Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala storms Dr. Damages show with a piece of the National Cake

Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala storms Dr. Damages show with a piece of the National Cake

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nashonal cake

I also want my part of dat cake,

even as a Djerman,

since Okey Ndibe said

Djermany was soon being annexed by Naija .

and Okey is also a professa - no be so!


rudolf has lost it, hes as

rudolf has lost it, hes as crude and amaturish a journalist as the problems of Nigeria he tries to wonder ur dwindling viewers

Where did Dr Damages get that under-aged tall woman?

Dr, Damages, e get where joke dey reach oh! Small time now, somebody go charge you for infanticide or better put, 'pikin-cide'. Nonsense!

Too Chesseeeeeeeee

I hope he's doing this for free. The guy sucks like heck.

becoming more amateurish

man, you are becoming very amateurish instead of improving. Pleazze improve.

May God forgive Sahara Reporters

This is totally uncalled for. I am about losing the last shred of respect that I reserve for Sahara Reporters. Everyone commended the cake illustration because it brought clarity to the subject of GDP. I don't understand why Sahara Reporters seems to take such a negative and caustic position on almost every issue. Does Sahara Reporters know anything about ethics at all?


If not in Nigeria which country would appoint a foreign agent to manage its economy? If not in Nigeria which country would allow ethnic zealots to be appointed in public offices and be proud of manifestation of ethno-religious stupidity? If not in Nigeria which country is governed in pretence and lies? Nigeria is facing the most difficult time since its birth. Some are saying it must be divided because a minority wanted to rule not by negotiation,consensus or mutual understanding but by force. Some are saying Nigeria will cease to exist if their kinsman is not made a ruler by 2015. Some are pocketing the wealth of the nation through gimmick companies like MALABU.

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