Obasanjo Is The “Most Corrupt Leader On Earth,” Dr. Bello

By SaharaTV, New York: During an exclusive interview with SaharaTV’s Rudolf Okonkwo on March 10, Nigerian historian Dr. Sule Bello said Olusegun Obasanjo is not only the most corrupt leader in Nigeria, but the “most corrupt on Earth.”

The history professor at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria expressed disdain about what he perceives as an excessive amount of influence that Obasanjo has over President Goodluck Jonathan.

“I see somebody who is trying to do good for his country but does not seem to have gotten out of the clutch of people who are interested in their own immediate thing [gain] like Obasanjo….” stated Bello in a  critical assessment of the overall performance of President Jonathan.

Bello continued, declaring that Obansajo sent the nation into “chaos” during his presidency, yet does not receive a fair share of the blame of the present problems in the country due to ethnic prejudice against Northerners.

“Everyday it is the northern region. Everyday it is the Hausa-Fulani…these people don’t know about you and they are trying to live a decent life and out of your own ethnic chauvinism you always blame them for everything,” Bello said.

The ethnic chauvinism that Bello described is what he says is causing most of the problems in Nigeria, obstructing attempts for a peaceful dialogue with Boko Haram leaders, who according to Bello, are venting frustrations over the killing of their members and leaders since the inception of the extremist sect after the initiation of the Fourth Republic.


Additionally, “ethnic chauvinism,” according to Bello, sustains an erroneous rationale that Northerners cannot lay claim to oil wealth simply because the oil comes from the South.

The fiery interview concluded with Bello’s warning to President Jonathan that he will go down the “way of the rest” if he continues his over-reliance on foreign advice while neglecting the National Assembly, Nigerian constitution and needs of the Nigerian people. 

Watch the full interview here and more exclusive interviews on SaharaTV.

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I personally think that it is

I personally think that it is hard not to get a corrupt leader nowadays. The best way to appreciate the effect of a leader is by balancing the good with the bad. For example he helped farmers. At the start of the civil war, there were only five universities, but by 1975 the number had increased to thirteen, with seven more established over the next several years and some of them even offer online degrees now. I m not saying he was not corrupt. He defiantly was, but he also left some good things behind

we shall stop discriminating each other and we shall be NIGERIAN

You are stupid useless bastard,shamless idiot that don't have respect for other parent.. One day someone will abuse your father how you abuse others parent. On the esure of the north brother it is the north that build this country so don't ever abuse the north but if you don't like IBB,Atiku and the remaining morther corrupt people am with you. Am from the north but I hate does people becouse of all the bad things they do to this country.... And when ever,where ever and anytime you are looking for a true nigerian am one,I don't discrimete between any nigerian In respect of religion or language.... Bro be a nigerian not a fool is time we change our ways to be one united nigeria and stop abusing people. SIR!!!


. . . I'm very deeply geervid! Nigeria is far too blessed a country for its people to resort to these humiliating alternatives to power. Its good to know that we're creative, but frankly, this attribute should be channeled to less mediocre projects. Everybody should get thinking --especially our electrical engineering grads and undergrads. Sometimes. . . I wonder what people are being taught in school

the most foolish Dr on earth

The Dr knew nothing of all what is saying rathan foolish talk, If you are not happy with OBJ as a man who had pocketed the notheren holigacy`s i.e IBB,Atiku and co. It better you get a passport and leave nigeria for the good pp and relocate to Niger where your forfather come from.Histoty is there for unborn generation to raed before you and after you, A foolish MAN. How did you got your doctorate?. Get lost and fulk off.


Thanks for Dr Sule Bello's comment on Obasanjo as he might be correct to an extent but Dr him self don't speak like an academician qualified to earn such degree judging by his comment.
None of his points were sensible as he always wave the truth to fight and not being able to answer any point correctly.
It's a common sense that Nigerian situation has long overdue for us to once again dawn together which we call sovereign national conference.
He was so out of reality while answering the question about northers controlling southerner's natural wealth.
If we have had a democratically elected government in my country and not selected by the power of obasanjo, so called Dr Bello could have been due for prosecution for glorifying the Boko haram


Obasanjos antecedents and legacies are what give this country the worst fate ever in history. I can term him the most corrupted person of the millenium, but see how some ignorant admirers admire him blindly. I think any corrupted Southerner can feel happy about how Obasanjo rule this country, because at least he looked at the future of his people and he tried to make the presidency remain with them, and he succeded. But that man is very wicked, far worst than IBB AND ATIKU combined. They are all criminals.


