is a Parody



Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha. This girl won't kill me oooo!!!

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