Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 83 (Underage marriage in Nigeria)

This week on Keeping it real, Adeola addresses underage marriage in Nigeria. She also explains the three ways that undocumented immigrants can get their green cards if the immigration reform bill passes.

Adeola takes you to Guinea-Bissau where domestic violence is now a public crime, and South Africa where young men are going through deadly initiations in order to become real men.

This week, Adeola pays tribute to the late Zimbabwean musician, Chiwoniso Maraire.

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Adeola pls provide us ur

Adeola pls provide us ur listeners with valid website addresses where these petitions are. I tried the one stated in this 83rd episode and it didn't work also u provided no web address for the petition on green card lottery. Omo ibadan please do a thorough job next episode. still we love your show.

As for the pedeophile senator yerima, who is trying to wink hood us with religious sentiments. And carry on with his sexual fantasies he will not succeed. These are human beings we are talking about and not properties like castles. Even animals know how to wait until they are mature.

Hmmmm, just thinking aloud.... Can my 10 year old boy also marry a 49 year old woman? If not? Why not?

Under Islam a six month old

Under Islam a six month old girl is of age to be married and ready for sex.Sick religion.Islam is not compartible with the modern world.

One question is Nigeria am

One question is Nigeria am Islamic stste or those our stupid Senetor don't have anything to do than to vote for such stupid thing.!!!!!


U speak lyk an illiterate,fool.

Underage Marriage in Nigeria.

Adeola thank you for your weekly programme but l must be frank that we have no Senators, there is no public hearings about any issues and they are the most best paid politician in the world. They should have use the time to debate on how to reduce unemployment in Nigeria, security should have been discuss until there is a solution.
There should be a revolusion in Nigeria to correct injustice and removed all rats and mosquitoes that we have in the leadership.

Bros dats too harsh nw,the

Bros dats too harsh nw,the cause of this issue of gay marriage na american issue,they just want every1 to bow for them,moreover adeola has been trying,americans are confusionist they1ant every1 to be below them,pls send an apology to adeola



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In 2013, it is me telling you “hey, let us invite people to use a FREE app where they can find all the stuff they need on a mobile phone, and we will be rich soon!” Too good to be true?

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Wonderful job

May The Lord bless u

Adeola the trespasser

Adeola homosexualism and child which one do you support? When they disturb us about gay marriage why don't you organise a programme like this? Why Nigerian Christians did not talk against it? Is gay Jesus teachings? Why you Adeola and Nigerian Christians kept mute on gay marriage? Because you are afraid of been deported from US to Nigeria abi? And Nigerian Christians are afraid against gay before, they rely on foreign aids to survive. Infact I prefer to marry 13 years old girl, than marrying someone of my mother's age like Adeola as my wife, after taking long, short, thick, and thin Penis.

Underage marriage.

Anything underage means its not at a mature stage. it is therefore, abomination to marry underage.

Why is adeola not talking about Fasheun's escort for Mustapha?

Why is adeola not talking about Fasheun's escort for Mustapha? Is that not News worthy? Or is it bcos it does not involve Patience or Jonathan.

Lets imagine if it were Sir Dokubo Asari who escorted Mustapha to Kano, would Adeola have ignored the story? she would have cracked some very dry jokes from it. But bcos her Ibadan people from the West are involved, she decided to remain deaf, blind & dumb.

This is how the Politics is played currently in continent Nigeria. Where is Parrot Bakare? Where are NADECO members? Fasheun escorts prime suspect & terrorist whom "Generals" Diya & Adisa cried prostrated. Shame! Continent Nigeria is doomed indeed.

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