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Re: lets get along together

Are u actually a Nigeria or which part of Africa are u from? What have u done in your own little and private capacity to empower your people(from de same root). Lets talk at aakracy@yahoo.com

Well done Dr. Bello

Welldone Dr. Bello. you are doing the right thing. if people like you would have spoke like that....point blank, the real and understandable citezen can understand the true. A spade must be colled a spade. OBJ, Jerry Gana and Gov. Sheriff must be booked to answer about Boko Haram. So far Gov't is serious to bring an end of BH matter.

We Need to Get Along Together

I am a Aviator and Rocket Scientist. African-American friends wish to be a part of Africa's future. We have so much to offer. We in the US have the same technology as other Americans, I helped to design the Apollo Spaceship that placed a man on the Moon.

Can u just ask, the problem

Can u just ask, the problem of Nigeria mr obasanjo that he is not corrupt, ask him, before he become the president ot Nigeria did he has ten million in his account, when he left as the president of Nigeria wat works in the country, he sale everything to himself and co, our children and grand children wil never forgive him, nothing work in Nigeria, if u know it pls tell me,


I read like any other & never seen any reasonable excuse yd Doctor deserves personal attack. An intelectual's opinion turning in2 ethno-religious coconut. A sick country where an Obalende conductor calling an academic Dr "iliterate" Nigerians disgracing demselves online again. LETS STOP DIS NONSENSE. God bless Nigeria

Learn your History!!!

Handed over???!!!! Are you well???? What kind of handover does a man do and spend 36 months in prison under military guard???? Even when his mother died while he was imprisoned do you know that I.B.B. denied him relief to bury his mother?? Yes idiagbon was the operations czar. It was however a function of the military structure at that time. Supreme military council(S.M.C). I.B.B being who he was immediately changed the structure once he assumed the reigns of power. Buhari was the final decision maker of the S.M.C. The decisions he endorsed at those meetings are what were translated into commands for Idiagbon to execute.Please talk from a stand point of fact. With your prejudice self.

Is Dr. Sule Bello Is Arguing or Fighting...?

He is just fighting and have forgotten that the northerner leaders took us to this direction.

Now they are sounding like they just woke up from sleep becuase the house is finally on fire.

He may have some reasonable points but the nigerians of today are a different generation and requires a new mind set to tackle the problems at hand.

The politicians are just playing the Nigerian people against each other with religion and ethnicity, when it comes to sharing the money, they don't have religions and ethnicity in their closed door meetings.

Shame on you politicians, watch out -- the country is boiling into a mass revolution soon..!!

I am laughing


Who is stopping Boko Haram?

The North has rulled this country for so long. They believe it is their birthright. Now that they were surprised by the Almighty in suddenly shifting power to the south south minority, they are agrieved. Since they can no longer sit and lavish the oil money, they can no longer send a piece of paper to collect bilions of Naira from CBN for weekend allowances, they are agrieved. They now use Boko Haram to declare they want to separate the North from the South. Who is holding them? They should quickly go their own way and live us to develop like our colleages all over the world. The north is a bottleneck and a strangulator of development. They should separate and let IBB be their life president.


Nigeria is a living corpse. It has metamorphosed into long time disintegration brittles ----- arising from the brinkmanmship bangs it has gone through. Whether we like it or not, Nigeria is at an unspoken and undeclared war. The only difference now is that no one wants to openly handle the pellet moving machines but there exists war between the tribal and regional dichotomies. The country has been plundered, desecrated and stiffled to her knees. The only government we have now is "individualism". Nothing more nothing less. I will be writing history if I continue. Not all Doctors are really intelligent. It is only a paper muddled and bribed to settle cachment areas analogy and leveller. Stay individually blessed ---- and please beware of the next maitasine or bokobonkonharassing idling and ready to explore and explode with the very next detonator. Nigerian egalitarianism has been killed and we are all doomed till we could all find a way out of this imbroglio. Bye

Some of this people commence

Some of this people commence like crist and laxy are all dool, foolish, olodo. Even obasanjo and his son jonathan are foolish. And for dose who are after them. 2 held with them.

Dont forget that the Buari

Dont forget that the Buari admin was tagged Idiagbon admin. He handed over power to his brother IBB in a palace coup after sending Idiagbon to Mecca. Dont forget that as at that time IBB Would have been kicked out of the millitary over his wife's (mariam) atrosities that lead to the Dele Giwa's issue. Buhari handed over to the most currupt Nigerian Who ruin Nigerian economy up till now so what does Buhari & hir bro want again? You can see why Buhari cannot be called incoruptible. It was Tunde Idiagbon that was not corupt.


