Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 75

This week on Keeping It Real, Adeola describes the cat fight between President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Amaechi in Nigeria.

She also tells the story of an Ethiopian family that earned six degrees in one week in Texas.

Adeola also takes you to Ghana, where a 13-year-old was forced to marry in place of her sister who ran away.

In Ilorin, students of Kwara Polytechnic protested after a student was shot by a policeman.

Meanwhile, Ugandan journalists are harassed by the police during a peaceful protest.

Find out why a lady quit her job to live off of her parents at the age of 33 among other stories.

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During 2003,2007 and 2011 elections, I concluded that religion in Nigeria is just money making venture to a number of Nigerians especially the pastors and Imams. Dahiru Bauchi in 2011 he was privilege to have 2 hours everyday to air his campaigns for Jonathan after collecting money from Namadi Sambo. One business mogul in my state distributed money in hundred millions to pastors with pictures of amputated persons to display them to their followers that if other parties won the elections they would have their arms amputated the same ways. What PDP did was using Imams to mobilizing moslems against Christians and Christians against moslems. This time Nigerians should take note.


De political crisis in nigeria

Hi May I call you Adeola? I

May I call you Adeola? I just wanted to comment on the story about the student shot by the police in Kwara. While the incident was absolutely unjustified and rightly should be condemned, I do take issue with the violence of the students reaction. If one considers for a moment the burnt car, that is a resource lost to either the individual or the state which is a waste.
As Dr King demonstrated, considered and peaceful protest is a much more noble endeavour.
I felt that a comment on the violence from you should have been made to highlight the doubly wrong violence.
Keep up the good work
Ps: you do look good.

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