Police Lies Caught On Tape: Purported Assassination Attempt On Delta State Speaker, Victor Ochei

 The Nigeria police in Delta State told barefaced lies to reporters regarding the purported assassination of the Delta State House of Assembly Speaker, Victor Ochei. Police public relations officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Lucky Uyabeme had earlier told a reporter over the phone that the assassination story was a hoax, blaming politicians for lying and capitalizing on circumstances of that nature to confuse the public.

A few hours after the recorded phone conversation, the PPRO went public claiming that the explosion of a cannon by a member of  Obomkpa community was an "Assassination attempt" on Mr. Ochei life. The police further denied that he spoke with any reporter regarding the incident.
 Here are the two versions of the police PRO statements.

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I'm having some minor security problems with my latest
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Police Lies

The Nigerian Police Force has loosed their morals and has forgotten that the public are keeping a tab on their activities and the need to posses a personal ethics and a professional ethics is necessary and complusary because it can be accounted for at anytime expecially at work.

@ You"re Finished

Spot on! I had to go back and listen/watch the video again. Good catch! This is the reason I called this site Sharia Gossip Reporters.

Wait and see the hordes of deluded SR supporters try to shout you down for pointing this out.

@ You Are Finished, You are fool and hater of truth.

@ You Are Finished, You are a very big fool. You are a hater of truth and enemy of truth.Watch your life very well, no sign of progress around your life.

Nation of morons,definitely a cursed land,end of 2013 no changes

pdp and it's members will never know peace, with the way they've destroyed nigeria. Same curses goes to every looters in opposition too.

Can you hear your police man  lying and contradicting himself? Sick country full of many idiots.

At 4.26, "We thank God The

At 4.26, "We thank God The Speaker was not HURTED".
God bless Nigeria.

Today is Stella Oduah's judgment day

Today is the deadline given to the 3-man investigational Panel set up by President Jonathan to submit its findings on the guilt or innocence of Nigeria’s Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah.

Should the deadline be failed, Nigerians would smell rat. There was no reason for this 3-man Panel in the first place, once the National Assembly Committee commenced and concluded its legislative hearing into Stella Oduah’s inflated purchases of BMW cars and returned a guilty verdict.

Most Nigerians consider the 3-man Panel a whitewash and the verdict out there is that Stella Oduah's violation of law has occurred but how the 3-man Panel could override that popular verdict to make Nigerians look ignorant remains to be seen.

Sahara Is The Hoaxer: Sham Reporter Vs Unprofessional policeman

This report and the policeman's video is another nail on the coffin of Sharia Reporters. Unprofessional "reporter" vs unprofessional policeman. So called reporter did not introduce himself and media organization, so police officer was right in saying he did not speak with Sahara (Sharia) Reporters; no evidence the person at the other end was PPRO. Reporter did not ask to confirm the person on the other end was PPRO. Even when familiar with the voice, you have to ask for the record. Why was the reporter concurring as the policeman spoke as if he had an interest in the matter. Journalism is not easy, my friend. Hoaxer, remember when you reported the event? You wrote the police refused to confirm the incident.


Obviously, this revelation if correct the Police Public Relation Officer has enormous task ahead should he need to retain the Official Potfolio as image maker of our POLICE FORCE in Delta State.

Having said that, we need to be fully informed by the Police about nature of Blast and if indeed the act reflect attempt on Mr Speaker.Those responsible for the SPEAKER SECURITY SHOULD ALSO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LAPSES WITH RESPECT TO SAFE ENVIROMENT OR VENUE CLEARANCE PRIOR/ DURING THE SPEAKER VISIT.

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