PDP National Public Secretary - Olisa Metuh On Sahara TV


During an exclusive interview with SaharaTV's Omoyele Sowore, Olisa Metuh, the National Public Secretary of the People's Democratic Party of Nigeria discussed the recent controversial comments from General Muhammadu Buhari regarding "bloodshed to come" in 2015; the public perception of the People's Democratic Party; the financial state of the federal government of Nigeria; and more. This interview was conducted on May 19, 2012. For more, visit www.saharatvonline.com

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It's a Nigerian thing

@ Yinka Akintunde- I get irritated by hypocritical fools wearing sanctimonious apparels like u, if you get the opportunity you will do the exact same things you are accusing them of now. We've heard your type of sermons time and time again from the likes of Oshiomole but the minute they get a chance they do the opposite of what they claim to stand for. Tell me that if you were in a position to better the lives of your loved ones you won't. I will. Metu is a politician and has answered questions as one

Clap for our failure - Metuh said!

Sowore must be very patient to have given time and attention to such an unintelligent responses to serious issues in Nigeria. This Metuh guy is either deluded, self deceiving or is an out right crook who calls white black with impunity and no remorse whatsoever.
He blatantly refused to address issues put across to him and was singing empty songs that border on insanity. He said million of jobs when there are more unemployed graduates than ever. Roads are getting worse, crime increasing while politicians and their cronies are getting richer. Nigerian leaders are not smelling the coffee,these folks live in a bubble and simply delusional.

Can we handle the truth

Going by Olisa Metuh's track record, it is obvious he is of a different stock from what is obtained in PDP. Especially when he held sway as the South East Vice Chairman. Many Nigerians are quick to hurl abuses at government officials and perceived national looters. But like Fashola said, to make a pigsty clean, you must roll up your sleeves and jump right in. We need more people like him in PDP. Rather than waste time and resources abusing the PDP or forming other political parties whose main aim is to control the national cake, let people with integrity register enmasse within the PDP and usurp powers from the so called cabal. It is because Nigerians are known for all talk and no action that makes our leaders misbehave the way they do.

Olisa Metuh is a very sick man,how many fed roads has pdp fixed?

Looking at his face alone you know is a fraudster living on nigerian woos, for the past 13yrs how many federal raods has pdp fixed? how many thieving politicians are in prison? PDP came and destroyed what was left of nigeria education system by opennig private schools allover the country and starving the public ones of fund even the light have been destroyed instead of incresing in mega watts, how far with corruption? Its now free for all under this bastards they pay themselves millions at nigerian people's expense, revolution is the ony way out.


Pdp is a disgrace. If d party is afraid of sharing blood, then, they should stop rigging elections. Like this foolish uduaghan of delta state who rely on rigging to win and then presidency & judiciary will back him up. What a shame? GEJ. Reinstate Salami, jonathan.

Change agent

I am not a fan of Metu but have followed him in the last two months and something in me sometimes wants to believe him. I wish everything he says on the pages of newspaper are true but even if they aren't , I commend the PDP for trying (even if it's a false attempt) to re connect with the people . They however should should try and instill the culture that Metu has been trying to convince us is the PDP culture in all their members. That way all our issues on security, corruption, lack of power etc will be history. As for Buhari, anyone who clamours for his presidency must be a sadist

Buhari is a worm, Buhari and

Buhari is a worm, Buhari and his people are baboons, while hard working southerners are Monkeys suffering and paying with their bloods, every useless and smelly utterances coming out of his kola-nut tainted and un brushed mouth,this time around, the monkeys have died enough, in 2011 many monkeys suffered and died, some raped and some thrown into burning fire by lazy baboons,but in 2015 the table is going to turn, it's time to get Buhari and his co-lazy bones baboons soaked in their own lazy bloods,Osama Bin Buhari will rule Nigeria in his grave.

The man has rightly said it,

The man has rightly said it, perception is the problem and sahara reporters has contributed a great deal in creating that wrong perception.


It is generally agreed that PDP is a cabal of blood suckers.That is a settled issue by all right minded Nigerian,the issue is how to get rid of them.
They have manipulated are traditional and religious organisations such that CAN has become the mouth piece of the party.

Oliseh metuh, you are a

Oliseh metuh, you are a disgrace to nigerian as a country.

Jonathan and Performance

How do you reconcile your admission that Jonathan came to power on popular votes with your statement that Jonathan's regime is the most criticized? This is where you have to see this in a highly relativistic contexts namely that people had so much expectation of Jonathan which has never been discharged by the reality of his low performance.

For the first time in 13

For the first time in 13 years, I see a PDP with a human face willing to connect with the people. Thank God he was decent enough to admit that they have a long way to go. He also said something that is thought provoking - its not just about the PDP , it's the value system of Nigeria as a whole. As long as we have the "get rich quick " mentality, nothing will change but abeg, PDP try for us

What a shame

This man has just summarized the PDP as a bunch of people who know the problem with Nigeria but are still convinced that we don't have a problem. They refuse to change and so will not change. If they have any iota of sense left, they will learn that things cannot continue this way. He keeps claiming that they have huge achievements people are not acknowledging and so what are you still doing there? Security is not your issue, electricity, water, corruption are all not issues? PDP wake up.


This Olisa Metuh has no good personal or professional record or integrity. These are the type of animals presiding over the affairs in Nigeria. He does not even understand the questions thrown at him, not to talk of having an answer. Empty headed, arrogant impostors that have no basic morals or conduct. This man is indeed a nuisance.

where are you

where are you fighting corruption,while you busy looting country treasury,PDP are bunch of arm rubbers and thief.

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