Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 63

This week, Adeola takes you through the good and the bad in the recently concluded Kenyan election. She also reveals how Nigeria is preparing for the 2015 election.

Find out what happens when a group of policemen kill a taxi driver in South Africa for parking on the wrong side of the road, and she takes you to Togo while telling the story of a blackout at Lagos airport that prevents a plane from landing.

Also, Adeola discusses how uniformed men are treating their fellow countrymen in Africa. And she examines how Mugabe celebrates his 89th birthday despite a new revelation about Zimbabwe in the CIA Factbook.

Adeola also compares the world's most luxurious prison to those in Africa. Find out why she advocates that prison should reform and not deform people, and many more stories.

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Adeola.... Does prisons.... u

Adeola.... Does prisons.... u don't wanna spend one night there.

Congratulations for your Pregnacy

Congratulations for the new baby.I thank God for u for what God has placed into u for your good work.We all hope and pray for his safe arrival when due.

God eyes dey see u o

Hello Deola, good job. Please dont tell me u dont see how lagos state goverment is destroying several places in lagos, bcos he want to turn the state to mega city, did this gov have any plan for the poot at all? And u promised to talk about the issue of okada ban in the state in one of ur episode but till this very hour u said norring. Deolaaaaaa abi u don take brown envelope like others, please balance this ur program dont focus on the president alone there alot of rubbish happen in local govt n states. Oju oluwa nwo o..

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