Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 56

This week on Keeping It Real, more than 30 people died trying to vandalize ruptured pipeline in Nigeria, and the oil thieves say Government leaves them with no choice.
Also, find out why Jacob Zuma rejects a woman's public love proposal and presentation of courtship gifts.
In Zimbabwe, the female Vice President claims Mugabe was chosen by God at the age of 10 to rule Zimbabwe. Also find out why five goats were arrested in Osun State among other stories.

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Adeola only gets better with

Adeola only gets better with every episode. Weldone for keeping it funny entertaining, poignant, rich and ever so real... Way to go girl!

Extremely brillinat lady

She's a superstar. I love her works. Her sense of humor is excellent. Meanwhile she deals with very serious issues. She's exceptional.

Good Presentation.

Good Presentation.

In praise of 'keeping it real'

The dramatic, yet serious and poignant way that Adeola presents this newsy melodrama is very entertaining. She does it in such a way that she not only makes us laugh,but we also learn certain things that happen in some parts of Africa. In the main,i just cherish her presentations and every week,yearn to listen to her presentation.How I wish some of our Nigerian TV stations and media could have such in their news presentations.Bravo to Adeola and Saharareporters!