This man is a foolish bastard. The poverty that has been propagated in the North is Obasanjos fault abi? Boko Haram is coming after you pillagers and looters


This Dr Bello is totally out of his mind. Just what has he done for Nigeria? and where was he when General Obasanjo was leading Nigeria and Africa? In ensuring freedom and independence in Zimbabwe? In restoring the dignity of the African, in creating jobs for Nigerians, in buying 19 new ships for Nigeria, in revolutionising the telecom industry in Nigeria and as a trained officer, displays a true impartiality of a National Hero.
I cannot have people like this Dr Bello spouting off jack all when he has done nothing of note for his country.
Nobody condones curruption. Nigeria is riddled with it at all levels. So to pick on your past president and accuse him wantonly is outrageous. This man must be investigated as to his main agenda.


I thought proment men called Doctors are much intelligent not knowing that you so called Bello bought yours.you called your self doctor,all you do is to sit down and gossip about important people.you what have you done to these great country? Obasanjo and Goodluck is the best president so far in Nigeria.cool down 2015 you will see what i'l do.idiot bello.

The Bello Interview; The comments so far

After going through all your comments above, i was shocked to still realise that around 99% of the comments are quite sentimental. They lacked substance and a clear bearing; not minding your where your views or opinions inclined towars....i 'll prefer with speak with objectivity and a clear sense of sencerity.

The only comment that made sense to me was probably the one made by 'Alubarika'.

Listening to voices of slaves.

It is not surprising to hear a slave n son of slave like u talking abt southerners ruling Nig.for 38 yrs. They are new to leadership. Even b4 the amalgamation of the North and South by colonial dictators, the North is far more organise than South. For that Mr.Mumu, we are not afraid of disintegration. But mark u, all ur parasites brothers that have been eating the Northern food, who runs away from the swampy vegetation that produces only cassava(a source of malnutrition) will move out from the North to join their brothers and sisters,whose source of living is prostitution before the oil finishes and you start eating your flesh in the South. UNGRATEFUL ELEMENTS!


You are the biggest fool that i have ever had in this nation. if this country disintegrate u d southerner will suffer even those in somalia will pitty u. Bcos u wil never be one. Arewas is united.we have verse land for agric..that feed u. Pls dont byte d fingers that feed u.

OBJ ke

Please, Obj is definately not the best President. The guy is psycho! A bloody rogue! Baba ko Baba ni. Agbaya. We would have progressed more than this if not for this selfish old man.

Sharia IS Colonial

This so called Professor of History should know that Sharia is not indegenous to Nigeria, and it will never be.
Once education reaches the Talakawa as Aminu Kano wanted, and as Balarabe Musa does today, we will join hands with our brothers in the south to push out both the European and Arab colonialists who do not want to live with us under an African identity.
He talks as though his forefathers did not have culture and laws before the Arabs subjugated them. Big Shame!!
We are Africans! Our religions are our private business. It is not for the Europeans or for the arabs. Islam is good, and so is Christianity.
Arabs and Europeans should take their violent culture and leave us alone. We were practicing Christianity AND Islam BEFORE all of them.

Obasanjo tried for nigeria more than any other leader in Nigeria

i wish to disagree with Dr bello ,first and foremost the problem with Nigeria is the tribally motivated appointment of northerners to occupy key positions they were not qualified to handle. Check out all the government companies that died , they were all manged by northerners .Alas 99% of privately owned companies and multinationals are managed by non northerners but over 70% of government owned establishment is managed by them and they are not doing well
The northern leaders are the problem, they depend on government patronage to survive, they enslave their people hence the high level of buggers and bombers


In defense of Baba.......

Bello...I refuse to call you Dr. because your level of intelligence does not deserve that. You are a complete waste of time if this is the judgement you could come up with after considering the presidents Nigeria had produced. I am also not going to wasate my time listing Obasanjo's achievement because they speak for themselves.That is why he is the only president recognized by both the international community and bodies. That speaks volume and I refuse to be drawn into necessary debate with an un intelligent person like you Bello.

A confused man in a panic

Dr Bello is just a confused man in panic. He claimed that every society is multicultural, but failed to realise that the Sharia which he says has been in the constitution all along, the pronents of which have been agitating and committing mass murder to make the whole of Nigeria follow Sharia. Where is the multiculturalism in the aims and objectives of the Sharia Jihadists whether in the name of Maitatsine or Boko Haram when they want to turn all Nigeria to be subject to Sharia?